How to use our time and resource?

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How to use our time and resource?

Time management means to manage and utilize time. But In simple language, we can say that making the list of work for the whole day and setting the deadline of every task according to time. So, The benefit of time management is that we will not waste our time and also use the time to do better in life.

The disadvantage of not falling into time management is that we have plenty of tasks and can’t do them in the stipulated time, As a result, We also feel stress.


1. Time management- preparation list

Top 10 ways for effective time management for the dental executive |  DentistryIQ

So, This tells us that we have to make a list of all the essential things for the day. Making a list will help us plan required time for the required Task. Sometimes there’s a lot of time and lots of work, hence this can be the method to solve this problem.

So, In simple language, we can say that making the list of works of the whole day and setting the deadline of every task according to time. Hence The benefit of time management is that we will not waste our time and also use the time to do better innovations and ideas.

So, The disadvantage of not falling time management is that we have plenty of tasks and can’t do it in insufficient time.

2. Delegation

Delegation means that you have made your list, and there is a specific task that others can also do. For example, if your task is the getting service done of the bike, you can give it to your family or friends. Hence, they will do it for you, It will make lessen burden and in that free time we can do other Tasks.

3. Classifying the work into urgent and important Table

So, you can classify the work into urgent and essential. Thus, It will help you to get a list of specific tasks that you have to do urgently. So we should categorize the job, and it will be easy for us to identify which work we have to do. Sometimes we also spend a lot of time doing the work which is essential but not urgent. For instance, We have to make a habit of classifying the work into necessary and critical. Thus, It will save time and lessen the burden.

For example, I can give you a Task, which is non-important but urgent. For instance if you are out and you want to call your mother and say that I am out and I will be staying out in my friend’s house. So this works chief, not urgent.

4. Ability to realize goals

6 tips to keep in mind on setting effective goals for your employees –  Xceed365

So, If we do proper time management, we have more time to spend in our daily lives. Most importantly, all successful people have managed to save their time and money. So, If we do not manage time, we will not be able to realize our goals and achieve them in life. Meanwhile, If we follow time management, we will be able to achieve our goal. Thus, that’s one of the essential benefits of managing time.

Although, We will end up losing the whole life. But having a successful person says that I want to succeed; we have to utilize the time. So we will waste the time we will end in losing our whole life. So, Please follow the time management to be successful in life.

5. Taking a break between tasks

Meanwhile, The necessary process of time management is taking a gap between tasks. This is necessary because we get good ideas from the brain, and we will do the Task without stress and burden. But Singing capability of and we will result in getting more and more useful results.

But the Times when the person doing the work will not be able to complete his work at the right time. It will work for the day. But will not get ideas from the brain, and sometimes the mind is full of stress, and a successful person says that doing the work the whole day is not the key to success.

Hence, It is the most common reason for depression and stress. And our mind will also not be a functional space while doing that work. It is essential to ask when our mind is at the peak, and the thinking capability of the brain is highest, so we will get more and more innovations in that work, and we will get good results. So if we want to be happy, we should be following the Funda of taking the gap between tasks.

So, It is an essential key to success in life and I will give you an example, and you will know more about this topic and its importance. For instance, Rahul is doing the work at night and has a lot of work and even can’t do that work at that time only so he will do the job in extra time and his brain will be full of stress, and he will not be able to complete that work thoroughly.

On the other hand, makers are doing the work in the morning. They are thinking on top, and he will do the job much better than Rahul and the devil also less stressful and less burden. So, Follow the habit of taking the gap between tasks and It will help you to succeed in life.

6. Organize yourself

organize-yourself | Organized Chaos Online

It means organizing our mind before doing any task. Meanwhile, Meant arranging yourself for any job and giving the mind instructions of doing that work at that time only. So, It will make your brain alert and more proactive, and you will get better results after doing that confidence and happy after doing that work in this fashion.

But we can say that arranging ourselves meals to arrange our mind according to that particular Task. So, Pause I can give you a better example to understand this topic. For instance, we are going to a wedding, and if we go ready, we have to wear clothes and That means we can say that we are arranging ourselves for the wedding and we can say the particular Task.

Successful persons always arrange themselves and their mind before a critical task. it’s not compulsory that we should organize ourselves on an outstanding job. We can also hold ourselves in small Tasks so we can get a habit of arranging ourselves in every Task. Some people don’t organize them before going to any task, and they think what we have to do in it. If we have arranged ourselves and our brain will not have to remember what we have to do. Just automatically, what in work we have to do for the Task. So prepare yourself in every small and big Task so that you can get a habit of arranging and organizing. This was an excellent process of conserving and utilizing the time.

7. Create a time audit

This is also an essential process of managing time. So, We can say it in simple language that creates a deadline, or we can say a time limit or audit for a Task. We have a habit of creating a time audit, not waste time, and preserve that time. Sometimes we do just 30 minutes in one or two hours.

We are spending that one or one and a half hours in that task only, but if we create a time audit, we can use that one and a half hours in doing other essential tasks. It will save and utilize our time. Milan stories of successful persons always complete the Task asks in the required time limit that doesn’t just waste time and the time they are left with. They utilize it in different Tasks.

I can give your example of how to understand this topic. Suppose Rahul thanks that he is doing the homework for 1 hour, but he does it in 2 to 3 hours. That’s the advantage of not following the time audit. The one who will develop time review and control of the time and utilize it to know more and more things and gain knowledge.

Sometimes we waste a lot of time watching television and phone, but instead of this, we should watch much knowledgeable staff on the phone like knowing about anything. This is the habit of every successful person. They stick the time limit and whatever the Task that completes in a time limit only. It means they are giving the main instructions that I don’t have to waste time. We have to complete the task at that time limit only.

The bread will act according to that only. There is thought that what you will put in your brain will reflect out if you will boating garbage in the garbage will come out, and if you are putting some good thing in a mind, the good stuff will come out. Main persons know about that thing, but no one follows that, and they just are wasting time.

8. Wasting time

The Biggest Ways You and Your Team May Be Wasting Time - Clarizen

This is the topic we don’t have to follow in time management. But almost 90% of the population supports this topic. This critical topic is wasting time. Every person is wasting their life in terrible things and is not putting that brain in good deeds.

Many people say that we do not deserve to be some success, and we are not. The time there is wasting, they don’t tell this to anyone—just being excuses that this was the problem and why can’t we do that task. Every person knows the importance of money, but no one or very few once see the importance of time. Everyone thinks that I will earn that much amount and that much amount, but no one believes that the time they waste is beyond the money.

The money you can bring back but the precious time you can’t bring back. That’s why some people are not successful, and successful people do not follow this topic at all. Don’t support this habit of wasting time under any circumstances. Many people say that I Don’t have this much facility but giving excuses is not the solution.

Finding the answer is a good thing, but giving the reason is not a good thing. Which is just saying that we don’t have many facilities, but we can think the successful person doesn’t have anything, but they struggle and they time innovatively? And then end up being the master of that thing and be successful.

You should take the education not to be successful but to be that deserving that you can be successful. Runoff behind the success does not come if you run behind the excellence the success will come in front of. So I am requesting everyone that don’t waste this precious time, please utilize this time to get anything innovative and many more things.

So there are two persons a and b 20 wrestling the whole time and watching TV and mobile phones, but utilizing the time and doing many more exciting things and innovations and realizing his passion. Who you think will be more successful is wasting the time of the person who is utilizing the time. An obvious answer is a person who is using the time.

Although I think you all have come to know about the importance of not wasting time. There is a marginal difference between successful and prosperous people. The successful one will not waste time. But the person who is not successful will spend his time. That’s the fundamental difference between successful and unsuccessful people.

9. Minimize distractions

This means eliminating the things which distract you from doing something. This is called distractions. The topic is minimizing directions around you. Should be ignored, thanks which district us. We always have a habit of saying mobile phones when we are doing an important task. So to minimize distraction, that is the mobile phone we should keep it away from us.

The word madness means the things which are stopping you from doing any work. So you may ask a question about how to be away from distractions. The answer is, don’t focus on the madness.

Only focus on the work; ultimately, you will be away from distractions. Many PayPal that there is much destruction around entertainment is nothing but their mental focus in that Task. But their mind is diverting them to another Task. Another way to be free from distraction and be focused is to meditate every morning.

If we are full of distractions, we cannot complete that work of the day, and we have to delay it tomorrow. That’s a waste of time half other, but if we are free from distractions can complete that work in that they only and we do not have to waste the time of tomorrow. If we are doing any work, we should create a peaceful environment.

We should work in a friendly environment free from distractions, and our minds will be at peace, and we can do that work well. So avoiding distractions is one of the most critical processes of time management.

10. Plan ahead

Planning is also an essential process of time management. This means planning before something or some task. In simple language, we can say anything we schedule before the time.

The successful persons always plan for the future. Planning habits is a good habit for getting success in life. Planning helps us to think about the future, what will happen, and what will not. I can tell you about the advantages of the plan.

Like we prepare before the time. Another example is that we are going to the wedding and we are wearing new clothes because we know that at the wedding we should wear new clothes, so we are planning ahead of time. Some people are there who already plan it ahead of time. Some people are there who waste time gossiping and end up failing in life.

Successful people always have a habit of planning ahead of time. It is also an excellent and the critical process of time management.

11. Batch similar Task together

Together | Netflix

Match similar tasks together to match the time of the same Task and do both Tasks at that particular time. It’s very important to categorize similar and non-similar Tasks. This is important because sometimes we do similar things separately and end up wasting time.

Dash well-developed your time and make you stressed, and your mind will not feel good also. This is the disadvantage of not doing something similar together. Now I am giving you one example. There are two boys, a and b. A bit of a similar dance together.

The birthday does it separately. So they will save it, and b will waste time. The benefits of doing similar tasks together will be less and utilize our time also. We can save time for other important tasks.

Do smart, not hard. This is a very famous and special thought. So we should have to do a similar Task together. So we can manage our stress and time. Although, here we have come to an end of our blog.


In Summary, we will conclude this with the blog with only own advice “Time should be used wisely today, tomorrow & Everyday”. The birthday does it separately. So they will save it, and b will waste time. The benefits of doing similar tasks together will be less and utilize our time also.

Although, We can save time for other important tasks. Also you can read our blog on Email Management – Managing Email Effectively -Strategies for Taming Your Inbox


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