Ways to Attract the Non-Consumer?

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Ways to Attract the Non-Consumer?

The consumer is the key point to a business we all know. But if you want to start a business and you confuse how to attract consumers then this blog is for you. Consumer – sounds small and easy to understand but it is important to realize to attract non-consumers or capturing the overall consumers is not easy. 

If you understand the customer or consumer behaviour then you can use those strategies in your business. 

So today I’m going to discuss everything about consumers and non-consumer. So you can implement and be profitable in your business. Without a delay, let’s get started.

In light of 

Who are Consumers?

Generally, most people always think that all customers are the consumer. But there is a difference.

Customer vs Consumer 

So the customer means the person who buys and uses the product. All customers are buyers and users. For example, you buy a mobile for yourself. In this case, you buy and use the mobile. Undoubtedly, you are the customer.

But consumer means the person who uses the product only. They may not buy the product. For example, you buy a bar of chocolate and give a gift to your best friend. In this case, your friend did not buy the chocolate but uses it and you buy and use it with your friend (buy and eat).

Ways to Attract the Non-Consumer?

As you can see customers and consumers both are playing a very important role. That’s the reason why all businesses focus on both the consumer and the customer. Also, they focus on non-consumers. Because consumers may not purchase the products but they use it. If they receive a bad experience with a product, the buying systems will be down soon as well. 

Little confused? Then look at the overall behavioural process of a consumer.

Consumer Behaviour

It is obviously very important to realise how their behaviour impacts on the buying process. So first let’s talk about the perception of the customer.


Consumer perception is a view of specific products based on their own decisions. These decisions are also divided into a number of factors, such as price and overall experience. 

So when it comes to influencing consumers to purchase a product their perception of the brand must be taken to the brand. 

Here we can make a parameter of the perception where a company focus on 

  1. Reliability – get all things the first time
  2. Responsiveness – be helpful
  3. Competence – necessary skills and knowledge 
  4. Access – service should be easily provided and easy to contact 
  5. Kindness – empathy, and respect 
  6. Communication – listen to the consumer 
  7. Credibility – trust and care 
  8. Security – psychological and physical security 
  9. Understanding – understand the needs, wants and demand 
  10. Tangible – sustainable and real

After that, you also need to know the basic needs of consumers so you can connect with your customers.

Basic Needs 

There are generally six types of needs of consumers that you need to know.

Understanding the Empathy 

Firstly, customers and consumers need to feel that the service person or the brand understands and realizes their feelings. 

For this reason, companies started making products that fulfil their consumers emotions.


Secondly, we all want someone, who simply is glad to see us. As consumers, you also want that. Although, companies need to develop a positive friendly relationship with their consumers. 


Thirdly, we also need to be treated fairly in any place. For this reason, the company needs to be very fair to all customers and consumers. 


Next is control. Consumers don’t care about rules and regulations, they just want to deal with all-sufficient products.

Options and Alternatives

Every Customer wants as much as options and alternatives are available for them. So that they can choose according to their own perceptions.


Do you always say- show me everything? In the shops or wherever you buy something. Of course, consumers don’t want to waste their time, for this they always want clear information about products. 

Now, I hope you understand everything about consumers. I always remember a quote, so you do too.

” A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. The customer is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business, he is a part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.”

………… Mahatma Gandhi 

Ways to Attract Consumer Attention?

Here is the most important question definitely coming from your mind, which is how do I get the attention? However, I understand the consumer’s behavior but still, I can not get their attention. So here are all strategies that you can use to attract them.

Ways to Attract the Non-Consumer?

SWOT Analysis for Attention-Grabbing 

Firstly, make a chart of your target market. Analysis of the SWOT. Which are Strength, weakness, opportunities, and threat. This time you have to do the customer based swot analysis. 


Basically, what is your product specialist about. Make reports and then show that in front of your customers and consumers.


Which is product difficulty? If your product has some functional and technical problems then recover it fast.


Find out more right people for your products so that your products reach your consumers.


This is a little bit difficult to analyse. Because it is something beyond the hand. It depends on the market and the customer. If the above system goes a good way then it will be overcome as well.

Secondly, is marketing. If this is not in the right direction, again businesses can not get the customer. So let’s talk about it.


Ways to Attract the Non-Consumer?

This is another key point of business. If you don’t know how to do marketing and expand your business you can check out the geographical expansion.

(Internal links to geographical expansion page)

But right now, I will give you all strategies that can help you to reach your consumer.

Firstly, 3 things remember all the time.

  1. Analyse the marketing opportunities 
  2. Developing the marketing strategy and
  3. Planning for the marketing program

Secondly, do strategic marketing. You already do the swot analysis or analyse the market. Then next develop the marketing strategy.

Chose the Value you should Provide

As I discussed above, choose the segmentation. Where you should be focused on. Choose the right customer for your business. 

Focus on Market 

If you do not know what to do and how to do then you must need a plan. Focus on a specific market if your product is also specific. You have to think very strategically. Choose your market according to the consumer.

Value Positioning

Make valuable and sustainable products so the customer can be satisfied. Value of a product can also improve the brand value.

Thirdly, do the planning. As I mentioned above. Do this in this strategy.

Product Development 

Undoubtedly, First, develop the products. If the product does not best no one cares about it. So focus on the design and features of the product that add more value in your creations.

Develop the Service 

While you develop your product but you do not improve your service then again your business will no longer be called best. So after the product development, you have to develop the service for the consumer too.

Price Planning 

Take a look at the overall operation cost, logistics and then decide the price. Price is another key point of a business.

Marketing Sourcing

Marketing is the most important part of the business. Is important to realise that strategic marketing is very much needed. Adopting the right type of marketing will definitely become profitable.


In this case, the distribution channel must be very strong. Not only marketing but the overall distribution should be good.

Now here is another thing to do also to enhance your business. 

Fourthly, is Tactical Marketing.


This is the best way to reach your customer as you already know. So the best way to do sales is actually not selling. You have to focus on the process of selling.


Next is Promotion. This is definitely another key point. Promote your brand to your customer. Promotion means you expand your product by different mediums in front of everyone.


Advertising is a type of promotion. So make sure you advertise your products in the best way. Use different mediums to advertise. Such as tv, social media and newspapers (little costly).

Also, you can advertise on search engine optimisation, for example, Google, bing etc. 

So above all are the best way to get attention from your consumer or customer. Follow the instructions and gain your business. 

How to Attract the Non-Consumer?

Ways to Attract the Non-Consumer?

As we already know how to get the attention of the customer. Similarly, it is also a big question of how to attract non-consumer?

However, if you do not know the process of attracting new consumers or non-consumer then look here for useful information.

High-Quality Products

Firstly, make sure that your product has the best feature. To be sure in the technically and physically best. If you provide high-quality products with the maximum quantity then your non-consumer will start buying your products.


Again, I want to discuss it. Because it is very much important like others. Building a strong distribution network can be very helpful for a company. Everyone wants fast delivery and easily available products, with this purpose in mind non-consumer also want the same.

Related Video 

Do you like to see the video most rather than read something? Of course, you love to see the video most.

If you promote your brand and your product by video formats. It impacts a lot. Undoubtedly, create more valuable content for your non-consumer so that they convert to your regular customers.

Create Positive Emotion 

Little confused? Now, what is creating positive emotion?

So let me explain, if you create empathy, what I discussed above, then the non-consumer also converts. Promotion should be very related and hit directly to the customers emotional sides. 

For example, you love to eat burgers and suddenly you see ads like one burger company discount 50% of your first buy. In this case, if you never buy from that brand, maybe you buy this time because of the discount. After that, if you like the test then you will start buying from their brand. Overall you become a customer from non-consumer. I hope you relate to this story, it’s not mandatory to only burger. But It can be any type of product.


Next is commitment. Obviously, anyone wants a real problem solver brand. Who cares about their consumers. Commitment by their words, it’s most important to the business. If there is any problem, the company should engage with their consumers by their services. 

At last, I can say these are the most common ways to get all non-consumer attention. Follow the above process so you can also convert non-consumer to consumers.

Ways to Attract the Non-Consumer?

Ways to Capture the Market?

There are several ways to capture the market. One is the very famous strategy used by well-known companies which is a horizontal strategy.

In this strategy, one company can acquire a similar level of value chain company for capturing the market. 

For example, one famous hotel can acquire another hotel to finish the competition. In this case, the hotel also gets new customers and a new market. In this way, any brand or business captures the overall market.

But not only the horizontal integration but one company also uses a vertical strategy for expansion. Check here for detailed information about the vertical and horizontal strategy.

(Internal link to vertical and horizontal integration page)

How to Satisfy Consumers?

Satisfied the customer is definitely the big task for a well-known brand also. So what to do? If you don’t have any idea that is fine but I have several strategies also used by big business.

Firstly, first thing fast.

Confused? What I’m talking about. Wait I will explain.

Do you sometimes need any personal products and you are looking for it in the urgent base? Sometimes you do.

So here is the concept coming in here, which is doing the fast service to the customer. It is not only the products but after the product sale, the customer service is also important. So if the company provides the fast services obviously the consumers will be satisfied. 

Secondly, as I discuss above if you provide the valuable services then they easily convert and satisfy.

Thirdly, create more useful products so the non-consumer also convert.

Fourthly, find more enjoyable products that help them and give them happiness.

After that, you should take feedback from your customers. That will help you to develop your products. 

When you get feedback, then you can build and develop your product as best as possible. Also, you can track everything.

You also can control your product development and your overall services so that your consumers will be satisfied with your business.

So these are some important strategies used by all companies.


At last, I must say that you got your answer to what you are looking for. But before ending, I want to repeat some valuable information for your benefit. Customer and consumer both are the most important for any business. If you understand the overall behaviour, perception, need and wants of consumers then you will be able to operate your business. Everything I thoroughly discussed in this blog so you can understand everything still here. On that note, I would like to conclude. Just learn from this blog and apply in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Capture Clients?

Capturing customers and clients both are the same. When you promote ads on the Internet and target the specific people then the consumer will become your clients. If you follow the above processes and use all strategies then you will be able to get the clients attention.

What do the Consumers Prefer?

Consumers always prefer the best products and best service. The product should be easily available and easy to use. Also, brands should give us the best customer service as well.

Definition of Consumers Attention

In one word, get the attention of your consumers by giving the best services as much as possible.

How do Adverts Attract the Attention of the Customer?

When a company starts creating video ads then they attract more customers and consumers. If you make the subjective related videos which relate to everyone then adverts will convert the non-consumer also.

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