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the journey method

Do you forget the long list? Are you facing a problem memorizing things? Are you a student and have to worry about your study? Would you like to have a great memory technique?

Do you know how Some people remember such a hard thing even too many stranger phone numbers in a minute? then you must read this whole article.

Today, You are going to explore a great memorization technique to learn anything anytime. And that name is the journey method memory technique.

Yes, The journey method, and is an ancient methodology that has been working so well. Even today.


What is the Journey Method?

The journey technique is a type of memory technology that is a very wonderful and highly powerful to learn from easy to technical information, short to long information in a short time by using very familiar landmarks around your life that you have seen and experience.

In this journey method, you don’t have to put too much effort to visualize your location (locus) because you have already known about your landmark.

All you have to do, Associate what you have been studying, to your landmark. And it’s also known as a mnemonic device. This device is a very powerful tool that will help you to recall difficult information or data for a long term period.

Alternative Names of the Journey Memory Technique

The journey method is also known as a travelling method, The route method, and the method of loci or location method.

All the above names are very clear why these names have chosen. Because when you walk through your mnemonic device (memory journey)you are travelling on your mind therefore its a travelling method.

Likewise, because you use a road or way therefore here is the route method. The method of loci in which loci means location and the location method name simply automatically reveal itself. And the last name is is a memory journey. Sounds interesting?

Origin of Journey Method 

Firstly, as you know, This journey memory technique is also known as a route, travel, and some others. It arrived from the roman room memory system, In Roman.

In those days, people use their room as a mnemonic device to memorize things. They place items in a specific location in their room mentally.

Today is just the same as that. the difference is only about we are not limited to use rooms or roman rooms instead now we are free to use any location out of rooms as a mnemonic device.

We can use a road restaurant, house, building, shopping mall, all that is visible in this through your eyes. That’s how it evolved.

How to Use the Journey Method Technique

  • First of all, write down the top 5 route that you can visualize very effectively (landmark)
  • Then select one, best of best Landmark that you are going to use to memorize anything.
  • And now you have to visualize in a reverse direction your whole root as well as in the forward direction. In this way, your route will be better memorable.
  • The next step is you gotta prepare what you want to remember. suppose you want to memorize some words.
  • Make a list in sequence and make visual images of those images that stuck in your mind first and very familiar.
  • Finally, You gotta link your visual images strategically to your landmarks.
  • Now walk mentally on your journey path with visual images. That’s all.in short

Benefits of Journey Method Technique

  • It’s so great to learn long list and long sequential data for a long period.
  • Plus point of this memory technique in comparison to the memory palace technique is Mnemonic Device is very familiar and easy to visualize.
  • You could make a long mnemonic device or your journey how much you want to but if we compare it to the mind palace technique there you are limited. In that memorization techniques, you have to choose different places to expand your memory or data
  • Very few chances of crossing the data from each part to another.

Examples of the Journey Method Technique

Let’s suppose you have to learn these words in a very sequence manner. Be careful don’t crossword to each other okay! so let’s get started.

  1. Chalk
  2. Aeroplane
  3. Cycle
  4. Apple
  5. Fan
  6. Speaker
  7. Telephone
  8. Lemon
  9. Shoes

Assume your travel route is something like this- 

  1. Park
  2. Shopping mall
  3. Barbershop
  4. Gym
  5. Vegetable market
  6. Petrol pump
  7. Bank 
  8. Restaurant
  9. Dairy shop

Imagine you are going out of your home and reach your nearest park where you see constructions is going on in that park. Workers stand pillars around the park which is made up of Red Chalk.

You break a piece of chalk from there and runaway and reach into the shopping mall but there is a large white Aeroplane is on the floor of the shopping mall and it’s an engine is on and you shock what the hell is going on.

But anyhow you have got the chance to enter the aeroplane. Now you’re opening the door and sit on the driver seat and start taking flight then you fly up in the sky.

But unfortunately, your petrol is exhausted and you land your aeroplane at a barbershop. You come out of an aeroplane and going to enter the barbershop where you see a very shocking thing.

A barber is a cutting hair of a boy on a Cycle. You go close to the cycle and steal the cycle and run away. And go ahead and get to the Gym.

Here you see a gym owner is giving you a beautiful green Apple as a gift.

You take an apple & started eating. By saying thanks you go ahead to the vegetable market. In the vegetable market shopkeeper selling Fan instead of vegetables.

You purchase a Fan & go-ahead to the petrol pump. When you passing through the petrol pump.

You see and immediately love a beautiful large woofer Speaker but you don’t have much amount to purchase it. So you exchange your Fan from the speaker and take a speaker and happily go ahead.

Now, you are entering the bank where the security guard is telling you about a new advance Telephone & emphasizing you to call someone because it’s free to call for that day.

Then You are calling your wife & your wife is telling you that I am is in the restaurant which is near you and waiting for you. You put off the telephone and run towards the restaurant where you both are having dinner of Yellow beautiful Lemon.

At last, you are moving forward and reach a dairy shop but what you see there is that you see someone’s popular woodland Shoe laid off on the ground and nobody pays attention to it. You pick up that shoe and escape from there and feel lucky.

End of your interesting memorable journey. hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comment how was your feeling when you imagined the whole scene along with me.

How to Memorize Speech

The Journey Method

Do you forget your key points or your speech? Would you like to have one great skill that will help you to remember your long speech which will bring great results and transformation in your speech on the stage?

Today I am going to give you that great memorization skill that will do all of what you will. A person who uses this memory technique will be able to deliver a speech without any such notes or other materials, PowerPoint presentation something like that.

See below, here are some steps on how to use this journey memory technique to memorize your long speech.

  • First of all breakdown your long speech into small chunks of key points.
  • Now you have to convert your key points into a visual image ( if it is technical).what we are known as a mnemonic image.
  • And now choose the best suitable location to link your mnemonic visual images to your location and make an easily memorable mental speech journey.
  • At last, you need to link your visual images to your memory device and the game is on !! Enjoy your Speech.
  • Don’t need to carry a diary, notebook, etc.

here’s one tip this memory technique is very beneficial for learning a long list of words sequentially the most important thing is a sequence.


So let what you got to know. you get to know how powerful the journey method memory technique. how to use it. It gets so much fun to remember any long-form data. for a long time.

It’s like watching movies mentally that is created by you. The journey method comes from the roman room method.

You use landmarks like restaurants or travel paths etc to link your data it helps to recall easily and stay in your mind a long time as well.

I have shown you some examples in which I take some words and tell you practically how you can use a journey technique to memorize those words.

It also very well to remember the speech key. That’s how much a great thing is this. you will need any notes or dairy before the speech. you will be able to remember what you are going to give as a speech.

You also get to know the little comparison between memory palace and journey method some plus points of journey memory method in comparison to memory palace. And final you have read many other names of this same technique.

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