Integrity- How to Preserve it?

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5 essential behaviour to preserve integrity

Integrity is a term that means being honest or being consistent with ethical principle and values. There are 5 essential behaviors that can help you to preserve integrity as a leader.

Every time we look at all the successful leaders or entrepreneurs, the one thing which defines or we can say that making a difference is Integrity. If they don’t have Integrity, then you can say that their career ends too early.


What is Integrity?

Integrity is speaking truth

Integrity means being honest or being consistent with strong ethical principle and values. You can not develop integrity in yourself overnight, it already exactly.

Honesty is also true to yourself in whatever the situation.

It always seen and also written by great peoples if you live your life with Integrity you can achieve anything in life and also face challenges confidently. 

But adopting Integrity is not so easy because sometimes you may feel comfortable doing things that are better for you or sometimes not.

Be always hones becausen with selfish nature you are not goanna anywhere, and at last, you always have to show Integrity to others so why you can’t show it in begining.

Example of Integrity

So let’s understand Integrity with an example, assume that you are an employee of a multinational e-commerce company.

Every day you work hard and give your blood and sweat for one thing, which is customer satisfaction.

In the company, every time lots of orders place by the customers and lots of delivery is also processed through the warehouse. 

After the warehouse, the product is directly hand over to a shipping company that was tied up to the company. 

One day your boss calls you in their office. And after reaching in the office you come to know that there was a small issue is going on. 

Your boss tells you that there is a costly and imported product of a customer is slightly broken by our warehouse peoples, but don’t worry we blame this whole to the shipping company that they don’t take care of the product during the delivery and we are safe.

At that time, you also try to tell the boss that it is wrong that we are playing to the emotions of the customers.

And suddenly your boss scolds you and told just shut up, there is not a massive loss for the customers and also the damage is too small to acknowledge, and also the customers never get any quality issue, so why you think so much.

Don’t worry if the customer complains we take of the product by claiming the damage is through the shipping company. 

This is the whole story which is happening daily in different parts of our country.

So, after understanding the example let’s start to know in details that what is Integrity and how to preserve them?

Why Is Integrity Important?

Importancy of Integrity

There are main reasons for that which shows why is Integrity important. If we apply and develop Integrity in our day to day life, then it helps to save our energy and time which are always spend on thinking and questioning ourselves what is right and what is wrong. 

After developing this art, we always start to listen to our heart in every complicated situation and ultimately our life becomes easy and smooth also helps in not to do hide anyone and always confident in every task of life.

Integrity helps us with success in life. If we do our day to day work with Integrity, it shows our honesty which allows you to get promotion and growth.

After applying integrity concepts, you are going to be more ethical and humbler toward others, and every organisation always wants someone trustworthy in their senior management positions, which also deals with the problem with ease and patience. 

Integrity also helps you to become role models of others because of your nature of humble, ethics, and also trustworthiness.

How to Develop and Preserve Integrity

There are specific steps which we have to follow to develop as well as to preserve Integrity in a long time. If you have taken a single wrong step in your life, then your whole Integrity is goanna be at stake. So, let’s start to know the steps which help us to preserve and develops Integrity are-

Always try to define your values

From your childhood everywhere lots of values are given to you, but some benefits which are good and some are not that important.

So always try to make a note of all values which you want to take and believe, and does not going to change in the future or comprise it whatever the situation comes to you.

Always try to analyze what is right and bad choices You Make-

In this particular step, I want to add somethings like whenever we feel no one looking at us we take wrong decisions, which pay us a lot afterwards.

So always take your choices seriously, it doesn’t matter if anyone is looking at you or not. Decide with so much faith and honest, that after making a decision, you are not going to regret your choice whether your success or failure.

Whenever you have to make choices analyze all the thoughts that are coming into your mind and examine weather they are good or not. Also ask yourself that what will be the consequences after making your decision.

Here I want you to tell that Integrity is seen by many people with their behaviour. They have lots of collective action like all are humble, self-confident, their self-esteem is also high and so on.

These characters are essential in day to day life because sometimes you are also in an intense pressure situation, where everyone feels the heat but you calm and compose to take the right decision after understanding it.

Always try to develop this character within yourself, so that you gain lots of confidence and self-esteem. And also spend some time with yourself, to know better of yourself and also becomes better every day.

 Always try to be the great version of yours.

What are those 5 Essential Behaviours You Need to Maintain Your Integrity as a Leader?

If you see in an organisation, a leader is always a person who is more honest and trustworthy for the company. His behaviours should also be useful to other fellow employees.

But it is also seen frequently that the leader does not take any of this, and he suffers a lot. So due to this, I want to give you five behaviours which should take care of by a leader.

1. Always try to Keeping your word correctly

It means if you tell or give a promise at a particular time, do that on time. Do not procrastinate.

2. Try to Make fair decisions.

It indicates that don’t be in a hurry to making decisions, always take your time and analyse it, and then give it.

3. Always try to Practicing non-judgment

 It means do not be a bold leader. Try to be a soft one who listens to everyone and have some sympathy towards their employee. Don’t take a decision directly, take some time and know the problem.

4. Try to Give credits

Here it only means don’t be a selfish leader, try to give the credits to your team members where needed.

5. Always try to Communicate honestly

With honesty, everything looks good and pure.

Try to adopt this quality in the company and make everyone feel good and makes the office environment suitable, and also efficiency increases.

5 essential behaviours to preserve integrity


Integrity is known as Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character, honesty. Integrity is a state of being whole, entire or undiminished. Integrity is also called a sound, unimpaired or perfect condition.

If you see this definition which is told by random house looks very fancy. But as compare to our day to day life, it is quite different and complex.

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