The Talisman of Leadership – Everything you need to know

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business leadership

The Talisman of leadership is needed as although there is So much of the work-oriented culture around, still, most people believe in some magic and luck factor. There goes the word ‘talisman’ of a leader as high and parallel to the word ‘effort’.

To a maximum extent, we cannot ignore luck and magic when it comes to delivering the output. But, yet there are few qualities in a particular area of the workforce that are termed talisman.

Like say, leadership, all good decisions and a welcoming team effort can assure the best result out. 


Qualities of a leader

The qualities of being a leader are so vivid and diverging that no one can sink in all the details of being a leader by just going through one blog. The magic and the special powers that leadership provides is any day admiring and influential.

When we roam around on the ground level, we see the people going through different styles of handling leadership positions. Some being result-oriented, and some being process-oriented.

A good leader can backpack some essential qualities, like interactive communication, empathy, gratitude, and decision-making. A reasonable observer who can easily differentiate between factual details and an individual’s opinion can be a well-suited leader.

While taking a tough call or a new decision, one should be well equipped with the data available regarding the same and at the same time. Also, one should be responsive enough towards the opinions provided by their team members and there comes a significant part of the interactive competition.

A Good Motivator

image depicting difference between a leader and a boss.

 More or less, a good doer is a good motivator. Instead of just asking what to do, one of the talismans of leadership is the self-improving quality to inspire the other teammates to expand well enough and fit well in their leader’s space.

Like in the case of one of the top cricket teams, India has appointed the captain as Virat Kohli, who has held his fitness standards so high that other players need to raise themselves close to him to do well in cricket.

When it comes to the decision-making dilemma, everyone is a noob at the start and only grows and learns with experience. But how they carry forward their mind and handle their responsiveness towards the critical situation shows one of the leader’s magical and admiring traits. 

So, what else makes a leader worth admiring and believing?  It’s the gratitude and the well-settled understanding of empathy of a leader who handles even messy situations.

Authentic Leaders

Some leaders are complete with their characters. Such leaders are also termed, authentic leaders. Such leaders are skilfull and contain sheer brilliance in handling difficult situations.

They know the do’s and don’t s of the project. 

Authentic leaders also believe in promise-keeping and reliable delivery of the product. They don’t compromise with transparent communication and work ethics.

Team Leaders resonating with Team Members

image depicting teamwork

For situations like starting a business or moving to a transition, the start of anything is always self-motivating and disciplined. But being motivated and disciplined throughout the process is quite a tough job. In that case, a leader should be influential and entertaining enough to keep the process inflow.

Added to the quality of decision making and interactive communication, a good leader also possesses some embedded qualities like the talisman to the particular purpose like gratitude and backing your team members.

 Like, amid this COVID situation, one of India’s leading entrepreneurs and the global head of TATA industries, Mr Ratan Tata. He has stated quite boldly that layering employees in this lockdown crisis are never a good idea. Because the company, as well as the customers, have developed goodwill with the employees.

These employees are the people who have worked on the ground level for all these years, and it’s high time the companies should support them.

Years before, in a very different field than business. In cricket, the two most successful captains of the Indian Cricket Team, Sourav Ganguly and MS Dhoni may have varying styles, varying techniques, and varying attitudes. Still, they share what they share as a good leader backing their team members. 

Decision and Celebration

It’s always said that a team or a company is as good as a leader, and there are several living examples in the world right now that state the same. They are skilfull as well as decisive in nature and can take decisions quickly. Most of the great leaders are process oriented. They always remind themselves about the sustainability of the situation.

When you thoroughly equip yourself with the attitude you pursue, when you engage and dedicate yourself entirely towards the team you work with, a few faults can always be ignored. At any point, one can easily say that good luck favours the brave.

Leadership also comprises how you celebrate again or win and handle the criticism and take the blame for any loss. Mostly it is seen that a great leader puts their team forward when it comes to getting an appraisal. Also, at the same time, he/she stands like a shield between them and any type of criticism.

Leadership skills also comprise putting the right people in the right place at the right time for the work to be accomplished.

The Hidden Charisma

More or less, a leader is a kind of magician who’s whole effort is behind the scenes. His actions mainly do not reflect the final result. Rather than the output, but in the absence of a leader, the same work might get many minor bugs and toughs to process to the product.

The main work of most leaders is not to do the activity by themselves. But they are supposed to find the best people for the role. Also, it is their primary role to bring out the best in them with their leadership.


We can see at the surface of any project the techniques and the team members’ efforts. Whereas what one cannot see is the guidance, the overnight ideas and the decisions taken by the team leader.

Any day, we can slander or blame the team leader for results not going in favour. But at the same time, we could never deny the fact that great leaders build significant territories.

One can gain Technical skills through practice recursively. At the same time, one can only nourish his/her leadership skills. That’s the magic or one can call “The talisman of Leadership”.

At last, I would quote one of the most exemplary American author John Maxwell on his idea of leadership-

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” 

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