Intentional Change Theory – Achieving Manageable, Meaningful Change

Many people want to change themselves and also make efforts to change. But eventually, they can’t succeed and again started with old habits or methods or whatever they wanted. The intentional change theory helps in such conditions.

So to bring the desire and needful change for an individual, team, organization, business owners, also even for students is a difficult process and one can’t easily achieve it.

That change can be the study plan for students or skills, beliefs, mindset and behaviors of the professionals.

It will be like initiating and failing again initiating and failing which never completes and we don’t get the results change we want.

The change we want is dependent on one mindset, if one from deep inside doesn’t think that I want this change anyhow, also his desire to become something else but he tries to change something else depends on failing the change process. Also, the change he or she is doing is not his cup of tea.

So for that one should have to prepare a chart of what he wants to be, what he desires or what he likes to be.

So in this blog, I will explain to you about the Intentional Change theory which will help you to make your changes happen which you want by reflecting your life and work style.

By focusing on your strong and weak areas, the method of learning, experiment with the plan by applying, and also with the help of relations you have.


Creating Ideal Vision 

Creating Ideal Vision

The process of intentional change begins with the thought of what we want to be in the future. Along with discovering what position we want, our thoughts, and values.

One should have a clear state of mind in deciding what they want by self-discovering we will know the actual gap between actually who we are and what we desire to be. By observing your dreams, aspirations, burning desire, along with the shorter and longer duration goals.

One should know about what brings happiness and enthusiasm in life and eliminate the things that you don’t feel excited about.

Even if the things you like are different from the current one you should follow it and take a new path following the dreams.

Generally, think of the person you admire or you want to be, if possible make them your mentor and start learning life improvement skills with them.

 We have to create an image of our future just like professional icons do in business sectors.

They used their images of their own executing the action plan by keeping the goal end in mind.

If you use your future image in changing methods then you might create a more committed level.

After you understand what you want note it down as a note or assignment. Some things you desire might not be achievable now but you have given time till the end.

Checking the real self

intentional change theory helps in self-realisation

After deciding the ideal self, now it’s time to know how ideal matches the real one by looking over the real self.

Understand the current scenario of your life and the perceptions of others about you as a person.

The real self can be known by asking the question to self like:

What things to do generally? , What image do I have currently? , How do I react to particular things? and how am I describing right now?

The image we have currently is might be a combination of your thoughts and inner self along with the feedback about us from others we get which eventually changed us.

Generally, knowing our strengths and weak points is difficult to understand properly. As we are busy noticing and listening to what others see about us, or we are not able to judge ourselves properly.

You should have a clear sense of yourself by considering the values you have.

It’s important to know your good side and bad side as without it is impossible to have an initial point of ITC method.

To know these things you can use various methods and tactics like SWOT analysis.

Another important thing you can do is by having feedback from various people.

One can start by taking feedback from their co-workers, team leaders, colleagues from different departments and areas.

Also, you can receive feedback from your friends, families, relatives, and neighbors.

The feedback should be taken concerning the proper opportunities and timing so you can get a proper and genuine review.

You can’t force them directly or indirectly to review you the way you want.

Later, after receiving the answer, don’t argue, just respect their views and start thinking about the reasons for it.

Developing a Learning Plan

Learning Plan for change theory

After you get to know the ideal and the real self of your own. The third step of the intentional change theory is creating a learning plan or action plan.

Once you have defined it you get to know the gap between the future and present.

Still, you are not able to understand the difference between them, let me explain to you by an example.

Take a pen and paper, draw two Venn diagrams, write all the things you want to be in 1st circle, and write your entire present scenario in the 2nd circle.

Now see how many things are common in both, that are overlapping. The things that are overlapping are already achieved, and the things which are not overlapping need to be worked on first.

By noticing this you understand what you lack to achieve the change so you have a clear view.

Now you think about things you need to do to reach the future self and create a plan by understanding the style of learning you have.

The plan about change is created according to your standard and strength with the hope of improvement along with choosing the SMART goals.

By learning various course of self-development and attending various seminars you can make yourself more clear about the plan

You should follow your idol or take help from a mentor or coach that might be your boss, parents, friends, relatives, your colleagues. Who can help you in guiding the direction and keep you motivated?

In short, this learning plan will give the direction to the change you want for a long time.

Experiment with the Plan and Keep Learning new things.

Experiment with the Plan and Keep Learning new things.

After you have created a plan or agenda, it’s time to take action by moving in the alignment of changing yourself.

Generally, the action and experimenting varies according to the goals of individuals or team.

You can experiment with your behavior, the way of thinking, mindset, attitude, and a new style of working.

The experiment about new different things should be done a safe environment,

The safe environment means where you feel less embracement or where

you feel comfortable which leads the experiment to be more effective.

Make sure while experimenting with your words, attitude, and behavior it can hurt one’s values and sentiments.

After experimenting see the reflection of it if you failed on it, see where you lack improvise and try again, see the reflection again.

I suggest you keep on repeating until you achieve the change you want.

Never get disappointment with failures, learn from mistake and keep 

learning and have mastery. 

Relationships which support us

Relationships which support us during intentional change theory

Remember you don’t have to do the intentional change theory on your own, take help and support from resonant relationships and trusting relationships.

Every big person who is now at the top of the heights in career is only because of the support they get.

In these crucial things, I suggest taking guidance from relationships and groups which are honest and important. You should take advice, share the learning agenda with them, and make them a part of your change.

You can do this by knowing their views and feedback which can lead you to the best way.

They can be your friends, relatives, boss, mentor, parents, and many who are important to you.

They can motivate you in your failures and keep you on the right track.

One should never stop learning, you can keep the track and do the intentional change periodically.


In this post we learn about Intentional Change Theory – Achieving Manageable, Meaningful Change and we deeply explain Creating Ideal Vision, checking the real self, developing a learning plan, experiment with the plan and keep learning new things and relationships which support us.

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