Self mastery-Learning personal leadership

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self mastery in leadership

You have come across one person in your life like friends, relatives, or co-workers who are always winning in almost all situations. Because they have self mastery leadership qualities to achieve the goal by knowing their thoughts, goals, purpose in life.

They achieve this by mastering themselves which is self-mastery leadership or also called personal mastery leadership.


What is self mastery?

self mastery

In simple words, it’s a continuous process of knowing and improving yourself. Self-mastery is a process neither a journey nor a thing? In my words self-mastery defined as it’s a way in which we should live and work meaningfully along with a goal, determination, discipline, values, and a state of mind of learning constantly about our own.

Why self-mastery learning personal leadership is important?

In this decade of technology, you should know who you are before an algorithm of AI and social platforms know you.

I think before being honest with others, you should be honest with yourself by knowing who you are? What are my purposes? Where my happiness lies?

Every organization wants a leader who is problem-solving and confident as you are hired for their problems only.

But if you are capable and still doubt yourself then you should self check and start working on yourself and start becoming a self-mastery leadership.

It is important and helpful to become effective. It also helps to give productivity, sales, and returns.

Know your inner voice

Know your inner voice

Everyone had someone inside their mind talking always on almost everything in the way of thoughts making a sensible decision and also sometimes helping you and your capabilities.

That inner voice is you, you inside you. You should always know your thoughts, your inner voice, and note them down.

Try to understand that thought why it’s coming and what it is indicating.

You should always talk to yourself make your inner ones stronger

It will help you more to become stronger outside.

If you don’t listen to your inner voice, then the external body will take over the situation

and it will make a decision that sometimes you do not want to happen.

So always control your body with inner ones by having mindfulness.

Loving yourself is key to a leader

Self mastery-Learning personal leadership

I want to explain to you through an example that you have a 1 crore rupee car. What kind of facility do you provide after it?

You probably have a service in an expensive service station where experts are available. You might hire security personnel for it and a person to maintaining and cleaning purposes

Also, some can hire professional drivers for that expensive car right.

Now just stop here and think of yourself as giving the same care and facility to your own just as you give to that expensive car.

I will let you know that you and your life are more expensive than that car.

In this busy schedule, life racing towards success and money we just forget about ourselves by forgetting the efforts and time and care we want for maximizing high performance and it will help in self-leadership and personal mastery.

You are more valuable than your cars, you deserve better polishing, servicing. Your company or society needs you, they need your help, they need your contribution as a leader.   

Have a proper routine

You can have a proper routine by following things


Self mastery-Learning personal leadership

In achieving self-mastery and leadership you should give priority to your body first as soon as the day begins. Use your body strength in exercising and developing yourself with physical activities.

You can train your body and make it strong, which also helps in boosting your confidence, increases your working capacity.


So I suggest you take one hour of your day every morning for your body.

If you sweat more in the morning it can help you to sweat less for the rest of the day in handling your clients, meetings, teams, email, etc.

So if you can conquer yourself it will help you to conquer the rest of the things with ease.

Also along with exercise make sure you have a proper diet including fruits and vegetables with necessary vitamins and nutrients.


Many famous leaders say that we always have the ideas of the end of our goal in a plan.

Those who want self mastery-learning personal leadership should actively invest their focus, energy, and their valuable time in deciding the vision.

A clear vision can help you in avoiding being thrown out from your success path by the difficulties in the way by resisting them.

A vision is a picture of the upcoming result of the hard work that you want and you are working on it with a purpose.

During achieving the goal there will be many difficulties and many constraints and challenges by our society and world.

But we should tackle the difficulties with our vision and that is what self-mastery and leadership are.

Another important thing a leader does is they’re their vision with their teams. They tell them what you have to achieve and what you have to do for it.

Not just ordering them for following the step towards a vision, a leader starts working with them in this step.

Even if you are the CEO of a giant company, you should also have a check of the ground the reality of what is happening at the bottom and base team of our organization.


Self mastery-Learning personal leadership

Everyone knows that the company that owns the titanic prefers aesthetics against safety which results in a tragic incident.

As you have seen that they can have many lifeboats on the ship but they did not take the lifeboats to the deck because they did not take safety as propriety.

At the time of the sinking, you might have seen that VIP and the first-class passengers had the opportunity to escape first, due to limited numbers of boats which shows the value of inequality towards the human and their life

But you will not be in a situation like titanic in day to day life but it will be as challenging as that.

So a leader has to make decisions with the alignment of the values of your own, coworkers, and organization to lead towards growth.

Learn self-mastery and leadership in terms of values would be challenging but you have to learn it to become a good leader.


Also, have an action plan with purpose. You must have enthusiasm and eagerness to achieve the goal which results in decision making.

This decision making came through purpose to help influence you and you towards your goal. We should have a meaningful and sensible purpose that never lets us have the thought of giving up.

An influence of a leader with a high purpose will also help to influence its teams and organization. Be determined and make your team too.

So you should have a higher purpose to get the best success.

Remember no vision or goal can be achieved alone, there is always a team backing from behind. Share your vision and purpose with the team so they can also know their role in achieving this target.

Good communication and team learning

Self mastery-Learning personal leadership

If you want to self master leadership along with working as a team, you also have to work with the ideas and think together as a team.

In many giants companies, there are large numbers of teams and employees working together in multiple projects simultaneously.

But with good communication and constant follow up with each other even with the bottom line of an organization helps in achieving the vision, which gives more returns to the company.

You should always have a habit of self-learning through various things like seminars, reading books, meeting other professionals.

So if you have self-learning then you as a leader can help the team also to learn and which results in great teamwork.

Ability to take responsibility

Self mastery-Learning personal leadership

As a leader one should have to take responsibility for everything in success and failures also.

Before taking this tough step of responsibility of a team you should take responsibility for yourself by self mastering and learning, through your behaviours, actions, words, and even thoughts.

A leader should not misuse the above thing instead take a strong step in influencing and motivating the team by taking responsibilities and leading from the front not just by ordering them.

Self-mastery as millennial

I think in this 21st century no one should wait until you get opportunities to become a leader stage to think about what type of leader I want to be and what type of skills and vision I want to become a good leader and should I achieve this skill.

In this era no one would feed the food to the mouth except your parents, no industry will tell you and take responsibility for your development and skill learning. Your goals and vision about your life is known to you and so you should start working on your own

So you only have to take responsibilities and start learning and start as soon as possible not just when opportunities come.


It is important to know yourself, before growing others you should grow yourself. Before leading a team, the organization you should know how to lead yourself first. If you want to change the world, you change yourself first. Also by self-mastery leadership if possible.

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