Time Worth – Finding Out How Much Value of Your Time

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Time Worth - Finding Out How Much Value of Your Time

Hello guys, welcome to today’s blog today we are going to talk about your time worth, costing your time, don’t you think your time is very important and precious. Hence, Time is the luxury which can’t be measured in words of money. So, Today we are going to see and work of your time. Hence, The game of time is measured for all at the same path. Like everyone got 24 hours in a day that is universally applicable. So, How do you measure this 24 hours like people( Bezos, Bill Gates, Buffett, Mukesh Ambani, Richard Branson and you).

So in the meantime, you have understood so everyone got the same time in this universe. So how to make it worth every pennylet’s continue in the blog and find out


Calculate a Better Value of Your Time

Time Worth

Time is valuable with money because The money spent can be earned again. But the time once spent can never be earned. So, There is a common saying that time and fever awaits no one. This is as true as the existence of life on earth. Meanwhile, Time goes on continuously without stopping. It never waits for anyone.

So, we should never spend our precious and priceless time at any stage of our life without purpose and meaning. So, We must always understand the meaning of time and use it in a positive way to fulfil a purpose. Hence, We should learn something from this constantly moving time.

If it runs regularly without any restriction, then why can’t we walk. So If we do not do our routines at the right time, then we can lag behind others in life. So, If we want to do something better in life, it requires proper commitment, dedication and full use of time.

Audit Your Time worth For Week Days

This is just like the dreaded tax audit that your business gets occasionally. So, Doing a time audit is identifying the details of how you spend your time. Hence, There is often a huge difference between how you think you spent your time. Compared to how you actually spend your time during the day. So, Doing a time audit will let you know exactly where you are wasting your time.

This will help you to make the necessary adjustments to your schedule. In addition to that, you get more work done, but in less time than you usually do. So, You must track your time usage for at least a week. Any information gathered, can then be used to make necessary changes in your workday. This will help you to be more efficient. Trust me, knowing how to properly use a time audit will do wonders for you in the long run. You will also have more free time to spend with your family; it’s a win-win situation.

Productivity = Time Worth

Time Worth

Before going to bed, We always have to take out time to prepare for tomorrow To make the Time productive, the most important thing is that we should focus on One Task at a Time. Even we have four tasks in a day but the work you have to divide in time. At that time, focus your 100% on it. You don’t have to think about the next and previous work at all. Because of this, your quality time will be on only one task.

If you work in this way, your time will be produced every day because you have focused on only one work at a time,

Some of the basic tips to convert your time into Productive Time

  • Structure your free time
  • Keep a time diary to see what you’re doing wrong
  • Think about what matters most to you
  • Focus on high-leverage activities

Time = Happiness

When people say they want more time, what they often mean is that they want more memories. When people say they want more time, they also mean that they want more time spent doing things they are happy about. Few people want more time tacked on to a prison sentence.

Someone counting minutes as he’s stuck in a traffic jam might say he wants more time, but he wants more time outside his car, not inside it. Otherwise, why count the minutes? Time is just time, but we perceive it differently based on what we are doing, and our mental state. In any case, people with all the time in the world know that happiness is a worthy goal. Because how we live our hours is how we live our lives, being happy with our lives means being happy with our hours.

Whether those hours are spent in a Waffle House or elsewhere, strategic investments can help us consciously design our lives to make us relaxed about our time or, if not happy, at least less unhappy than we would be.

No matter how busy we think we are, it is possible to savour life’s best moments. Happiness can also, be measured in many ways. There’s life satisfaction, which is how you think life is going overall. With the right habits, we can live efficiently and effectively, and yet still see time as abundant

Wealth/$ = Time Worth

Time Worth

While we all have the same 168 hours in a week, The Calculation Time = Wealth refers to the relationship between Time and Wealth, you must use the time you have to earn knowledge and money. It is only when you spend your time in fruitful activities that you will prosper and waste time, doing nothing will drain your finances one day.

The Calculation Time worth = Wealth is suitable for practically every person in society. Let us consider some examples — a businessman who is late for an important customer meeting understands the value of time better. He knows that time is precious and if he loses time he may have to make business deals.

Similarly, a student who has the ambition to get a good-paying job after studies understand the value of time more than anything.

She/He knows that if they waste time and do not study well, obtaining good remuneration will not only be difficult, but also impossible. Time is Wealth for every hardworking worker, professional, businessman, student, etc. A businessman decides how to use his time, while an employee gives his time to pay the employer.

We are all free to spend our time in the way that we want, but it is also true that wasted time does not allow us to gain our Wealth

Follow 80-20 Rules

80/20 principle

How The 80/20 Rule Can Save Your Life During The Coronavirus Reopening

This principle is based on the Pareto principle which is openly known as 80/20 principal. Where you get 80 per cent of your results with the 20% efforts or actions. This principle is universally applicable and works for most of us.

When it comes to productivity hacks it is one of the best things are you serious impact on your life. I am going to share some of the few examples which are real life and you will totally believe in this concept:

1. Usually 20% of criminals commit 80% of crimes

2. Sometimes 20% of software problems can fix up to 80% off solutions

3. Mostly 20% of exercise can have 80% of impact in an athletes life

4. Majorly 20% of earners PAY the 80% off income tax

5. Rest 20% of customer give you 80% of the profit.

So what I am trying to help you out with that if you make a good to-do list implementing this into your list like 80% of your total task on this to-do list will probably only contribute about 20% of your productivity.

That’s the hard truth. So what you have to do is 80% of task contributes to the productivity which you call that you are busy and you can’t escape should be totally eliminated by automating them or Outsourcing them or removing it from the important list.

For example, if you are working full time and you have a side business, so it’s obvious that you will not give more time in cleaning a home or doing many things but what you can do is you can hire a cleaning service for your home and minimise the efforts which we are going to give in cleaning your home.

Eventually, by this, you can do many things like if you are watching TV so remove this type of things which are non-productive and focus more on productivity and productivity task like instead of watching TV go on your business for your own self. Build an 80/20 Habit

80/20 principle is a habit developed. When I have read this book I thought it is not possible but when we are implementing it really works like you are aeroplane and you have set it on autopilot. 80 to 90% of x give preference to those things which are unnecessary. In some times what we do we develop a bad habit and form it into 80/20 principle like just imagine if you have a smoking habit, but there are times in a DAV where you automatically light a cigarette just because of habit.

Same is the case with the 80/20 principle what you have to do is you just have to form a habit and then the things will automatically going to do three things. You just have to remove the things which are going on a negative path comparatively complaining gossiping feeling down about yourself these are the negative habits you just have to remove this thing and focus more on the productivity things so your 80% will become the 20% and your 20% will become your 80%. Even when I am working on this I have found that in a relationship status it also works very good like just if you want a loving life from your partner what you have to do is you have to put 20% of the efforts which she usually love and you will get 80% of love from her side.

Yeah it was really found like your all 20% efforts will make her happy and your 80% efforts will be on your productivity it sounds I know this sounds really great.


So guys here comes the end of our blog, today we have discussed the various aspects of your time worth and what is the value of your time can’t be redeemed or replaced with anything. I hope guys that this blog is very useful for you all of you and I made sure that to bring more and more value in your life and in your time.

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