The GIVE Model How to Build a Positive Personality with Giving Model

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Having a positive personality is what everyone dreams of! But building so in our life is not that easy. So, in this blog, we’ll teach you how to develop the same using the GIVE Model. The GIVE Model is a very friendly and easy method that will help you build a positive personality in your life.


What is the GIVE Model?


In today’s world, leaders have the most power and they have more control over where they want things to go.

People respect leaders and while even if they have more responsibilities, leaders are the ones who often get more rewards but not every person can actually be a leader.

Leadership requires skills, hard work, and sacrifice that not every person working towards his/her goals can be.

But it is not so easy to be a leader. In order to be a great leader, one must have Positive Personality Traits and that’s what the GIVE Model teaches us.

The full form of giving is Growing Integrated Virtuous Esteem. These 4 words teach us a lot about developing a positive personality. So let’s study the words one by one-


If you are looking for ways to build a positive personality in work and life, then the first step to achieve it is self-growth. A personality trait can be more effective in a given situation only if it is linked with Growth.

Let’s understand the relevance of personal growth in your life. Having a positive personality trait helps you to grow in life and succeed.

If you are worried about growing as an individual, you must be careful not to use your personality type as an excuse for inappropriate behaviour.

In business too, a positive personality is related to the growth of the company. The profitability of the business team examines the connection between personality and company growth.

It teaches businessmen how to use the strengths of personality to grow and scale their business.

The realization that personality can be changed can lead to a better understanding of those who resist change and to the development of a positive attitude towards change.     


The most important thing to consider when trying to develop a positive personality is that all parts of life should be integrated into a single person.

While trying to develop a positive personality, your professional life and personal life may conflict with each other. And this will, in the end, break down your real personality.   

Creating and establishing a positive personality in life is an extraordinary achievement that can lead you to success earlier than other people having a bad personality.

Thus you should try to change your understanding of the human personality as soon as possible because personality forming begins in your early childhood.

But one thing you should know is that you should never fake your integrated personality.

In a simple way, it means that you shouldn’t try to pretend to be someone that you can never be.

By even making small changes, you can integrate your life and be more productive, happy, and enjoy a good life with a positive personality.


Virtue is good quality or a behaviour of showing that you have high moral standards. Having high virtue can really help you to find out what your personality traits really are.

Leaders need a better understanding of how effectively they can exercise their strength of character and virtuous behaviours.

A person can have both good and bad traits, but behaviours cannot be good or evil, and the application of virtue ethics requires an understanding of the difference between the two, as well as the distinction between good behaviour and evil.

One characteristic is excellence if it is compatible with reason, which can be supported with an appropriate ethical attitude.

One of the reasons why we should give importance to Virtue is because it helps us in developing self-growth, honesty, gratitude, and character which are the most important factor for building a positive personality.

Developing virtue makes interaction with others more pleasant and helps others to think about our actions. When people show personality traits under their triggering conditions, we attribute this to virtue.       


Do you know that self-esteem can be an important part of your success? When you have healthy self-esteem, you tend to see yourself and life in general in a positive light.

Self-esteem refers to the ability to have a positive self-image. It occurs when a person begins to appreciate and highly value these qualities and traits.

The development of self-esteem is an important step towards expanding the ability to be happy and generating a positive personality in our life.

There is a strong correlation between Esteem and happiness, as well as a high degree of satisfaction with oneself.  

One way of seeing the relation is that self-esteem is rooted in our tendency to view everything related to the self in an overly positive way.

This interpretation implies that our reactions to personality products are determined by the desirability of the products and that people with high self-esteem consider themselves to be people who possess some kind of desirable attribute that they do not have or to a lesser extent.

Benefits of Giving Model


There are many benefits to the GIVE Model. The most important one is that it helps us build a positive personality in our life. But we will study it later. Let’s mention some other benefits of the GIVE Model-

  1. By following its steps, we can build a positive personality.
  2. This model helps in Personal Growth and Development.
  3. This model gives you a great sense of accomplishment.
  4. More and more people have been satisfied with the GIVE Model.

How to Build a Positive Personality with giving Model:


What is a Positive Personality?

Having a positive personality means that you are hopeful and confident about a situation instead of thinking bad results of that situation.

The positive qualities described above can strengthen your beliefs, lead to transformative conversations, and have a positive impact on your relationships.

The development of positive personality traits can also be beneficial in your daily life, helping you to cope with stress, build strong relationships, and lead a more fulfilling life.

Traits of Positive Personality

Positive personality can be detected in the form of traits that can cover a wide range of behaviours and attitudes.

In order to have a personality trait, an individual must be able to act in a certain way, such as positive or negative, and in behaviours that are related to that trait.

Personality traits give us a general idea of how a person behaves, but they are often insufficient to predict how well someone will behave or how long he or she will live.

Some of the traits that show you have a positive personality are

  • Ambitious: You won’t stop until you succeed.
  • Cheerful: You develop a positive environment.
  • Confident: You are always confident to win.
  • Competitive: You always compete with others.
  • Energetic: You can work hard and long.
  • Honest: You always try to speak the truth.
  • Organized: You are well mannered.
  • Open-minded: You are creative, and your imagination has no boundary.
  • Responsible: You take responsibility for your work and your mistakes.
  • Technological: You love using new technologies.

Building Positive Personality

Changing a personality is never easy. It requires the right approach and hard work to really change your personality.

Such a change consists of taking steps to reduce negative thinking and to develop encouraging, positive feelings about who you are and who you can be.

We all have factors that determine our personality and often develop negative personality traits and habits.

But the way we develop and improve our own character is not always seen as important as taking for granted the positive personality trait we have.

The four words of giving i.e., Growing Integrated Virtuous Esteem shows us the way of developing positive personality as-

  1. The most important thing is Self- growth. So keep growing your mindset.
  2. Identifying your positive behaviors will help to accelerate building a positive personality.
  3. Always learn in a productive and positive learning environment.
  4. By even making small changes, you can integrate your life and be more productive, happy, and enjoy a good life with a positive personality.
  5. Positively deal with others, show positive behavior, and maintain positive attitudes.
  6. Read motivational books to boost your self-esteem, courage, positive thinking, confidence, etc.
  7. Having a high virtue can boost the positivity inside you.
  8. Strengthen your beliefs and have positive transformative conversations with others.
  9. Keep healthy self-esteem, and you will see life in a positive l light.


Positive personality traits and strength of character cannot be something that changes day by day, depending on the situation and attitude.

If you find it really hard to change your personality, then you should be aware of the behaviours you have displayed in the past. Your personality sends you and tries to make better decisions.

It takes time, but by actively feeding positive words, you can enrich your mind and spread positivity wherever you go.

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