Recognition Primed Decision (RPD)-For complex situations

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Recognition Primed Decision (RPD)-For complex situations

Recognition primed decision (RPD) models are helping us to make quick decisions in critical situations. This decision is helping to identify a reasonable solution and to think about it immediately. This model is based on how you make quick decisions with your imagination.


What is the recognition primed decision?

recognition primed decision

This model was developed by Gary Klein, It is a decision-making tool that helps you to make decisions in a complicated situation. Most firefighters tend to use this technique in a critical situation. This model helps us to select the first course of action that is not rejected. 

All other models that you have studied previously also help you decide and collect information, evaluation, and choosing the best option, it takes time, but this model is helpful for you to make a quick decision. Firefighters don’t have time to compare between two options.

So how to make the decision, firefighters use their experience to size up the situation. It is easy for someone to make a decision, who has an experience of 10, 20, or 30-years. They can make decisions in a short period using their expertise and knowledge

On the other hand, an inexperienced leader can’t make a good decision compared to experienced people. People are not able to evaluate options because imagination is a key factor, which comes from experience. This mode tells us how do experienced people make decisions?

Purpose of Recognition primed decision

Following are the purpose of this decision

1. Helps to make quick decisions

This model is helping to make quick decisions. This model is helpful for firefighters to make a quick decision in a complicated situation.

2. Help an experienced man in Decision Making

This primed decision model helps an experienced person in decision making. It helps a knowledgeable person who has good experience handle the problem and solve it from its base.

Where the recognition primed decision model is used?

1. Fire ground commanders

This decision model is mostly used by fire ground commanders in a panic situation. It helps an experienced person to make a quick decision in a complicated situation.

2. Chess player

This model is used in the sports industry and is also used by chess players, While playing chess the player must make quick and good decisions.

3. Stock market traders

recognition primed decision

This model is also by stock market traders to make quick and effective decisions related to stocks.

Limitation of Recognition primed decision model

There is only one limitation of this model, i,e. to make a decision you need to have proper knowledge about the situation and causes of action. If there is one leader who is experienced, he/she has to take a proper decision then they can make one using this technique, but if you are in a group where everyone’s ideas are different, then it is difficult for that group to make a quick decision using this method. So, to use this method, you need have to have proper experience in the required field.

3 variations of recognition primed decision model

Following are the 3 variations of this decision model

1. Variation 1

In this variation, the decision-maker has understood the situation and the scenario where both details of situations and details of relevant causes of action are known. More experienced decision-maker has more knowledge and he can make a good decision using his experience.

2. Variation 2 

In this scenario, the decision-maker has to diagnose an unknown situation to choose from the known course of action. So, basically in this situation, the decision-maker knows about the course of action but lacks knowledge about the parameters of the situation. So, in this scenario, he/she has to understand possible details of the situation carefully and then choose the course of action.

3. Variation 3

In this scenario, a decision maker is well aware of the situation but unaware of the proper courses of action. So, in this situation, the decision-maker has to understand each course of action until a perfect course of action is not fit in the situation.

Process of recognition primed decision model

There is not any particular process available to make a decision but you can follow these steps to understand the model.

  1. First, you have to understand the whole matter and then you have to gather all the information in your mind, try to size up your situation.
  2. In this step, you have to use your whole experience and training to determine your actual problem.
  3. Now you have to identify cues and clues from the whole information, using your experience and knowledge.
  4. In this step, you have to prepare a mind game. This means now your brain is playing with you and it shows you various options, so you have to understand every option’s result.
  5. Now, choose the best option and make a decision.
  6. So in this step, you have to implement that option in your problem.
  7. Now evaluate that decision and check whether it is working properly or not.
  8. If your decision is not working properly then repeat this process from the start.


A Recognition primed decision model helps you to make quick decisions in complicated situations. Firefighters, chess players, stock market traders are mostly using this technique to make a quick decision. This model tells us how experienced and knowledgeable people can make quick decisions easily. So to make a quick decision in a complicated situation, you need to have more experience in those situations.

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