Understanding Creativity: Meaning of Creativity & Why it’s important?

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Understanding Creativity: Meaning of Creativity & Why it's important?

Have you seen 7 humans made wonders? also, The first thing that comes to mind after seeing wonders is how they made it? how is it possible?. So, The answer is the humans made this by using the power of creativity and Understanding Creativity.

Creativity is the skill of imagining something new, different or innovative and creating it.

All humans are creative. Some people are creative from birth like artists and musicians, but they’re also are some people who improve their skill of creativity from time to time like Steve Jobs.

So, We are born with the power of creativity. It just needs to find the right ways of using it.


What is Creativity

Understanding Creativity

“Creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination” Source– Dicitionay.com  

The word creative has meaning in itself. Create + innovative means think innovative and create it and both make the word creativity.

Hence, It is the ability to do different things or doing the same thing differently. By using it you can solve many problems in daily life with new perspectives. It can create new, easier or better ways of doing the same work. It is a skill that makes you great.

 “ Creativity is an intelligence of having fun”- Albert Einstein

Why it is important to be creative

1. Helps to express yourself-

Sometimes in our life, we need to express ourselves. But we didn’t get the right way to express feelings.

Creativity is the very right way to express yourself. That could be anything music, dance, sports, painting, etc. In the form of your skill with the power of creativity, you can express yourself.

2. Helps to explore yourself-

Do you want success in your life? If yes, then you need to develop yourself, push your limits, get out of your comfort zone.

But how can you do all these very hard things? The answer is creativity

It inspires you to develop new things, innovate new things. And creating new things needs some patience and new learnings. That pushes you to develop yourself.

Once you start thinking creatively you can easily find the best version yourself.

3. Helps to solve problems-

Whenever you do something you must face problems. Problems come with every activity.

Solving problems helps you to go forward in your life. But sometimes we can’t find a solution to it. 

 Solutions are always in the problems but we can’t see them.

Creative thinking helps see this solution. Also helps you to solve these problems in a better way.

4. Creativity helps you think bigger-

Sometimes we can not succeed not because of our hard work but because of our small thinking.

If we decide to achieve a smaller goal then we can not achieve something bigger. 

Creativity helps you think differently and new. That opens your mind and you can realize your abilities. Creativity opens new opportunities for you. Once you think big then you can achieve big. 

4. Reduce stress and anxiety-

Doing the same type of work and continuous problems gives us a lot of stress. Creativity helps you to reduce your stress and anxiety. It fills joy in your life. 

For example, Mr Ram goes into depression because of doing the same type of work regularly in the office. But his friend Mr Sahil is always happy because he is creative.

So, he set his desk such that it gives motivation and joy while doing office work.

5. Increase your lifespan-

Shocking? But true creativity increases your lifespan. The reason behind it is, creativity keeps our brain active. It exercises our brain networks and muscles. It reduces stress and protects our brain from the damage of stress and anxiety. And all those things help you to increase your lifespan.

6. Increase your confidence-

Thinking about something new or different gives you a lot of knowledge and experience. And after creating it gives you a lot of confidence. It makes a better personality in front of others. When all people start appreciating then you get unbeatable confidence. 

7. It motivates you-

If you are creative then you must always want to do new things and it motivates you to work more and increase your productivity.

Because of different thinking, you need to do new things that also give relaxation after doing the same work and motivate you to do something big in life.

8. Helps you to stay happy-

If your thinking is creative then you must see all things in different ways. You are trying to do things in an adventurous way. If you always see all things in that perspective then your life becomes adventures. It fills happiness and joy in your life.

9. Makes you different from others-

In today’s competitive world you need to be different from others.

Creativity is one of those skills that makes you different from others. Most of the people in society have a close mindset. Creativity makes your mind open.

That helps you to learn and grow always. That one thing makes you different from others.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life coming attractions.”― Albert Einstein

Types of Creativity

There are many subtypes of creativity, business creativity, problem-solving, artistic, etc.

But there are two main types of creativity. They are as follows.

  1. Original- When someone creates or innovates something new which does not exist early is an original type of creativity. This is something unique. For example, Steve Jobs innovates touch screen Apple smartphones and creates history.
  2. Change- Another important type of when someone creates easier ways to do existing things. This type brings change and makes things easier and faster. Example- Jeff Bezos started Amazon and make selling and buying easier.

“If you want to live your life creatively, as an artist, you have to not look back too much.” -Steve Jobs

Techniques for think creative

Creativity is about making hard things simple but developing creative thinking is a little bit hard.

We are born with the ability to be creative.

But we love to live in comfort, that’s why we can’t take risks. And creativity is all about thinking out of the box and taking risks to complete it.

“To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong”- Joseph Chilton Pearce

But don’t worry after practising you can develop your ability. And I will give some techniques that help you to develop your skill. They are as follows,

1. Mind Mapping-

mind mapping

Tony Buzan invented this amazing technique. It is a tool to capture all your thoughts in one place. Sometimes we can stop taking breaths but it is very hard to stop our thoughts.

And when we get an idea than all the related thoughts just keep going in our mind.

Mind mapping helps to organize all these thoughts and give direction to your idea. It just starts with writing down your idea and connecting all thoughts related to it, in form of words and images. It helps you to open your mind.

2. Brainstorming-

It is the most famous technique for generating new ideas. Most of the startups started with this amazing technique. 

Brainstorming means taking one problem or idea and discussing it, in a group.


1) Everyone in the group must participate. 

2) Give proper time to discussion.

3) All discussion is gone regarding one idea.

Brainstorming helps to explore all your idea in detail. So, you get a solution to your problem and direction for an idea.

3. Do brain activities- 

Creativity is all about pushing your brain. Brains need a lot of energy to think creatively. The research said that our right side of the brain is made for making creative things. I will give you an exercise that helps you to develop your right-side brain.

  1. Breathe Through Your Left side of your nose
  2. Watch, listen to positive content.
  3. Learn some new skills.
  4. Do activities that give some stress on your brain. For example, Solve the puzzle, Connect dots.
  5. Laugh.

Examples of some great creative thinkers

  1. Steve Jobs- When all people are using heavy mobile with fewer features and buttons then they want a mobile with no buttons and also smart. That’s why they invented the first touch screen mobile named Apple.
  2. Elon Musk- In today’s world, he is one of the most creative people in the world. He built SpaceX which invented a spacecraft that can travel space and return to earth. People do not even imagine this in the 21st century. But he can imagine and succeed up to some missions.
  3. Shivkar Bapuji Talpade- He is the man who invented the flying machine. World’s fastest transport invented by him.


In Simple Language, Understanding Creativity means Thinking Innovative to create it. Creativity is more important than efficiency.

Understanding Creativity helps us to Think Bigger, Express Ourselves, Explore Ourselves and also helps us to solve problems that ultimately increase lifespan and confidence.

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