The MPS Process: Discovering work that you Love

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MPS Process

MPS process is the technique that allows you to identify the work that matches your passion, gives you pleasure, and give you strengths. Remember when was the last time when you enjoyed doing your work. 

For instance, you are so much involved and get pleasure out of it that you didn’t even care about your time. That’s the magic of it.

Yeah, it is there you just have to recognise the meaning and pleasure in it rather than just faking about it. This is the job that is perfectly suitable for your nature. 

It helps you to become consistent and discipline both at the same time as your work. 

It gives you the kick of doing it religiously and encashes the same to make it a career for you as well. 

Where contentment and bliss are present which generates you enough money to survive is the best career options one can ask for. 

So now the matter of concern is how to find the best possible career for ourselves to encash and dig deep into it for our satisfaction. 

I’m going to discuss in this article one of the best techniques to research and get the best career option for ourselves. 

Yeah, you read it right in the heading, it is the MPS Process


MPS Process Technique:

The MPS Process: Discovering work that you Love

Before understanding how this is going to work let me tell you the origination and history of this process to learn from scratch. 

So the MPS Process was given by the best-selling author cum Harvard Professor, Dr Tal Ben-Shahar. He has explained it in detail in his feature book, “Happier”. 

This model was sort of inspired by psychologist Dr Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Firstly, who’s this Dr Mihaly Csikzenmihalyi? Well, he has created the “Flow” concept for productive work experience. 

Moreover, he has explained how we engaged in a work that is both meaningful and challenging as well for us. 

We most likely dive into these sorts of works because this work gives us an enjoyable experience and meaning so that we hardly care about the time rather just focus and flow into the work religiously. 

Dr Ben-Shahar adapted this concept and modified it into his famous MPS tool. So the MPS process is just more wide concept than the flow concept. 

MPS Process is generally used for better outcomes and productive work practice in a small period as well as for long horizons.

MPS Process ask you three important questions;

  • What gives me meaning?
  • What gives me pleasure?
  • What are my strengths?

The MPS process requires you to introspect about what gives you meaning and pleasure. It also urges you to identify your strengths.

How to use the MPS Process Technique:

The following three steps may clear your concept to use this tool,

Firstly Answer the questions:

Firstly try to answer all the questions said above in this article. Ask yourself which work gives you meaning in life, which works gives you pleasure for doing it and lastly what are your inherent strengths.

However, the first two are easy to decide but the latter one is a bit critical as people take for granted their strengths so that they think they hardly possess any strength for any matter of concern.  

Secondly Recognise the overlaps:

After you answer these three questions try to find the best possible overlapping relation in all your answers. Well, it may be a bit tricky when the first two are correlating but the latter one falls apart. 

However, it is said to get the combination of all three but it is not bound to do so only for the sack of it. 

You can opt for only two combinations for the best career for yourself. And it is not bad as long as your two answers are complementing each other well.

So don’t just overlap all three because you have to, you just need to get the best possible combination.

Thirdly, and most important Identify the best career on that given combination:

Lastly, you have the best combination for your career now. So, you can just put them together to encash for your living that too working with peace and bliss. 

These combinations may not generate a hell of a lot of money but that’s the catch, you can’t ask everything for it; you just have to go on it till it keeps you riding on it passionately.  


  • Meaning
  • Pleasure
  • Strengths
  • Career
  • Teaching others
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Communication
  • Teachership
  • Social Activism
  • Stand by people
  • Leadership
  • Politician
  • Helping others
  • Making others lifestyle easier
  • Revolutionary Vision
  • Entrepreneur

From the above table, you can easily recognise all the elements are overlapping and complementing each other, but it’s not always the same case. Any of the two overlaps can be helpful for you too. 

However, the best-case scenario when all the traits are incorporated in your work profile you are doing now, so believe me it is the best work you can get in your life.

identify your inner strengths

Essential Points of MPS Process

You are familiar with the MPS Process and you can apply it in your life. Now before applying this tool to analyze your career options, you should be aware of some important points.

  • This tool is only for better insight into work for you
  • It can also be used for analysing your employee’s interest in project or task assignments
  • Peer pressure for overlapping all the elements is not necessary
  • Overview of your career opportunities can’t be defined, it only gives you the broad options 
  • MPS Process is used to get someone more productive than before


In conclusion, Lastly finding the work that correlates with your pleasure and strengths is the best work one can ask for. That’s where the MPS Process helps you to get through the boring and irritating job. 

And as long as you are just doing it only for your living after a time the work is no longer exciting however exhausting for sure. 

But MPS Process tool is the key for you to decide accurately what is the best fit for your nature of actions. The work will be like a vacation for you and you can enjoy it doing. 

Also, it will give you a purpose of living and sustaining comfortably on that for longer than ever.

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