Trivago Business Model | Case Study

    Hotel? trivago, Every Indian is familiar with this monologue.

    With a motive to create a platform where a person can compare prices on as many shops or websites before purchasing anything and then choose the one with the lowest price and good quality.

    Trivago Business model evolves around the same.

    In this detailed analysis on Trivago Business Model, we’ll discuss How they created an empire worth €1.035 billion (2017), Source: Wikipedia 

    Today we will be talking about Trivago Business Model – the gaint comparison website which allows the customers to compare hotels and rooms on various websites and hotels itself before booking.


    What’s in it for me?

      Where did the Trivago Name come from?


      There are many different theories explained by different people about the meaning and story behind the name Trivago.

      I thought every big company has an interesting story behind the framing of the brand name.

      I also tried to scrutinize it and to figure out that why is it called ‘TRIVAGO’.
      First, I thought it stands for  TRIp VAcation GO.

      But this was just an assumption.

      One of my very good friend works at trivago, he told me the real story behind – creation of the name which was narrated by the CEO Rolf Schrömgens himself.

      It was like, the founders had written their suggestions that had something to do with travel and trip on a wall.
      Then, they picked different syllables from different words suggested and arranged them in several ways possible.

      Finally, the picked up a combination of different syllables and surprisingly it was not TRIVAGO, instead it was spelled as TRAVIGO.

      So, after that they went on buying the Domain name. And eventually it turned out that was already taken and had to pay around 100 $ to buy it, which they didn’t have.



      The idea of Trivago was first conceptualized in the year 2005 in the city of Düsseldorf, Germany.

      There were three university friends – Rolf Schrömgens, Peter Vinnemeier and Stephan Stubner who was the founding members.
      There initial foundation was laid from the garage similar to many other start-ups.

      Further, in 2006 one of the founders Stephan Stubner choose to opt out to become a professor , so Malte Siewert became the part of the top management team.

      Today, their Top management board consists of –
      CEO     –   Rolf Schrömgens
      CFO     –   Axel Hefer
      COO    –  Johannes Thomas

      They started with an initial investment of just €1.4m.

      Initiated by 3 friends in a garage of Germany. Soon after the commencement, trivago gained momentum and started to grow in different markets.



      TRIVAGO BUSINESS MODEL | How trivago earns?


      Trivago gets virtually all of its revenue from the cost-per click model. When consumers click on a link, Trivago gets paid.

      There are 3 major Revenue streams Trivago has –

      • Revenue from Listings Revenue generated from the listings basically includes the fees paid by the hotel booking websites for displaying their services and hotel rooms listed on trivago platforms
      • Revenue from Services Revenue generated from services includes the fees paid by the hotel brands for managing their listing on trivago which includes their presence and visibility.
      • Revenue from Affiliate partners Affiliate earning or we can call it referral earning contributes upto 59 percent of the total revenue is generated.
        Users come to Trivago platform for hotel searches, then they click on one of the hotel offers/deals displayed in the search results. Then he is redirected to the affiliate partner’s website.This Affiliate partner, can be either be a hotel booking website or an individual hotel, pays Trivago a certain sum of money for each such referral.

      Each affiliate partner/advertiser can determine the amount that it wants to pay for each referral redirect by bidding for advertisements on the website

      In Business terminology, this model is known as the Pay-Per-Click or PPC revenue model.



      The idea  of trivago was born in the year 2005.

      Trivago was founded and also goes live in germany in 2006

      Also, in the same year trivago got its first round of funding.

      The price Comparision was also born in the same year.


      Trivago  goes international. It went live in Spain, Italy and France.


      Finally, they started realising profits.
      In the year 2008, trivago reaches profitability.

      They decided to take help of TV advertisements to develop its business.
      Their first TV commercial campaign was launched in Germany and Spain.


      The platform was launched in 2010.


      They launched some new European platforms.


      They steped up in US for the first time.


      Trivago goes live in Asia
      Expedia acquires 62% stake in trivago through secondary purchase.


      Employee count goes more than 500.


      Now, there were more than 1000 employees working under them.

      They launched their  NASDAQ IPO.


      Upgraded to more than 1200 employees


      They got 3.0 million+ hotels and alternative accommodations in more than 190 countries.





      SWOT analysis will help you to identify Trivago’s Strengths and Weaknesses, as well as its external Opportunities and Threats.


      • Trivago’s advertising campaigns are very solid.
      • Trivago is backed by a very solid parent company.
      • It has 50 international platforms.


      • Limited product offerings, Trivago only covers hotels.
      • limited market share & less brand loyalty


      • New services
      • New global markets to capture


      • Combo packages of flight plus hotel offered by various portals
      • Intense competition.





      Now, let me tell you about some official facts and figures of the company.

      Business model of trivago comes into the following categories – Hospitality, Hotel, Information Technology, Marketing, Travel

      Headquarters Regions
      Trivago is having their head office in the region of European Union (EU).

      Founded Date
      The brand was founded in the year 2005

      There were 3 founders who were very good college friends –
      Malte Siewert, Peter Vinnemeier and Rolf Schrömgens

      Number of Employees
      The company is having more than 1,609 employees.

      Legal Name
      The legal name for Trivago is –  trivago Gmbh




      I have stated some of there digital and social links for you check out.






      Contact Email

      [email protected]


      Trivago was acquired by Expedia for $632M on Dec 21, 2012.


      Trivago launched its IPO in US on NASDAQ

      Stock Symbol used for stock market is NASDAQ:TRVG
      From their IPO they raised in total of $ 287 M
      IPO Date –on Dec 16, 2016


      Till now, Trivago has received a total of 3 funding rounds raising in total of $55M

      1st  round of funding was on Jan 1, 2007
      2nd round of funding was on Jan 14, 2008
      3rd round of funding was on Dec 1, 2010




      Trivago have in total of 3 acquisitions

      It has acquired –
      On March 1, 2016 Trivago acquired
      It was not only a hotel management system but also it is a new way to manage hotels efficiently

      On Sep 26, 2017 , tripl was also acquired by Trivago
      Tripl provides travel recommendations(personalized).

      The latest acquisition of Trivago is of Triphappy on May 9, 2018
      TripHappy is a travel startup that leverages AI to highlight locations and neighbourhood information.

      Mobile app and its downloads

      The main and the most popular app trivago has is –

      trivago: Compare Hotels & Save
      The app is having almost 2,859,945 monthly downloads. 

      Website and its monthly traffic

      Trivago is ranked 1,997 among websites globally.
      And having almost 29,258,861 monthly visitors.

      Trivago has registered 2 trademarks with the two most popular class –
      Advertising and Business.

      Trivago is the lead investor in only 1 company –







      CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

      Rolf Schrömgens

      CPO (Chief People Officer)

      Johannes Thomas

      CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

      Axel Hefer

      COO (Chief Operating Officer)

      Anna Drüing

      CEO (Chief Executive Officer )

      Andrej Lehnert



      The work culture of trivago states that they hire the most curious and passionate people around and follow their leads, rather than telling them what to do and how to do.

      There unique work culture is built on human learning and emotional intelligence. This is what sets them apart.

      The core of this culture are their values that define their work. Lets talk about their core Values –

      – Trust

      – Authenticity

      – Power of proof

      – Fantastic Learning






      Biggest hotel price comparison website Trivago has found a unique way to garner attention using a very clever marketing campaign.

      I believe, there is hardly anyone who has not seen the simple and somehow irritating advertisements featuring the Trivago guy or girl on their Television.
      As a matter of fact, more than half of Trivago’s sales owe to these advertisements featuring Trivago guy/girl in various countries including India, France and the U.S

      Making it one of the biggest of its kind in the world.


      In 2017, Trivago made a decision to advertise on billboard and poster format.

      Trivago doesn’t advertise themselves on facebook. Rather, they are extremely active on Youtube and on TV.

      You can go through our blog on Digital Marketing and strategies for more details.




      Kya kabhi aapne online hotel search kiya hai?”

      This statement will immediately bring a face to your mind.
      He is popular by the name Indian Trivago guy.

      But do you actually know the real name of the Indian Trivago guy ?

      Abhinav Kumar is the man how has attained the identity of the Indian Trivago guy.

      Every time you turn on the TV you have seen a Trivago advertisement with Abhinav kumar.

      He is not just a random guy Trivago picked up from the streets nor he is from any acting background.

      He is an actual employee for the company, and not just any employee.
      Abhinav Kumar is the head the department for Trivago India.

      He worked for TRIVAG

      Now, you have been wondering why and how this guy went viral ?

      His simple and every-day appearance and a comical way to deliver the dailogue went viral.

      From TV to social media, Abhinav’s face and his trolls were all over the internet.
      It went across so much so that it became hard to ignore.

      He was not at all offended over all the trolls and media coverage.
      Infact he often shares the memes and trolls featuring him on his social media accounts.

      You can follow him on his Twitter page,
      and check out his LinkedIn page as well.


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