Everything About The PVI Model – Standing Out From the Crowd

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PVI Model

Have you ever heard about PVI Model? No? I guess a few of you might have observed that you and your co-worker are working on the same project with the same approach, dedication, and hard work.

But in the end, your co-worker gets accomplishments, raises, extra bonuses, and even sometimes promotion also.

On the other hand, you and your hard work get hardly noticed by anyone which leads to discouragement, anger, and frustration. It Cause’s bad effects on you and your career in longer terms.

If you have suffered from this you can better understand the situation on your own.

You think that the company has forgotten its ethics and you started having dispiriting thoughts.

You might have questioned that: 

What is wrong with me? 

Why always me?

Why does he/she get promoted even though I worked harder?

So I will tell you about the PVI model standing out from the crowd which helps you not to deal with this situation again any more and in becoming a successful leader.

Also with the help of The PVI Model, company and employee gaps will be built. Reduces the chances of overlooked candidates or teams.


What is The PVI Model?

Many of the successful leaders of an organization or business achieve the goals and reach the top ranks in the field not just only with hard work but also by applying The PVI model in their plan with many other things.

They achieved it by having perception, visibility, and the skill of influencing others.

Changing what others have a perception about you, making yourself visible by socializing, helping, good communication skills, and putting efforts in influencing others even if you don’t have any higher authorities in an organization.

This model is also known as the PVI model which was developed by a famous American author, leader, influencer, motivational speaker, and coach who ranked in the TOP 50 best coaches in the US.

The model has 3 important aspects to have equality and to be noticeable in your industries or an organization.

The way you perceived:

It indicates how others see you and how you want them to see you. If you have a positive image it will not take much effort to get what you desired

How much you are visible

So it is important to get visible to the correct target audiences that might be your boss, client, and your team leader but for the right reasons.

How you can get the ability to influence others.

Influencing others also plays a vital role. If you have how to influence people even if you work at the ground level you can achieve the taste of success.

This model is flexible. You can start from anywhere there is no sequence to follow, you can start from the bottom and also from the top.

But I suggest you start from where you are weak among all. Let us know them in detail.

The PVI Model


The first and one of the important things in The PVI Model is how others perceive you.

You have to understand and assume the way you are seen or perceived, then comes the actual way you have been noticed and perceived. The final thing is that in which way you want them to perceive or see you.

The perception is mainly done based on how you react to things, your ideas and opinion, skills, your behaviour, attitude, and how you speak to others.

The reason for sometimes you are not perceived the way should be is that you are not having a habit of speaking first, you don’t know how to impact.

Also to take a stand against anything if you found something fishy that might be in an action plan or your working area.

The following things you can follow:

Firstly start analyzing on your own how others see you by following questions that might help you, also you can create your questions and thoughts.

How are they seeing you?

What image I have created against them?

Why are they seeing me like this?

Secondly, you can start analyzing in the way others have a perspective about you in real life.

One can start by taking feedback from their co-workers, team leaders, colleagues from different departments and areas.

Also, you can receive feedback from your friends, families, relatives, and neighbours.

The feedback should be taken for the proper opportunities and timing so you can get a proper and genuine review.

You can’t force them directly or indirectly to review you the way you want.

Later, after receiving the answer, don’t argue, just respect their views and start thinking about the reasons for it.

Next, observe and understand the review comes from different types of people from different areas.

Thirdly, you can write it down the way you want others to have a perception of you.

That is to be seen as a person with great and innovative ideas, a person with good leadership skills, or a person having problem-solving abilities.

Decide the way you want to be seen, pick one quality. And start working on it with proper planning and goals.

You can also follow or start having their company by spending time with them and also by learning with them new things.

Remember during this time don’t try to hurt one’s values and avoid behaviour that can be disrespectful to others.

As this is a digital era you can also do this self-improving and self-assessment through various social platforms.


The second thing that is an important part of the model about which one should be aware of is visibility.

Importantly, you and your work need to get noticed by your leaders and upper management persons. Who is responsible for your praise, raises, and promotion.

So targeting in making your visibility to the correct audience is important.

This can be possible by doing self-promotion and others are making your promotion through word of mouth from others.

For doing self-promotion you need self-confidence without it you can’t make your presence in other minds as you will feel shy and uncomfortable.

You can create a positive and hardworking image by telling others about your work.

You can tell your boss seniors, leaders, clients, and even your co-workers. Which is a result they can notice your hard work and dedication towards the organizational goal.

At the end of some project, you can share a report about what you have done and what was your role in that.

The second thing you can promote your work by giving accomplishments and praising others work so in return they might praise your work to others.

The visibility can also be increased by taking an active part in difficult and innovative projects, raising your voice in board meetings and general meetings. By actively taking part in helping others and also by coming up with different ideas.

There should always be a balance between praising your work and others’ work. You should not always promote your work only.

This will cause them to drag away instead of dragging towards through kindness.

You should develop your communication skills and have a strong grip on them. As it leads to standing out from the crowd. 

Being visible is important because you might have to take some difficult steps. So I advised you don’t take and follow the wrong steps for more visibility. This might also ruin the previous image that you have. 


The last and important aspect of the PVI model is Influence.

One can use their visibility and the perspective about them in developing their Influence factor.

The influence is important because it can help in changing one point of view, the way of thinking, and in changing the mind with your strength and personality.

The influence can be effective if you are being liked by everyone, having good communication and convincing power.

Also by having skills in the latest trends and features in your industry or niche.

To influence you can show your work to the seniors or your boss telling them your role in achieving these goals.

For the lower body, you help them by giving them proper guidance, ideas, and teaching them various things. So in this way you can influence them as well.

I suggest you become a master in your industry and always keep learning new skills. There is more of liking you if you are a master in your industries and they will start admiring you.

You can take a risky approach and make it work properly for the benefits of the company which can make you more attention seeker.

Another thing to stand out from the crowd is the way you appear; you should dress well along with well mannered and respect nature.

Dressing well doesn’t mean that you buy expensive clothes; in short, I want to convey that you dress according to the situation.

You need to have different skills and personalities from others to stand out from the crowd. This doesn’t mean you can choose the wrong way.

influencing people


The PVI model – standing out from the crowd not only helps an individual but can help an organization as well.

Remember while you apply this PVI model make sure you don’t ever hurt someone. Knowingly or unknowingly with your words, behaviour, and attitude.

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