Permission Marketing

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Permission Marketing

Hello marketers, Welcome to our site, Today you will learn about the Permission Marketing from Scratch step by step.

According to the definition, Permission Marketing is the non- Traditional Marketing Technique means not using old Techniques of marketing and permission marketing advertises the products when advance permission is given by consumers or customers, means they allow us to show them advertising in which they are interested.

Permission Marketing is an important part of the organisation or companies that do not send or deliver anticipated personal and then relevant messages to the consumers who want to receive that.

It can recognize the new power of the customers or consumers to ignore the marketing, it tries to develop a one on one relationship with the consumers or the consumers by treating them with the respect to earn their attention for them and future businesses.

Permission marketing presumes consumers know what they want, their desire to buy, but in many cases, customers have undefined ambiguous or conflicting preferences.

The pioneer of Permission Marketing is Seth Godin who believes that the most effective marketing happens in Reverse when consumers permit a company to communicate to them.

This allows for deeper stronger relationships with customers over the long term.

Let’s Find out

What is Permission Marketing?

If you are in marketing or doing any business and you provide the value to your customers with the help of your products or services.

So Similarly In Permission Marketing, Before you provide the value or before providing the proposition of your product, You ask the customer “Do you want our Product ?” 


You ask “Do you have a requirement of this Product”

So You take permission from your customers for advertising.

Permission Marketing and How It Works |

You ask your customer before running your advertisement this type of question “Do you have Interest in our Product or Not”

So for that regarding or after knowing this, you run your marketing campaign.

If you go through any website and you read the content on that website and you explore or spend any time on that website regarding your requirement information and you like that website 

And if you have subscribed to their newsletter on that website and after that, they started to send their website content to you So that is Permission Marketing.

We can also say that Permission Marketing is Selling the Goods and services in which the customer agrees to receive the advertisement.

So customers agree to show me advertisements and customers show that they are interested in your product or services.

In this way, you permit the customer and you don’t spend the money on unnecessary advertisements.

So with the help of this, you pitch the targeted or right customer, by which you gain more profit by spending less money in the marketing.

Permission Marketing Example

Email Marketing is a good example of permission marketing.

In Email Marketing, you can directly ask your customer that if you are liking our content then you can subscribe us on our email and then we will send you the email the product information or newly launched product.

So By doing this you take permission from the customer for running advertising.

Email Marketing is the most effective way because in this less cost occur by sending email to someone

How to Win Back the Attention of Customers

Seth Godin wrote about the idea of permission marketing to help marketers win back the attention of consumers,

Here’s How

Unlike Traditional ads interrupting your daily activities, Permission Marketing tells consumers themselves to decide whether or not to allow companies to market to them, at least on a subconscious level.

So instead of putting ads to merely push for sales marketers could craft a story to communicate clear benefits of a product or services to the consumers to justify the interruption.

Customer Win-Back Strategies For The Promotional Product Industry

A part of the story includes offering free sample handouts or a product demo to encourage participation from the audience.

As you may know, we can’t help but be selfishly motivated and will only give our time if we are told to pay attention to something of personal relevance.

Next time you are sending a message or crafting a campaign makes them feel personalized artful and check inconsistently 

So that your audience could engage and participate when they are ready

In Permission Marketing the goal of the initial interruption should be to invite customers into a relationship built on trust not to sell products.

Interruption Marketing VS Permission Marketing

Companies spend a high amount of money on marketing so that they can grow their brands and increase sales.

DiGiTaL GuRu: Interruption Marketing Vs. Permission Marketing

Thus It is very necessary for them so that they can find a better mixture of marketing strategies or Techniques that are beneficial for them

These Techniques tend to fall into two camps

1. Interruption Marketing

2. Permission Marketing

Interruption Marketing 

This is a marketing activity which disturbs the viewer’s attention or focus. The main goal of this interruption marketing is only to capture the focus or to capture the people’s attention to produce the interest of your product which you are advertising.

Media Used of Interruption Marketing 

  • A. Billboards
  • B. Yellow Pages Ads
  • C. TV commercials
  • D. Radio Spots
  • E. Magazines
  • F. Newspapers
  • G. Sales Flyers
  • H. Telemarketing
  • I. Spam or all the traditions once.

Pros of Interruption Marketing

There is only once that is only quick results 

Cons of Interruption Marketing

1. Annoyance:- A Lot of spam mails are you get deals as an example of that.

2. Lack of Target Audience:- Those spam emails are most of them are not meant for you.

3. Expensive:- Because you are sending a lot of messages to a lot of people who are not exactly your target audience, which leads to low ROI.

However, there are ways to make your tactics less annoying or abrasive to win customers.

An example would be Closable Popup Ads and an option to unsubscribe to your spam mails.

Permission Marketing

Permission Marketing is a marketing activity where you receive the privilege of permission to deliver anticipated, personalized or any relevant messages to the customers that means the real permission not just presumed permission.

Permission Marketing – Benefits, Strategies & Examples | Marketing Tutor
For Examples

1. Opt-In Emails wherein you give your email ids yourself to the company to receive opt-in about your favourite product or service

2. RSS Feeds:- This is very famous and very effective.

3. Loyalty Cards

Pros of Permission Marketing

1. Cost Effectiveness:- You know your target audience and you are talking to them.

2. High Conversion Rates:- Because they are already interested.

3. Personalized/Targeted Traffic

4. Long Term Relationships

Cons of Permission Marketing

1. Slow Results:- Yes it takes a lot of times to identify your real targeted audience and talk to them.

Interruption Marketing has been around for many years But Slowly and gradually permission marketing is taking over the scene.

Permission Marketing Strategies

The core marketing tool related to Permission Marketing is Email.

10 Non-Profit Marketing Strategies From Companies | SEJ

Thinking about it back in 1999, email was a big topic especially for marketers but it is still valid today and there is more than one way to capture someone’s information.

But allowing people to permit you before you start marketing to them.

Increases the relationship between you and the customer.

It allows us to create a more personalized experience for the customer when we market to them.

We have their Information and when we are given their information, we are giving them a promise.

When people give you their information they are showing a sign of trust and your part of the bargain is to be trustworthy

And a part of that agreement is to give them what is promised for that information.

Another important part of receiving that information is to give your customers a more personalized experience.

Don’t spam them, use this information to give them a great experience, help them enjoy the relationship, not regret giving you any information at all such as their name and email.

The fact is click-through rate and conversions as well as relationships with your customers much stronger with opt-in vs opt-out.

One of the best ways to earn emails and information is to offer something of high value such as an e-book or a white paper or maybe a free month subscription.

Now your company newsletter, It’s not the best option, Yes some people will opt-in but some people don’t care about your newsletter.

Because in most cases the company newsletter is all about you, They are more concerned about finding something that benefits them.

Permission Marketing is a long term play and it’s up to you to keep in touch and nurture that relationship.

It’s important to regularly reach out don’t let that relationship die it can happen,

But you can also ruin the relationship by offering information products, ideas, services anything that they didn’t ask for it,

In other words, you are spamming them to make sure the relationship stays on track based on the promise you provided.

These days email lists are even more valuable because we can upload them to social media platforms such as Facebook or even Good and advertise to our list through those platforms

But the thing is we have to remember that quote that’s even more relevant today and that is our customers want to feel understood not watched.

The key to using those tools is to let people know exactly what they’re in for when they opt-in to your lists.

Permission marketing doesn’t just mean emails, People can opt-in in many different ways, they can opt into an RSS feed like your blog they can opt into an SMS campaign and receive the text they can also opt into loyalty programs such as loyalty card

9 Steps to Run an Effective SMS Marketing Campaign

Before you encourage people to opt-in to your email lists, RSS Feed or loyalty program, you need to think through, what is that relationship entails, what is it like for the customer, what will the relationship look like in a week or a month or a year from now

So make sure you develop a plan around your opt-in campaign well beyond just collecting data

Remember you have spent time and money to earn the trust of those people that are giving you their data.

You spent money on developing the campaigns, you want to make sure you’re getting a positive ROI for your time and effort.

Now if there are multiple places where people can opt-in to your list, be sure to segment your list based on how they found you or the topics in which they’re interested in.

Levels of Permission Marketing

There are main Top 5 levels of permission marketing which is fully described below a step by step


Intravenous is the mechanism where it’s automatic replenishment.

Now you are going to ask yourself what industries do this well and unquestionably the gym membership does this well.

You know what I am talking about, they get your credit cards, they put you on direct debits and they charge you x amount of dollars per month

And it’s brilliant because you make money while you’re sleeping, it is insane.

Even though you may not use the gym, you’re still being charged for that gym membership that is what is called intravenous automatic replenishment

That is the highest level of Marketing where people have allowed you to charge them ongoingly without you ever stopping to do that because they are getting so much value,

Because you are making it so easy and making it so affordable great model to have,

If you could build that into your business then it is fantastic,

Sometimes in IT companies, it’s called software contracts on ongoing maintenance or things where you charge them a retainer just to keep peace of mind brilliant.

Case Study: Points – On-Prem Infrastructure thanks to Software Storage |  Quobyte

It is that where loyalty programs use rewards so what you’re doing is you’re engaging in commission marketing based on loyalty.

Loyalty then leads to commitment but that loyalty program is giving the customer some reason to maintain that loyalty,

It is not just based on liking, It’s based on what’s in it for me.

And I would strongly suggest you try to develop some sort of loyalty program and your loyalty programs do not have to be Business to Consumer (b2c),

They can quite easily be business to business things like rebates stretch targets if you achieve a certain volume then it will give you X amount of dollars, they are brilliant programs of loyalty.


People allow you to do business with you based on this marketing that based on Relationships, you have developed over time,

Because people buy you before they buy your product or service.

How to Build Brand Trust - How To Build a Brand

Permission is based on the credibility of your Brand, 

Brand kike Apple, Brand like so many brands like Panasonic brands like Holden that reinforce the security which is involved in buying a product or service is a level of permission,

It’s not the highest level but it is a level of permission.


This is the lowest level of actual permission is when you go up to people and you see this in retail,

Where people say to you”May I Help You”

It’s not the best level because it is very much based on the situation, it’s very much based on an event,

But would certainly be the lowest level of permission, So guys I just wanted you to think about those five levels of permission, I want you to take the step of how to move from low to high,

Because where we want to go is a point where I am clipping the ticket, I am earning money while I sleep. That is a brilliant process.


So I hope that you have now learned about the full ultimate guide of permission marketing. In which step by step points are discussed with the help of examples.

Now you can apply this strategy in your Business.


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