The Art of Concise and Good Communication -How to Put-up Your Point

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The Art of Concise and Good Communication -How to Put-up Your Point

Had you ever been in a situation where you have to stick on a point but it turns out to be an argument or maybe a fight or when you want to put forward your point but no one is listening to you. And you are confused, how to make them listen to you? What is key to good communication. This is important that when a group of people is talking, they should listen to everyone. But sometimes a situation arises when everyone is so busy in discussing something, they forgot that they just left someone in their discussion.


Here we have some tips and tricks on how to put your point of view and even win a conversation or an argument. But before that one should know how to effectively communicate and what are the skills one should have for an ideal conversation.

How to have Concise and Good Communication?

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Communication is one of the skills which everyone should know. One should be aware of how to communicate in a manner that he/she doesn’t make feel another person bored. One should communicate concisely which means, he should be very specific about what he is saying. And this is the key to good communication.

So as to develop conciseness in your communication skill, you need to practice it. Don’t just directly start having a conversation with people sound you. Before reaching them for a conversation, practice what and how you will say.

Just prepare what are the possible topics which will continue your conversation. To find topics that you can talk about, check the news and current headline, what is going on in your city.

Or just ask them about their hobbies and go on discussing it. It will be best if you relate to any of the things which other person likes. But, one thing which you should know in conversation with anyone is that, don’t fake yourself. Be true about yourself. This will help you gain trust from another person.

Skills for Good Communication

There are some skills which you need while communicating. This will help you in doing effective communication.

Think Before Speak

One should think before speaking. To elaborate, You should analyze what the other person is saying and after listening to it, think about it what is correct to say in that situation and then reply concisely in a very proper manner.

This doesn’t imply that you think for 30 seconds, otherwise the conversation may become boring. You can take 2-3 seconds and say after proper understanding.

Begin With Main Idea

While conversation, if you want to put your point of you, so directly say that instead of saying it indirectly. This will help you and another person, and they can be open to you regarding it.

Provide Supporting Details

While putting forward your point, provide the secondary data, which will support and make your point valid. And the same implies here, be honest with whatever you are saying as this will help you building trust.

Find Who Supports You

While in conversation with a group of people, put forward your point and find who is supporting you. Allow him/her to also put his point and support him too. This will create a sense of belongingness which will help in proving your point.

Listen Before You Speak

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This is the most important part of a conversation. You should listen to what others are saying and put your point when you think it’s correct and can help in the discussion. Because it’s touchy to talk about games when everyone is talking about the job.

Be Vocally Interesting

You should use your vocals for making a conversation easy to understand. Like increasing and decreasing the tone at the right time. Adjust your volume and pitch according to the topic. Give a pause and also sometimes speed-up what you are saying.

Communicate With Your Body Language

Along with your vocals, use body language to make your conversation memorable. Be confident and have proper eye contact while talking. Also, don’t just see in the eyes of another person continuously because it makes them uncomfortable. Use your gestures like hand movement, head movement, etc to gain their attention.

Make your conversation interesting by asking questions about the topic and relate it with the person. Everyone needs someone to listen to, so try to listen to them. Listen more, Speak less.

Try to Find Good Environment

Find a good place to have a proper conversation where no one can disturb, distract, or interrupt your conversation. Sometimes its seems that if a conversation is once stopped, it’s quite hard to again get that in the same way as it was going before.


Try to be empathic, which means try to understand the emotion in his words. This will help in better understanding, and build trust, which will lead to a good conversation.

7 C’s of Good Communication

These are 7 principles that one needs to have effective and better communication. 7 C’s are Clear, Correct, Complete, Concrete, Concise, Consider, Courteous.


In any conversation, one should be clear about the point he/she is making or going to make. Although, the message he is delivering should be clear. The language should be simple and try not to use much technical jargon which creates confusion in the listener’s mind.


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The information which is being told in a conversation should be correct. Also, if it’s written communication, then the spelling and grammatically correct. The message should be well-timed and exact.


While delivering any information, provide everything related to the topic and don’t let the listener’s mind think much. Your message should include all the relevant information which are needed.


Your communication should be concrete i.e. all the data which supports your information should be available and there is no chance for misconceptions.


The message should be precise and should contain all the relevant information, it should be on-point. It should not take much time for the listener.


It means, there should be a connection between what you are saying and the listener. It should be easier to relate and connect with what you are saying.


You should be polite and patient while having communication. This shows your listener that you respect them. Your conversation should be honest, open-minded, and friendly.

How to Make everyone listen to you

How to put forward your point in Argument

Putting your point is quite problematic as it may result in becoming incompressible. So here are the tips, which may help you in putting your point in an argument in a positive manner:

Listen And Be Understanding

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Listen to the words which were used by another person and use them as your prefix with some positive words and add your words by providing some values. For instance:

Speaker 1: We should not take this project as it is so risky

You: Yes I agree, but it may become a good fortune for our company…

Replace Negative with Positive

One should always try to use positive words that make people calm and allow you to put forward your point. Instead of directly saying “No”, use “I feel like it won’t work for us”. Use Sorry More Often

Use the sorry word, as it gives a feeling of apology from your side which makes another person give you a chance to put-up your point. For example:

“Sorry, I don’t want to become a part of this committee”

Try To Avoid YOU

Instead of pointing to someone directly by saying “because of YOU”, use “We” and “I”. This will not make another person angrier, because of finger-pointing. For instance:

Instead of using: “You have to be more clear”

Use: “Maybe, I am not clear regarding this”

Referred from: https://www.wikihow.com/Communicate-Effectively


Here we discussed how communication should be done effectively and what are the principles and things to be remembered while communicating. Also, we discussed how to deal with arguments and how to put your point in that.

Above all, communication is a skill, which can be gained by practicing it. Follow it persistently and you will become a good communicator.

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