What is a Sales funnel? Beginner to Advanced Full Guide

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What is a Sales funnel? Beginner to Advanced Full Guide

Do you sell products or you wanna retain your buyers for years, then you should know what is a sales funnel and you need to apply effective sales-funnel so that you can significantly increase your customers for a lifetime.

What’s in it for me?

  1. What is a Sales Funnel?
  2. Why are Sales Funnel Important?
  3. Stages of Sales Funnel
  4. Online Sales Funnel
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

What is a Sales Funnel?

The word sales-funnel has 2 words, so, first of all, let us know what is a funnel.
Funnel means a step by step process to do anything or task.

The first word sales means to sell anything.

Here sales-funnel means a step by step process to sell our product or service.

Why are Sales Funnel Important?

Sales funnel is very important for each and every kind of business.

Your business might be a small retail shop or you’re selling a big product, the sales funnel is gonna help you to get more customers and make them loyal.

Many people want to sell their products as soon as they launch it. It’s human psychology, everyone wants to become rich, every CEO or founder of any company wants to make their company profitable as soon as possible, and many people try to do it.

It’s too hard to sell a product or service launched by any new company.

So here comes the part of the sales funnel which will help you to sell your products and acquire customers for a lifetime.

Let us know how the sales funnel helps you to generate leads with examples.

Let’s imagine I have opened a new company and launched a new product,

No one knows about my company or my product, so I can’t even expect any initial sales.

First of all, I need people to be aware that I have launched a new product so that if anyone needs my product they can buy it.

Here sales funnel will help you to acquire customers and sell products.

There are a few stages for a perfect sales funnel.

Stages of Sales Funnel

Basically there are 4 stages of the sales funnel.

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action


In the first step, we need to aware of people of your product/service. If your customer doesn’t even know about the existence of your product, then how can you even think they will buy it.

So first you need to aware people about your product.

You can aware audience in many ways,

It might be advertisements on television or anything else.

Your motive should be to tell the audience that you are selling this product or service.

If people need your product then few may buy-in first go.

But many people don’t trust new brands or new products.

So here comes the second thing to bring audience interest in your product.


Here in step 2, we need to bring people interested in our product.

In the first step  we have to inform people about our product when we advertise or do any other thing.

When people see our advertisement many times they get familiar with our brand.

We need to offer something special or need to give discounts so that people can notice our products and check it out.

If people are using the same product or wanted to buy in future then they might have already opened our ad and checked it.

If we are offering a great deal then customers may get converted in the 2nd step only.


Now in step 3, we have to create a desire in people’s hearts.

The people who have visited our page it means they are interested in our product or in the offer we are giving them.

Here we can remarket the people who have visited our page, we need to remarket as much as we can.

People do many things all over the day so they might forget about your product.

So we need to show them ads again so that we can get into their minds.

Now we should show our product/service and also the reviews which old customers gave as ( if we have ) about our service.


Now our audience has got to know about our brand, our products, we have built our brand authority in people’s minds.

So now if we pitch our product the chances of buying is too high.

If we don’t pitch and if consumers need our products then they will buy from us.

Because we have entered into their minds by appearing to them again and again.

So they will start thinking that we are an old and established brand.

Example: A few days back I went to a restaurant with my friends, after having some fun when we came out we saw there was a hall next to the restaurant.

There was a big banner and it was written that ” free consultation to grow your business” I got excited and went inside, It was a big hall and there were many people inside, the seminar was going on and in the whole seminar, he explained basics of marketing, he promoted his first course which was too cheap.

Almost all the people present in that hall bought that course, by selling this course he might have recovered all the cost he spent on this seminar.

The cheap course was very helpful for beginners and in the course, he promoted his 2nd course which was a little advanced course and it was a medium budget.

The second course was also nice. It was for average people, where he explained a few strategies and a few techniques, and again he promoted his thought course which was quite expensive and it was the advanced course, those who want to learn the advanced techniques and advanced strategies they might do both this course.

How to Set Up Your First Online Sales Funnel

Online Sales Funnel

It’s easy to create an online sales funnel nowadays everyone is on social media, many people like to buy online.

No one goes offline stores and choosing from limited products.

Online we can get many options and we can buy anything just in a few clicks.

To create an online sales funnel the main thing we need is a great landing page, We need to create a good website to generate leads online, and the 4 stages of sales funnel.

We can be aware of people by using social media, we can upload pics of our products on social media.

You can write articles about our products, how it is helpful to people, how useful it is.

We can also aware people by advertising on  social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc 

Advertising on social media is the best way to make people aware of your product.

Now we need to do the second step, we need to give some discount codes or something so that people open our ads and check out our website.

When they come on our landing page then we can automatically take their email.

The third step we should remarket them and we can also do email marketing, we can send them special offers by email.

We also need to run google ads here because when. People are doing research or on google and they see our name on the top, so they know us before the changes in buying from us increases a lot.

By doing this you may get leads, if your product and website are great then they might become your loyal customers easily.

I prefer online shopping rather than offline.


Always remember if you try to sell your products on the first go, no one gonna buy it.

If you do so your customers gonna run away.

First aware your customers about your products, tell them how it’s useful to them, 

Then if they need it so create interest in them,

The next step is to create the desire in their minds,

Now the final step is to pitch your product and ask them to buy.

This is the right way of the sales funnel.


1. Why is the sales funnel important?

Sales funnel is important for every business no matter if your business is small or big, a sales funnel means finding your targeted audience and selling your product to your customers.

2. How to build a sales funnel fast?

Sales funnel is a step by step process where you find your audience, it takes time, you can do it fast by using the internet and by online ads.

3. What are the stages of the sales funnel?

The  4 stages of the sales funnel Awareness, interest, desire, action.

4. Does the sales funnel really work?

Yes, It always works. According to me, the sales funnel is never gonna die, it’s the best way to generate leads and sell your products.

5. Who invented the sales funnel?

E St Elmo Lewis in the year 1898 invented the sales funnel, actually many other businessmen were doing it before but officially he announced this technique.

6. What are online sales funnels?

Finding and Targeting our audience using the internet with social media or by running ads online is known as an online sales funnel.

7. How does sales funnel work?

There are 4 stages in the funnel-
First, we need to aware people,
Interest in our products,
In the third step create a desire in people’s heart who are interested,
Then in the final step people will buy our products

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