4 Left brain marketing- Power of left-brain

Left brain marketing- Power of left-brain Everyone has a style of thinking and have their perspective. When it comes to choosing something, individuals use their thinking power and act. But we work as our brain tells us. As we all know, our right and the left brain thinks, and we act.

If a person is right-brain dominant, then he would like something creative. But, left-brain thinkers would choose something that us more logical. This affects businesses as they can target.

If you also want to target left-brain thinkers, then I have given a complete guide on how it works.

What is left brain marketing?

Left brain marketing is marketing to target people who are more practical and logical thinkers. Moreover, It is an internal strategy to advertise people who value the organisation over creativity.

For example, in a commercial ad on television, left-brain marketers will target people where a man is speaking in a distinctive voice telling statistics about a company or products.

In marketing, it’s very important to create your buyer’s persona and to state whether they are left-brain dominant or right brain.

How right and left brain thinkers market differently - The American Genius

According to science, left-brain people are practical, methodical, and they “live in real-world.”

Left brain people think to motivate the right brain people to take specific actions. Remaining brain people are good at analysing Information to see what works and whatnot.

They usually examine data like personal or anecdotal Information to determine what people already do.

They respond best to data, statistics, and tend to come up with solutions that would be the best choice.

Left brain thinkers tend to be great problem solvers, and they direct customers to the decision they already have been heading.

Someone whose personality is left-brain orientated, tend to be good at math and science.

How will left-brain marketing help your business?

If you want to target people who are left-brain orientated, then they will be more interested in things that prove themselves useful. They love something better than in competition through statistics and examples.

How to use left-brain marketing for your customers?

It’s recommended to use left-brain marketing for left-brain orientated customers. According to statistics, Men tend to be more left-brain orientated. It’s noted that females can switch very fast between the left and right brain.

You may have noticed that females are more confused while buying than men.

Still, men tend to be more logical thinkers.

Left Brain + Right Brain = Marketing Success

Men are considered as left-brain dominant. But, women are known to switch between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Men choose more logical tasks, like Car Care, boating, fishing, and home improvement. So, the products related to these tasks can market men’s for better conversion.

When it comes to technology, men are always a prime target for marketing. You can use left-brain marketing in technology by cool mobile applications and other features like third-generation (3G) or (4G) fourth-generation network.

For example, if you advertise through printing, then you can use the bold font, show product with neutral colours. You can also use a white background.

For example, for website advertising, use a left-brain marketing strategy to use QR codes to take your customers to show extra Information. Also, you can add Information facts about your products.

Both right and left brain marketing are essential to selling a product because sometimes facts and statistics cannot sell a product. Sometimes customer’s brains switch from left to right brain. Thus, it’s important to target both brains at the same time. You can use left-brain marketing, but you will still have to add some right-brain marketing strategies as well.

Omit, your main goal is to understand and add both styles of advertising.

Examples of left-brain customers

You can use a landing page, mail, or selling channel that provides your customer with proper Information, data, and statistics.

These Left brain marketing strategies will help a customer to convert.

Your content should be a perfect mix of Information and a touch of emotions at the end. You should avoid throwing out Information. Instead, try to keep it engaging and call to action-driven.

Left-Brained vs. Right-Brained Marketing

Left brain marketing is driven by facts. But, right-brain marketing is focused on creative and emotional factors. If you combine both right and left brain marketing strategies, then you will be able to make big sales.

American Honda also uses left-brain marketing by not focusing on ” excitement of driving,” and in 2009, it released the series “Dream the impossible” series. They put small documentaries on their website to increase their reputation. Also, Honda uses Event Transition Network and other management tools for marketing.

Characteristics of left-brain people

Left brain marketing strategies to approach your customers

Selling to both right or left brain customers have a different process. But, you need to appeal both brain hemispheres while marketing.

As you know, every customer has different choices, perspectives, and buying patterns. You have higher chances of converting a customer through proper marketing.

Many strategies of left-brain marketing will help you to convert a customer.


Make it logic-based- If you need to target a left-brain person, then you need to change your sales pitch a bit. You should make a logic-based pitch that will target his left brain and then move him to an emotional place to target his right brain.

As a marketer, you need to appeal both his brains and move him to the end goal of generating a lead.

Interpret Information to your readers, listeners, and viewers. Don’t throw out Information; try to generate a response.

Here are some left-brain marketing strategies to generate a sale-

You need to market the benefits and how the product is beneficial for them.

Quotes about Right brain left brain (67 quotes)

Giving a guarantee for 30 days or 60 days always works for left-brain people. They always buy after logical thinking and calculating.

You can give them a money-back guarantee or lifetime guarantee.

Try to make a difference or break down the price. Make it relatable and logical.

Now, you have targeted your customer’s left brain move to his emotional place—an important last step to generate a sale.

Target right brain with these simple tricks-

Three tips with examples on how to appeal logical left brain

As your customer is more logical and realistic, try to sell through facts, data points, and relevant Information.


Check out how some big companies used Left brain marketing strategies.

Be realistic- Emphasize more on practicality and explain the tangible impact of the key points in the purchasing journey. Prove your potential customers that your product is the best and try to rectify all their doubts.

Try to make a buyer’s persona and try to find key points in their purchasing journey.

For example, Nissan used the left-brain marketing strategy to appeal to their potential customers. In February 2000, Nissan launched its Electric cars. But, the customers were thinking it impractical to own an electric vehicle. After they realised they changed their strategy and offered a 24-hour test drive. They gave many offers and free charging and roadside help on buy.

You can also use this left-brain marketing strategy in your business.

Use data and statistics- show tangible results.

Tapping the Left Brain - LANG 508 Socio - Psycholinguistics

According to HubSpot, companies that use data and analytics improve marketing by 15-20%. Compare sales and numbers with top competitors.

This factual Information will target the left brain and increase the chance of a conversion.

Analyse your customer- While a customer is buying, they go through a purchasing journey. You need to understand this journey and check what’s working and what’s not.

If something is not working, it’s important to recognise what’s not working.

Left brain marketing campaign- Identify your customer purchasing path

A left-brain marketing campaign will be effective to understand customer needs and wants. The first goal is to understand the product itself.

Marketing Data Analyst will help you to analyse marketing data.

Left brain marketers focus on data, statistics, behaviour, purchases, and identify the point of influence.

Throughout the plan, marketers try to identify how to convert. the method is defined with different geographic, place, and mixed media of interaction.

Sensory Branding - MULTISENSING+

Right brain marketers will try to focus on more creative angles and present products creatively and amazingly. But, the left-brain marketing strategy is focused on keeping it logical and straightforward.

Left-brain marketing is measured by the bottom line. How many clicks and how much traffic a website gets? is determined.

Careers options that work with left-brain marketing strategies?

Marketing managers interact with customers and the marketing team. They also interact with accountants, designers, and analysts. Marketing managers estimate services and track trends in the market.

Marketing managers can expect a salary of $116,010. Managers should know market research, computer science, and consumer behaviour.

2. Market research Analyst

The market analyst gathers data about customers like behaviour and attitude. They collect statistical data and click through and response rates. For left-brain marketing, Market analysts check the responses of customers.

They meet a Bachelor’s degree in market research.

3. Media Analyst

Media Analyst refines according to media channels. They make use of the internet, video, prints to advertise. And also helps in branding, advertising, and checks the practical features of a product. They gather statistical data about customers and brands to attract customers through left-brain marketing.


A marketer is not a marketer if he doesn’t know how to play with human psychology. Marketing
is all about psychology. A good story, a good video, good graphics always hooked us, storytelling marketing is more
powerful than the normal banner ads. As a marketer we must understand the people on the other side who consumed our content, we always asked the question to ourselves how this content impacts the psychology of the
consumers. It’s not possible to get 100% success for the first time, but the more we experiment
then the more we clear our buyer persona.


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