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I remember that I were totally confused in my earlier years of graduation that what is different between in website design and development? Are these same? Are these terms were just introduced to confuse consumers? or are these just interchangeable terms?


Website design area includes web graphics, standardised codes, interface design, software of proprietery, authoring and search engine optimisation content.


It includes working areas such as website design, website publishing, back end website programming as well as website database



Rs. 5,000

Content Upload

Single page website

Responsive design

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This is one pager website that will help you to attract your target audience at very less cost. Best suited for small businesses and startups


Rs. 10,000

Content upload

Up to five page website

Responsive design

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Standard website design is for established companies, which are trying to broaden their area of working. In this they can upload their portfolio and company profile.


Rs. 25,000

Up to 20 products

Required plugins

Responsive design

More Details

As name indicates, it is for e-commerce companies, which are trying to sell their products online. This can increase their overall sales and profit ratios at very less cost.

LAPAAS Tips For websites

To suggest these tips, we surveyed around five hundredsof online businesses. At the same time, these are time tested suggestions. Our company’s moto is to empower new entrepreneurs for their online marketplace performance.


Keep the speed of website as fast as possible by uploading compressed photographs.


Website is the easiest way to make your company brand, so try to think like big multinational brands.


Try to use perfect code for your website, because without this, it is hard to rank your website in google algorithm.


Content is the God in Google ranking algorithm, so try to use consumer oriented content.

Call to action

Means always try use sales pitch lines in website’s particular parts and also specify call to action lines.


Try to make your website as much appealing as possible. Meanwhile, it would also be easy to use.


Yes, you can do marketing digitally without website, but we recommend you a website, because we can list our product on website easily and it  also helps to run google ads which eventually convert our targeted audience easily. A business man can track his audience easily on website and can also analyse methods of conversion of his targeted consumers.


Want to grow your business? Want to make money online or if you are student do you want to make your future in this digital world which is full of opportunities?

So here we are  with our advanced digital marketing course to make more and more difgital marketing scientist.

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website FUN FACTS

Coming years are going to witness a sea change in online business as much unprecedented business will going to be live in the online market, as in coming years consumer may not only revolve around your product quality but he will also focus on how digitally represent you your product.. If we survey current digital marketing industry research says: –


Brands use website for marketing


brands use Website platform as their main platform


brands put 40% of their total budget for website development


brands say that their lead was generated via useful website

Frequently Asked Questions

web designing and development as a career?

Definitely Web development is the great career choice. But you are not going to be master in 1 or 2 months. Preliminary of your career requires more patience apart form other fields

how to choose a web designing and development company?

Hiring a web development company is one of the most important parts as that person develops an online face of your business. Web development company help to enable to interact with customers virtually and thus, it is compulsory to hire right company for developing a website.

What skills does a web designer have?

Most important creativity – Use vector Graphics in Your Website

1) Latest design trends – Use Responsive and Parallax Designs with Embedded Video

2) Photoshop for Web

3) Have an idea of HTML/CSS only to help you to design in aligning to the developers – Yes you should have detail idea etc.

what is web designing and development ?

Web designing is the frontend design. It means Web designers are for designing the web pages that directly interact through the user.

Web Developing is a backend programming. in this, we decry the overall functionality of our web application(Website).  is mostly using software for web developing

What questions should you ask a web designer before you hire them?

You should ask what is the portfolio of that person. At the same time it is essential to ask what is the price per service of that person.

web development vs web designing ?

A web designer mainly works in HTML or CSS or use other graphical program like Photoshop or illustrator etc.

A WEB developer engineers the program that makes the website run properly.

Learn From Sahil Khanna

Sahil Khanna is proficient as a Digital Marketer, Business Analyst and social media influencer. Help you to build up innovative marketing strategies which will boost up the brand and increase customer satisfaction. He has a strong business intellect which eventually becomes the “ladder” to take the company to next level .


Mr Sahil khanna founder of “Lapaas-Digital Marketing Institute and Company”. Here at “Lapaas Digital Marketing company and institute” we only share knowledge that can be implemented and Will help you to be a Pioneer Expert in digital marketing.


Digital marketing Manager, freelancer, process Automation, Inventory Management, Business Intelligence , Sales Forecasting, Google Adwords, Team Management, Web Designing, SMM (SOCIAL MEDIA marketing)

They have delivered a wonderful job and my lead rates suddenly boost up. This SEO company provided value for money which is not easily found these days

Randeep Singh (CEO-BSK hydraulics)

One of my friends suggest me to use the Seo Services in Delhi. After using their services, I won’t hesitate in recommending them to my anyone.

Arpit Gupta (Founder- Primis Learning Institute)

Lapaas as a digital marketing Agency In Rohini,Delhi creates value and revenue growth by their marketing techniques and online reputation management. Their team is professional and completed my project within a deadline.

Sandeep Nain (Founder-JSnain ayurveda)

Our Other Services


Social media marketing is a high performance platform where you can build a brand and it also helps you to expand your business.


Website design and development is a digital look of your product. We Understand your vision to take your website on next level.


Seo is a process of getting traffic on your content and helps you to grow your business.


Video is a big part of the modern internet user experience and expectations, Making a solid video marketing an absolute must-have.


2d and 3d animation is sequence that are moved at varying speeds to create the illusion of motion.


The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or a design to create a perfect value image in the mind of your customers


A thorough survey was conducted by our team about ultimate business ideas and we will discuss these ideas
with you.


Google Ads operates on a PPC model,which works on keyword bidding system and user can pay for this bidding sysytem.


Our company gives you the best digital marketing consultation for your business so that your business grow daily.

“Instead of becoming an addicted consumer of Digital Era, you have once in a lifetime chance to be the creator of  digitalisation”

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