Guide of Post Click Marketing

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Guide of Post Click Marketing

Hello Marketers, Today you will learn about the Best Guide of Post Click Marketing and How it works,

According to Definition, Post Click Marketing is defined as the sale of the product online by marketing techniques after clicking pay per click ads is known as Post Click Marketing.

In this, you will learn how post-click marketing works online to generate sales of your products.

So Let’s follow the following steps to gain the Knowledge of Post Click Marketing.

Let’s Find out

What is Post Click Marketing?

Post Click Marketing is that marketing when the customer or consumer online click the pay per click ads,

And then after clicking or post-click, the online marketing techniques involve, Which provides the best landing page to the customer or consumer online, 

Where easily the details of the product is mentioned that how to buy that product or related advertising or content and,

So that sale of that product is generated easily without any interruption.

Post Click Marketing

Or we can say Post Click Marketing makes the purchasing process easier by providing a good landing page to the online customer,

And focusing on that customer when the customer clicks on any business pay per click ads.

Post Click Marketing Example 

Suppose, you are travelling to someplace and you very hungry, you have no food then,

Post Click Marketing

You suddenly find out the big banner on the road, where the title mentioning that Good Hygiene Best food after 5 to 10 kilometres,

And then you travel to that place for the best good food or you are surprised after seeing nothing,

Now you see only small shops where you have to take your ingredients to make your meal or food yourself.

So Similarly These are happening with the customer online, when they click on any pay per click ads online they are being transferred to any business profile page,

Where no guidance is provided of that product, how to buy that, which the consumers have clicked on advertising ads.

So, Post Click Marketing is one of the best methods which helps the consumer online purchase,

We can say when the consumers click on pay per click ads and then with the help of Post Click Marketing, 

They are being transferred to the Good Targeted Landing Page,

Where all the information or guidance is provided of those relevant products and relevant advertisement,

Which makes the purchasing of the goods easily,

Or guidance is provided to the Consumer about how to buy that product easily.

What is Landing Page?

21 Best Landing Page Examples to Learn From

A landing page is a single page that has a single purpose so this isn’t the same as your home page that can have a whole bunch of different purposes,

So you’re on typical home pages the about us there’s a blog there are your products and, 

Services there’s work with us and so someone that’s sent to your home page is not they don’t always know what to do,

And so if you’re looking for a specific action if someone just came from an ad that says sign up for a webinar and they can’t find this sign up for the webinar on their home page,

It’s not the same as a landing page that essentially strips out all the unnecessary stuff and,

So you’ll just see you know headline a sub-headline generally you know a picture that describes your product or service or your potential customer,

And call-to-action button that says sign up now, download this buy this now and,

So just from that first screen that you’re looking at it’s very clear what you as a marketer want the customer to do you know give me your email,

Start using this free trial and then generally if you’d say below the fold so like that first screen you see,

But As you scroll down you’ll see the benefits of using the product or service or signing up and trust indicators are a big thing as well and so if you have a certain number of clients,

Or downloads on if you’ve come out in different you know newspapers are blogged different things,

That kind of show that you’re trustworthy incredible and that they want to be doing this with you,

And then as you get to the bottom of the page a lot of times you’ll see another one of those call-to-action buttons,

It’s similar to the one up above just kind of reminding you hey here’s what we want you to do by visiting this site you know click the button give us your email and,

Then You know you’ll get something in return what I thought would be one of the best things for us to do to be able to visualize this,

If you’re not very familiar with landing pages is why don’t we happen on the computer,

And I’ll walk you through some different use cases for landing pages and,

Then I’ll also compare the landing page to the home page of the same company and you can see there what the differences are okay.

What is Post Click Automation?

Post Click Marketing

96% of ad clicks don’t convert,

Advertising platforms like Google and Facebook make it incredibly easy to create relevant ads for each of your audiences,

Which helps maximize clicks but not conversions when someone clicks on a personalized ad and is brought to a generic landing page,

They balance creating personalized landing pages used to be a nightmare,

Now post-click automation is poised to change everything,

What’s post click automation, it’s a stage in the funnel that converts clicks into conversions,

There are four pillars of post-click automation Ad mapping, scalable, creation personalization and experimentation.

First, you need to be able to visualize your ad campaigns to determine actionable conversion opportunities,

And connect relevant post-click pages to every ad.

Next, You need to be able to create, manage and update post-click landing pages as quickly as you do ads.

Then you need your post-click experiences to automatically update the content of your page based on visitors demographics online behaviour and stage in the funnel.

Finally, you need to be able to optimize your pages for higher conversions.

To do this you need to understand how visitors interact on your pages and test page variations,

You’ll also need robust analytics and full-funnel attribution to maximize your advertising ROI. 

Benefits of Post Click Marketing

Employee Benefits Trends 2020 and Beyond: Bring to Mind Changes

It increases the sale of the product to the targeted audience.

If someone doesn’t buy any product after clicking pay per click ads, which takes them to the landing page, 

Then re-targeting can be done or cookies can be used to show them relevant ads to the customer. 

So that the product can be sold easily.

It is cheaper than any traditional marketing.

Post Click Marketing Strategies

  • Advertising

Advertise your products based on pay per click with the help Google AdWords or any other platforms

  • Use SEO

It is the free technique to market your products or rank an article related to your products, But it takes time.

  • Landing Page

It is one of the most important parts, It is connected to your advertisement when consumer clicks on your ads,

Which are running based on Pay per click then it takes the customer to the landing page.

Here’s the game start, means make your landing easier so that no ln technical person can buy that product easily.

Mention or guidance should be step by step there on the landing page that how to buy the product easily.

So these are the few steps which can increase your sales online and generate a good amount of money with spending less amount of money on ads.


So Finally, Now I think that you have known completely about Post Click Marketing,

And how it works to generate sales of the products.

Now you can implement this major technique or strategy like Advertising Products, making Landing Page and generating sales with it.


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