How to Start a Day -Manage Morning When You’re Not a “Morning Person”

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How to Start a Day -Manage Morning When You’re Not a “Morning Person”

“Morning is an important time of day because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.” – Lemony Snicket

Do You want to know how to start a day with the beautiful morning routines? You may want a beautiful start of your day but you often can’t. You might be the non-morning person who loves to sleep more than to wake up in the morning and start your routines.

But you also know that it is important for us to have a good morning to have a very good day. So you want to become a morning person.

Initially, it is difficult to manage mornings if you are a non-morning person but I am here to

share some of my own experience which I have gained when I was struggling to get a very

good morning back then I used to be the same non-morning guy like you. So here I am going

to share how to start a day and how to become a morning person.


  1. Go to bed on time
  2. Prepare the day before
  3. Don’t snooze your alarm
  4. Quit putting strain to have your ideal morning
  5. Give start to some productive morning rituals
  6. Have light and healthy breakfast
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQ’s

Go to bed on time

How to start a day

If you want to get success on how to start a day early then you have to sleep on time

because sleep plays a vital role in how to become a morning person. If you are not able to

sleep on time then it is not possible to wake up early in the morning. Most people go to bed

late at night and they assume that they will wake up early in the morning but they can’t.

Further, if you go to bed late at night and still manage to wake up early then it will not be

beneficial since your body has not gotten proper rest. If you don’t get proper sleep at light

then it affects how to become a morning person.

Furthermore, before getting into bed I suggest you to not use any kind of mobile phone and

laptop because they emit blue rays which block the hormones called melatonin that make

you sleepy.

Prepare the day before

The main aim of waking up early in the morning is that you want to start your day with a

productive morning. Especially, if you are in the process of becoming a morning person

then you can get difficulties in managing the things needed to be done in the morning time.

So, I recommend you to prepare the things the day before. If you prepare the most

common things the day before then you will get enough time in the morning for your other

productive and useful work which eventually helps you to grow in your life. Also, it will help to

gain ideas on how to start a day.

The things you can prepare the day before can be;

  • Preparing clothes you want to wear the next day
  • Make a coffee or tea for the next morning
  • Arrange the files and documents that you are going to use the next day
  • Make a plan for the breakfast that you are going to have in next day

These are some of the preparations that I do before I go to bed which helped me a lot on

how to become a morning person. If you want to make some add then you can obviously add

more things according to your preferences. This will help you on how to start a day.

Don’t Snooze your Alarm

How to start a day

This is not only about how to start a day but it is also how to start a day early. We often set

multiple alarms on our mobile so that we can wake up on time. But you may have also

noticed that most of the time we snooze the alarm multiple times just only for some little sleep.

In the initial period, getting awake in just one alarm was very difficult for me also. But waking

up early is necessary on how to start a day. So, we have to build a habit to wake up in just one alarm.

I suggest you put your mobile in some distance so that you have to wake up from bed to stop

it. Recently, in markets, there are lots of alarms available which makes you get off from your bed to put it off. You can use one of those alarms.

The best thing I did to manage this problem was I used to connect the phone with the

speaker so that I could hear loud sounds and also I put that speaker in some distance where

I had to walk to turn off that speaker. Honestly, it helped me a lot.

Quit putting strain to have an ideal morning

If you are a non-morning person and you manage to wake up early in the morning, you

probably get confused on what to do and what not to do at that time. In that situation, we

often panic and end up doing nothing productive. We always think of the perfect morning

every day but in the search of perfection, we can only get pressure for a perfect morning.

The main aim of getting up early in the morning is to manage your morning in such a way

that it can make you have a good day but just after waking up if we get into the pressure,

obviously that’s not how to start a day.

You should not necessarily have perfect strict morning routines to start a good day but what

is necessary is to spend your time in productive work. It is not bad to have a specific morning

routine but if you are not comfortable with the strict rules and routines then you can simply do

whatever you want to do but it should be something productive.

Give a start to some productive morning rituals

After waking up and getting refreshed you can start your morning rituals. Remember, these

rituals must help you to make your day productive and peaceful. If we start our morning with

a peaceful mind then the prefrontal cortex of our mind which manages your logical thought

stops for the moment which helps us to overcome the overthinking problem. This period of

time is best for some of the best and productive work you want to do.

In your morning rituals, you can add those things which turn you on for the whole day. Here I

have suggested to you some of the morning rituals which you can follow. You can have your

own rituals but these are some rituals if you follow then it will be beneficial;

Light exercise

How to start a day

If you start your day with some light exercise like stretching, running etc then it will be

beneficial for your health as well as your whole day will become energetic and active. You

will not get any laziness if you do exercise for sometime in the morning. Also if you exercise

early in the morning then it will increase a protein called BDNF(Brain-Derived Neurotrophic

Factor) which helps to make new neurons connect in our mind.


With the help of meditation in the morning, you can refresh your mind and fill positive vibes in

you. It will help you to handle all the problems you are going to get all day. Mindful meditation

also helps you to control your anger and give peace inside you. That’s why I recommend you

to practice meditation early in the morning. If you are not a morning person then it will be the

best practice to start your morning with.


The next thing you can add in your morning rituals is an affirmation. Affirmation means

practising positive thinking and self-empowerment. With positive affirmation, you can

motivate yourself on what you want to achieve. It will provide positive thinking capacity

toward your goal and can increase a chance to get success. Further, being thankful to the

god by some praying is also a very good practice to make your soul pleasant which helps

you throughout the day.

Managing your to-do list

How to start a day

Another thing you can do in your morning ritual is to manage your to-do list. I mean to say

that you can list all of your works that you are going to do on that day. It helps a lot to

achieve your personal goals.

Managing your work on the list helps you to figure out how you can handle all those works. It

will lessen the pressure on you all day and your day will not be that much hectic. Moreover, it

will provide you with the idea of your workload. Sometimes many important works are missed

out just because we forget them but if you manage them in the to-do list then we can

remember our important work. That’s why I suggest you make your to-do list in the early


When you are not a morning person you might think of what to do when you get up early in

the morning. You would feel that there is no work to do but actually, it is not.

As we all know our brain has limited willpower in the day and researches show that in the

morning time we have full willpower to do something. So, in this period of time, we can do

those important things that can grow us.

Some of the things that you can do are:

  • Prepare for the office meeting
  • Complete the office project
  • Listen to the podcast, interviews etc
  • Read books, journals etc
  • Learn new skills and so on.
  • Evaluate potential mistake you can do in your goals

Have Light and Healthy Breakfast

How to start a day

Breakfast is also a very credential thing which helps to start a day. If you eat fresh, healthy

and light breakfast it will help you all day. You will stay healthy, positive and fresh with the

start of a good breakfast.

Most of the people neglect what they eat in the morning but I realised that food impacts our

all day works. Research shows that food not only impacts your physical health but also

impacts the mood of our brains. If we consume good food then it has more possibility that

our brain will function in a good mood and vice versa. So, I recommend you to have a good

healthy and light breakfast in the morning and start the day.


It is not a very big deal on how to become a morning person. Just you have to be persistent

and you should never quit the idea of becoming a morning person. This is obvious that it will

take some time but eventually, you will get success on how to start a day with beautiful

morning routines.

The ideas given above on how to become a morning person are those ideas which I had

followed and applied in my life. It is not necessary for you to apply the same plans but you

can take the idea for your own morning routines. I hope you get the idea for how to start a

day with a perfect morning.

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