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improve memory

In Today’s world retaining memory is a challenging part and every day to day routine work need memory to perform the task. I would like to share some tips that will improve your memory and get rid of forgetfulness.


The issue of poor memory and forgetfulness

poor memory and forgetfulness

Quite times, dealing with problems related to weak memory is not a major issue and can be considered normal. But if this problem is getting deeper, then you should not take it lightly, and start looking for the reasons for this forgetfulness, and also look for some memory improvement techniques.

Not only for people dealing with the issue of forgetfulness, but strong memory is something which everyone should look forward to opting for. And when you can strengthen-up your memory with simple techniques, you should follow those habits so that you don’t have to deal with weak memory problems in the future.

In this blog, I’ll be sharing with you some of the most common reasons which ultimately leads to cause the issue of poor memory. Along with this, I’ll also share some of the memory improvement techniques that you can follow to strengthen and improve your memory power.

Common Reasons for Declining Memory Power

Forgetfulness is not an uncommon thing nowadays. Although it exists from many years back, if we look a decade back, the problem of forgetfulness or low memory is something that starts getting triggered concerning age. And if we talk about today’s scenario, then many people, even not much aged, have experienced this problem.

Talking at a level of the whole, several factors play a role in the problem of memory loss. Some of the most common reasons in today’s time causing this problem are as given below:

1. Lack of Sleep

Lack of Sleep improve your memory

Not taking enough amount of sound sleep is the most common reason because of which many people start feeling inactive at both physical as well as mental level. Such mental inactiveness also results in weakening the memory power of an individual.

2. Taking more Stress and Workload

If the workload is not managed in the way it should be, then it’ll become the sign of a poor mental state of an individual. Taking too much workload causes stress and anxiety, and both of these are among the reasons for low memory power.

3. Improper Medications

Several medications affect your memory in a bad manner. Such medicinal drugs affect your brain in a way that restricts your mental horizons. If you also think that your medicines are causing some kind of memory issues to you, you must consult your doctor or physicist about it.

4. Alcohol

Among several ill-effects of Alcohol, one very common is that it leads to weak memory and poor ability of concentration. Alcohol and other drugs hit your brain hard. It makes you feel pleasurable for some time, but ultimately leave a very bad impact on your mind. An overdose of it is even more harmful to your mind.

5. Depression

forgetfulness needs to improve your memory

In today’s world, experiencing light depressions is not a big thing. People get busy in their day to day work lives. The pressure and load of work make a person feel like anxiety and depressed. Most people ignore such things, but actually, these things have a direct impact on your mind in a negative manner.

Now when you’re quite aware of the main reasons that cause problems regarding memory, in the same vein, you should also read forward to know the ways to improve your memory. Have a look!

Ways and Techniques to Improve your Memory

Some of you might be thinking that “Is it possible for someone to improve your memory?” Upon this, I would like to tell you that Yes, it is possible to improve your memory by following some research-backed proven techniques.

Several factors played their roles in affecting your memory. Some of those factors like age and genetics are beyond the control of an individual. But many of those factors are controllable and because of this, such factors should be avoided to make your memory stronger.

Here, I’m sharing with you some of the proven techniques and ways which you should follow. These memory improvement techniques will benefit you in strengthening your memory power and also in improving your mental state. It will also enhance your recall and retention time.

Move up with Regular Exercise

The human body needs exercise to work in a proper systematic manner. Regular exercise makes your body fresh and active, which also makes our mind active and fills it with positive energy. Our body is like a motor. If we do not regularly warm and use it, then this will make our body unusable after some time. So, exercise is a very effective way to maintain your good physical health, as it will also improve your mental health.

Take enough Sound sleep

Giving enough rest both to your mind as well as to your body is very essential. Improper sleep has various negative impacts on one’s mental health. As per the researches, 7-9 hours of deep and sound sleep is required for an individual to relax properly. So, try to manage your work in such a manner so that you will get enough time to take a full night’s rest. This will relax your mind so that it will boost your concentration, and ultimately improve your memory.

Lower your Alcohol Intake

Reduce alchol Intake to improve your memory

Alcohol is harmful both for your physical as well as mental health and negatively impacts your memory. It causes many minutes or even severe problems including mental illness and forgetfulness. It is highly recommended for you to drink less alcohol so that you can take care of your mental health, which will strengthen your brain and ultimately your memory power. Taking one or two drinks a week is okay, but you must also look for its limits so that it’ll not harm your body or mind.

Know What you are Eating

When you have a problem, only you have to work for its remedies. So, you should pay attention to what you should eat and what things you have to avoid. You should try to reduce your processed sugar intake. You can also avoid high-calorie diets as it will also improve your memory. One more effective and even tasty technique is that you can start eating dark chocolate. Dark chocolate and cocoa are very good for your brain and is a delicious and nutritious way that benefits your mental health.

Indulge in Brain Training exercises

There is no better way to sharpen your memory than to warm up and stretch your brain muscles by indulging in several brain training exercises. Same as workouts for your physical health, mental workouts are challenging and hence effective for the health of your brain. Start playing such games that will enhance and improve your memory and concentration. If not for much longer, do such exercises for just 15-20 minutes every day. These games and exercises will increase your memory power and also reduces the risk of several mental health-related problems.

Free up yourself to Meditate

Regularly taking up some time from your busy schedule for Meditation is a great technique to be followed. Not only for the ones experiencing any kind of memory lapses but for everyone, Meditation is something that seems to be very effective concerning your overall health, including both your physical well as mental health.


What are the main causes of the problem of memory lapses, either minute or severe. Ways and techniques that you should follow to get your things done right and improve your memory. The memory improvement techniques that I’ve mentioned and explained are scientific research-backed and also proven. So in the end, while winding things up, I also want to say that not only for those who are dealing with forgetfulness and other memory problems but these techniques are beneficial to everyone in maintain and improving his/her mental health.

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