MATRIX ORGANISATION – Everything about Matrix?

Do you want to know what is Matrix Organisation? We all know that in today’s highly competitive world a company must be well organized, and also, we can say that it should be a good organisation. There are different type of organisations that are Hierarchical structure, Horizontal/Flat Structure, Network Structure, etc., but today we are going to know about Matrix Organisation.


What Is Matrix Organisation?

The Matrix Organisation was firstly developed in the united states in the early 1960s. At that time there was very much struggle going on for managing an organization.

This is the type of organisation where project managers work in close co-operation with departmental heads. So, here I am going to provide a table below which easily solves your doubts regarding this.

To solve this type of management problems an organization should be well organized. Firstly, it was used in the aerospace industry. It is the type of organisation that uses two or more co-existing structure for their work done. 

type of organisation

Here we can see that the department managers flow downwards and project managers flow across, there by they forming a grid of rectangles array, which we called a  matrix organisation.

From here we also know that in this organization, the members have to report two bosses which are the dept manager and the project manager.

 So, whatever the task or assignments are given to them they have to show both managers.

 Also, we can say this structure is a two-boss structure because of the working style.


Some unique features are there in this type of organisation, which creates a lot of differences between others. 

Hybrid structure- Organisation

It has a hybrid structure because of a combination of two or more organisation structures as we can see in the diagram.

Responsibility of project managers- Organisation

Here project managers also assign with the administrative works related to the assignments such as They have to decide what is to be done and how much time taken.

They also have to coordinate the activities with other members. It is also responsible for scheduling work.

Responsibility of Functional Managers- Organisation

The functional managers have responsibility for functional aspects of a project such as
It have to decide how the work to be done.
They also assign duties to other members who are in the project.

The problem of Unity of command- Organisation

Members should receive orders from two bosses e.g. project and dept manager.

Suitability- Organisation

It is the type of organisation which is very useful for multi-project.  Like if anywhere there is a construction of several buildings in different areas at the same time, then it is done smoothly. 

Where the project manager is monitored with the support from departments.

Specialization- Organisation

In the organisation, there are different specialization. Like project manager concentrate on the administrative aspect and similarly dept managers focus on the technical part .


Every organization structure has some pros and cons, so here we goanna start with the advantages of matrix organization

Helps in to concentrate on strategic planning-

Here in this system, every task is divided into two bosses. So, it is very beneficial for top management to devote time to making strategic planning for their projects.

Quick response at the time of change in environment- 

It is a type of organization that can run several projects in a single frame of time. 

So, if they’re in the future if any mishappening due to change in the environment then it tends to make quick decisions at that time.

Development of Skills- Matrix Organisation

This system helps various employees to improve their knowledge and skills also, which ultimately helps them to handle difficult tasks in various projects.

Specialization- Matrix Organisation

Here we can say that this generates benefits of specialization. Why we say that because we see that the project manager works on administrative aspects and dept managers work on technical aspects.

Motivation- Matrix Organisation

In a matrix organisation, every person or employee works as a team to challenge in projects which enable them to motivate and also perform better.

Higher Efficiency 

As we know that in matrix organisation give us higher efficiency because in this all the decisions are taken by experts and seniors of that the company which enables higher returns with low costs.

Interdepartmental cooperation 

This organisation system enables us to work together in a group.

Proper Use of Resources

This system makes us possible to use most of the human as well as physical resources.

types of matrix structure


Every organisation or system is not 100% good. So, after completing all advantages. Let’s talk about some disadvantages also. So, following are the disadvantages or matrix organisation-

Increase in workload

In this type of organisation, lots of workload or pressure is there, due to the addition of responsibility.

Absence of unity in command

As we know there were two bosses, which create employees to report both of them, which ultimately ignores the unity of command.

Balance difficulty

Generally, it is seen that there was lots of difficulty in handling the balance between the administrative and technical ones

Shifting of responsibility

Sometimes project manager may shift their responsibility to departmental bosses.

High operational costs

This is one of the expensive organisations. Due to the two diff bosses, the number of meetings and paperwork will increase.

Power struggle

It is quite important to look at both the bosses because everyone wants their interest and due to this, there is also a conflict between power struggle.

Complex in nature

This type of organisation is the most complex.

Morale issues

In this type of organisation, it also happens that it affects the morals of the employee, Because every time they have to shift or adjust in different projects under different bosses.

Matrix Organisational Structure Roles and Responsibilities-

There are some roles and responsibilities which are there in the matrix organisation

Matrix Leader

The matrix should always be led by a company’s head or the CEO.

Matrix Managers

This Matrix manager should always work under the CEO.

They are those persons who are always taking care of their matrix employees.

Matrix Employees

 All those peoples who work under two bosses (project and department).

Types of Matrix Structure

There are different types of structure, which also can be created with the needs of the organisation. 

There are three different types of matrix structure, they are differentiated in terms of the distribution of power and authority.

Functional or Weak Matrix Organisation

As the name suggests functional, which means here all the major controls over budget and resources are taken care of by the functional department of the company.

Strong Matrix Organisation

In this, a project manager has lots of authority in terms of budget, planning. Also, project managers have higher decision-making authority.

Balanced Matrix Organisation

Proper coordination of tasks, budgets, decision making, planning everything distributes equally to the project as well as department managers.

Guidelines for Making Management Effective

  1. Certain guidelines are there for the matrix organisation effective to implemen
  2. Try to always make an objective of a project or assignment.
  3. Always try to short out or clear the responsibilities, authority, and work of a particular manager and employees.
  4. Always try to get suggestions and feedback from the employee or managers knowledge, don’t try to get by their rank.
  5. Try to divide equal authority for both project and functional managers.
  6. The leader of any task or project should be the experienced and knowledgeable manager of the organisation. Don’t choose by popularity.
  7. Always try to put proper cost, terms, and quality controls standards on time. try to avoid delay, and update in frequent intervals of time.
  8. With the small interval of time try to give some bonuses and reward for the managers and employee, which create a positive environment to work. And also, they motivate to work.


Basically, natrix organization is all about the organisation which uses two or more co-existing structure for their work done. This is the type of organisation where project managers work in close co-operation with departmental heads. So, the matrix members have to report two bosses which are the dept manage and project manager. 

So, whatever the task or assignments are given to them they have to show both managers. Also, we can say this structure is a two-boss structure because of the working style.

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