Product Sampling l Way to Market your Brand

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Product Sampling l Way to Market your Brand

There’s nothing like getting something for free. Isn’t it?

It is tough and challenging to promote a new product in the market because it already has similar products. You have to satisfy your end customers that the products you are giving are better than your competitors’ products. But you also need to convince them to take risks and believe your brand, in an age when customers are more suspicious than ever.

Do you agree that giving freebies of your most valued and new products to your existing customer is the best way to gain your target audience’s attention towards you? 

I think yes, your target customers will always get attracted to freebies you are giving.

It is advantageous to offer product samples to your target audience because it increases the appearance and allows customers to taste your product and leave them wanting more.

By applying the sample distribution of your new product into your marketing campaign, your business will get a great result and leave your competitors to feel overshadowed.

For centuries, the brands have been using free samples to get the product directly into their customers’ hands. Both parties were happy, as consumers are happy to receive a free product and product sale was increasing for the brands.

Despite the personal experience of receiving free product brands, you may ask: How does product sampling benefit my brand? 

Although the overall concept may be clear, many layers and factors go into the art of Sampling or digital sampling. This spacious guideline will define and describe the idea of sampling the product, and its methods used by brands worldwide.

So, let’s now discuss what exactly product sampling is.


What is Product Sampling?

Digital Product Sampling | Hotcow Experiential Marketing

Product sampling is a thing that we can do online or high streets. It may be sensational or inferred, mega, or exciting. But one thing is sure: product samples are nothing new.

Why? Well, for starters, because people love freebies and always have, this is something that would never change that.

Product sampling gives free samples of your new products to your targetted audience to gain traffic and awareness.

Businesses who are wishing to bring a new product are facing a lot of competition in the market. In this situation, product sampling or digital sampling strategies are beneficial.

Offering product samples to your target audience is beneficial as well as a great opportunity for exposure. It will increase the exposure, giving customers a taste of what is coming and allowing them to feel convinced with their purchase. 

By working sample distribution into marketing budgets, businesses will have the upper hand in the competition.

At present, most companies know that reviews and ratings are compelling tools to increase traffic, conversion, as well as ideas. Product Sampling is one of the effective ways to compel leads and traffic.

Product sampling strategy helps your target audience to understand your product and to achieve your goals.

Read on to know the methods of product sampling.

Types of Product Sampling

Product sampling typically involves products being given free to target audience to attract consumers and build confidence in the product. 

There are different types of product samples. Direct Product Sampling and Indirect Product Sampling are typical methods that attract consumers to experiment with the product. 

Indirect Product Sampling

Product Sampling

Indirect Sampling is a method in which there is no physical interaction between you and clients.

In this case, you offer free samples of a product to customers when they buy another product in its reach. For example, if you sell Maggi Sauce, you can attach a Maggi packet for buyers to try.

But there is a limitation of using this product sampling strategy. You have no idea whether your customer liked your freebie sample or not, and there is no quick feedback of customers on this strategy.

Direct Product Sampling

This powerful strategy is just the opposite of indirect product sampling. Direct Product Sampling is of two kinds:

Dry Sampling

It is an approach in which you offer the customer a product for them to test at home. You use this with a stall and ensure that there is a seller to explain how to use the product. So that physical interaction is there between you and your consumer. 

For example, you can explain your freebie product in your store then offer your customer to take it home.

Dry Sampling is mainly of two types:

Event-Based Sampling

This strategy involves giving a free sample of your product through a particular event. 

Event-based Sampling mainly depends on the relevancy of the event. If you can deal with the crash event and offers free samples of a product that the public is interested in, that is the road to success. The cost of using this strategy is little hight as it involves event sponsorship and value of free samples.

Super-market Sampling

If more people are reaching the product, the better your chances of achieving sales and growing your business. The overall cost is low.

Wet Sampling

Wet Sampling is the most popular method of direct Sampling. In this method, you offer products in your store. This method is more specific. It is of two types:

Guerrilla Product Sampling

Using a productive guerrilla marketing strategy to put the product into the hands of customers can be very useful.

Marketing should always try to be interesting; That’s what made the brand reliability. So, when you combine the skill with a freebie, it’s powerful.

It has a vast reach. This strategy requires massive cost as it requires investment in the distribution team.

Selective Product Sampling

This strategy involves giving a freebie to only those customers who are little highly interested in the product. It means this strategy revolves around the most targeted audience who are desiring the product. The cost of using this strategy is very high, as it includes the selection cost as well as the distribution cost.

How Effective is Product Sampling to New Product?

If you want to earn your customer’s attention to achieve trust, traffic, and leads, then product sampling or digital sampling is one of the best ways to get all this.

Product sampling or digital sampling helps in increasing your sale, brand awareness, and much more. Let’s discuss how effective the product sampling strategy is.

New Product Challenge

Product sampling helps you overwhelm the issues like launching a new product or variation of the pre-existing product in the market as efficiently as possible. 

It works on the assumption that your customers simply want facts. They need to be sure that you can offer them something worthy that they can’t get anywhere else.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness Definition

The launch of the new product in the market can make consumers tired of loyalty, change in lifestyle, or effectiveness. By providing a sample of the product, you can eliminate the fear factor and allows them to test the risk-free product.

Sample sizes are often short enough that if customers like the product, he is likely to buy a full-sized version of the product. Raising consumer trust is the first step towards the development of brand loyalty.

Customers Feedback

By giving product samples, you are also greeting consumer feedback regarding the product. When customers test your new product, they often make personal notes about your product and comparing your product with a competitor’s product. 

With the help of customer feedback, you get a chance to get to know about the target audience and how you can enhance your product, so it surpasses customer expectations and gives you a competing edge.

More Understanding of Your Product

If your purpose is to help customers know your product better, then there is only one thing that can help you: product sampling.

Product sampling enables the customer to try your product for the first time. It helps build a warm connection between your company’s product and your target customer, and that warm connection is the essence of growing loyalty to your brand.


The integration of product samples in the marketing program is cost-effective because it conserves money if mistakes are corrected during the promotion phase rather than on launch. Furthermore, since the sample sizes of products are often small, you can penetrate a larger population for a fraction of the cost.

Tips for Effective Digital Product Sampling Marketing Campaign

Product Sampling

Product sampling marketing campaigns offer instant value. They also have a lasting result on sales as opposed to other sales promotion methods. You can follow the use of this kind of campaign for a year or more. 

Sampling allows customers to experience first hand the quality of the product. They don’t rely on your sales speech or marketing to know the product. They may find themselves giving a more compelling impression.

A product sampling campaign can be the best way to increase brand exposure, creating more customized results for businesses, and provide more fitted leads for each sales team.

The simple idea for this is that the giving freebies allow buyers to test what you have give before they make a purchase – giving them the strength to get accustomed to your company – for free.

Product sampling also helps boost awareness for the product, giving businesses the chance to collect critical reviews, feedback, and data about how consumers feel about the item or service. 

Do you know about Digital product sampling?

Digital product sampling can add a new dimension to the old market of Product sampling permits businesses to save time and money when they are looking for valuable consumer data. 

If you’re having a digital product like an ebook, software, or any other learning chance available, you can still participate in the Product sampling strategy.

Below are some tips:

Know Your Goal

Prepare yourself for success by first identifying the primary purpose of your sampling program. Looking to increase brand awareness, develop your CRM database, or generate notes and comments? 

Anyway, honing in on your program’s purpose and communicating with your partner sampling is vital as it will allow you to design your plan accordingly and the knowledge you seek.

Choose the Right Sample

It is vital to choose the right sample product. Just ask yourself whether you bring new products in the market or want to promote the variation of a pre-existing product? Or you want to convert your targeted audience by offering your best seller products?

After choosing your sample product, you need to decide the weight, size, and volume of your sample product.  

Know Your Target Audience

Knowing Your Target Audience

Be as precise as viable when defining your primary market. Thus, you can, in turn, reach a more significant number of customers that are more likely to end making a purchase.

You can target customers based on gender, age, and location demographics or specific targets such as housewives, not married, or pregnant women. 

Consider Distribution

The expense of getting the product into your ideal customer’s hands is something that you can control it via your choice of distribution methods.

If you seek to keep costs to the least, giving samples in individual packages only for your brand can be costly and not the best use of your budget. 

Instead, ask your co-worker if he offered samples of packaging multi-brand option. It cut the cost of shipping on some products that allow you to sample at a lower cost per sample.

You can consider correlating with buyers of your target market you are seeking to reach via PPC campaigns, email, and targeted social ads.

Nowadays, social media advertising helps in addressing the unique collection of targetted people based on demographics such as age, job title, location, and more.

Connecting the sampling strategy with social media marketing methods can significantly increase your chances of success.

Choose the Right Tool

Make sure that you choose the tool that fits their lifestyle. An excellent way to do this is to deal with influencers.

Social media is the best way to promote your brand and to spread brand awareness.  

Look for Feedback

One of the main advantages of digital product sampling is the amount of valuable data you collect during your program. For each label, gain insight into the demographics, lifestyle habits, choices, and purchase purposes of huge buyers. 

Observing things like why your buyers prefer your brand above others or that they like the best of your products can help you identify significant patterns and make every buck count sampling. All this knowledge can be put back into the sales and marketing efforts and even improve the refined targeted audience.

Now that you have a good idea about the different things you need to do to prepare for a product sampling campaign, you are ready to start. 

You must be able to create an event that will help your business grow. Take the time to plan your campaign before you will be the most helpful thing you can do to ensure success.


Product samples are one of the most popular marketing methods and the most effective way for brands and retailers, and a compelling way to reach some marketing purposes. In simple terms, it is when the brand or retailer gives buyers a free sample of the product.

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