What Is Personal Empowerment & Techniques to build it?

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self empowerment in office

Nowadays, depression or mental health issues are becoming severe. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that each year approximately one million people die from suicide. The reason behind that, people do not have control of their own life.

In the age of remote control technology, people are losing their control of life. In our day to day life, we have two options for every situation. But mainly, we chose the easiest one. That makes our life out of control.

But there is also a solution, which is ‘personal empowerment’. It helps you to make positive decisions that make your life better. That gives positive energy within you. In this blog, I will discuss detailed information about personal empowerment.


What is Personal Empowerment? 

Personal Empowerment is the process of becoming more robust to take charge of your own life. It is a mixture of self-belief, self-awareness and self-respect.

To empower yourself, you need to understand the purpose of your life? And also need to find out your weak points and strong points. Trying to overcome your weaknesses and making the right decisions in any situation is a base of personal empowerment.

Personal empowerment gives you the right path to success. It’s more than just feelings. It is a mindset that helps you improve yourself.

“Self-empowerment is seeking the solution rather than fixating on the problem.”-Coach Bobbi.   

Why is self-empowerment important?


When you start making yourself empowered, many things in your professional life started making it easier for you. Empowerment means a power given to change yourself. 

It also gives you a lot of self-confidence and also increases the productivity and efficiency of your work. Because of all these things, you can set goals, make decisions faster and do actions at your 100% efficiency. This helps you a lot to become successful.


In this faster world, health becomes an essential thing for any person. Low self-confidence, poor self-care affects very hard on your physical as well as mental health. Personal empowerment gives you a lot of self-esteem. 

What motivates you to do things like exercise, meditation and others. It keeps your body fit both physically and mentally. Then you get a new version of yourself.


When you are empowered, then you get control over your emotions. It shines your personality, which makes you a better person. You can easily give what your people want from you.

image of a couple

Everyone started loving you and stayed secured with you. It makes your relationships sweeter and more profound. So, personal empowerment is beneficial for relationships also. 

“The power you have is to be the best version of yourself you can be so that you can create a better world.”  -Ashley Rickards.

How to develop self-empowerment?

It seems easy when we understand the meaning of self-empowerment. It is not a one-time thing but also a long process. When you start doing it, then may you realise it is hard to develop. But don’t worry, I am giving you some steps that make this journey easier.

Take a time & Find Inner Peace-

We are living in the 21st century; we are living in a race. So, we have no time for ourselves. But if you want to be empowered yourself. Then it is a must to take time for yourself. Do whatever makes you calm. Meditation is a powerful way to get inner peace.

Stop, take some time in your daily race, go in peace and start thinking about what is going on in your life. Think deeper. You started getting answers to all your problems.

Identify Yourself-

After getting answers to your problem, the 2nd and most important steps of empowering yourself are identifying yourself. Firstly identify your goal. Write it down where it will always be in front of your eyes so that you will never forget your goal.

Then find out your strengths and weaknesses. Ask yourself which things you can do better. Be honest for yourself. Think about your past achievements, what you did great things in the past. For example, you get good marks in 10th or 12th. Feel the power within yourself. 

Then make a track for your goal. Decide what action plan for it.

Trust Yourself-

We live in this era, where Cristiano Ronaldo, Elon Musk exist. If they can, then you can also do.

If you decide to achieve it, then there is no limit to what you can earn.

You have a goal and a ready action plan. Now, you have to start believing in yourself. If you doubt your abilities, then you didn’t get success. Self-belief is the essential thing to get the win. Self-belief is a power that makes you stronger.

If you have a belief in yourself, then only the world starts to believe in you.

Learn and develop yourself- 

To develop self-empowerment needs to improve your skills. Think about your goal and find what skills required for achieving it. Then started learning these skills as much as possible. And the most important thing is to implement that learning. Learning is a sign of growing. 

This gives you a lot of confidence to do things effectively. 

Start taking actions-

Start taking actions that are essential for your development. Thinking about empowering yourself never makes you empowered. But doing things for that makes you empowered.

Remember, it is not only a one-time thing; it is a continuous process of making the right decisions for your development.

Take small steps rather than significant steps. It helps to save you from the biggest failure.

Share your experience-

Suppose you started feeling empowered or getting success. Then start sharing your knowledge of what you get from this journey. That helps you make an outstanding personality in the world and motivates you to achieve more goals. 

 Techniques to build personal empowerment-


Both metal and physical bodies are connected. If one of them is doing well, then the second will automatically do well.

image of people doing exercise

Doing daily exercise keeps your physical as well as mental health better. So, take some time in your daily schedule to go for a walk, gym or swimming. It keeps you not only healthy but also happy.

Watch, Listen and Talk Positive-

Empowering yourself is a long process. That needs a lot of time. To improve your thought process, you need to grasp positive things. There is a lot of negativity filed in today’s world of social media and all over the internet.

You need to focus on only positive things around you. Try to watch positive and knowledgeable content, listen to positive vibes. It helps in making your thought process positive in turn; you would talk positive.

That all things make your mindset, atmosphere positive. 


Take five minutes in your daily routine, close your eyes and see yourself achieving your goal in future. That will inspire you a lot. 


Thinking positive statements which are helping you to complete your goals are affirmations. Like, “I will get success.”

Writing these positive statements in a notebook is a powerful way to empower yourself. That helps a lot to make your mindset stronger.

Example of Self-Empowerment-

Everyone knows Cristiano Ronaldo. He is one of the best footballers in the world. A gardener’s son becomes the most expensive athlete in the world. 

In all the world, people talk about their self-esteem, self-empowerment mindset. Why?

Cristiano has played football since his childhood. He was a very talented boy, that’s why he was selected for his first club Andhorina at the age of 8.

When he was 11 years, older people appreciated his talent and said that he was very skinny. That one thing hurts Cristiano more. But small Cristiano knows he can change his body; he can develop his body. So, Small Ronaldo decided to work harder than anyone else. He chooses to empower himself.

When his teammates used to stop working then, Cristiano used to continue. He still follows this habit. And now we can see CR7.

His new team Juventus medical report said that “Ronaldo’s body is the same as a 20 years old player’s body at the age of 32.”

CR7 becomes a legendary footballer of all time because of his self-empowering mindset. Now you get the power of personal empowerment.


Personal empowerment is a compelling way to not only becoming successful but also living a great life. So, it is essential to take control of your own life.

It is a long process, so you need some patience. Remember one thing: With the mindset of empowering yourself, you can achieve anything in your life.

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