How to Organize your life – 25 Tips to Declutter, Take Control, and Achieve More at Work

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How to Organize your life

Hello guys welcome to today’s blog, today we are going to talk about one of the most important

the topic of how you can be more organized in your life at your work and everywhere.

Because being organised is just not a habit which we have to build and so here I am presenting

you top skills which I have applied in my life and today sharing with you.

I would sure that these centric will help you to the better organized and taking control

to organize your life and achieve your goals. This is not a motivation theory but it’s the practical

advice from your brother. Experienced all those things and practically applied all those things.

So let’s begin today’s blog and see what we are going to face today and what we are going to

learn more about today.


1. Builds a Habits and Daily Routine

2. Maintain a Good Dairy for Everything

3. Write Everything Down And Don’t Rely On Your Memory

4. Make Schedules and Deadlines

5. Spend 3 to 5 Minutes on Your Meal Plan

6. Make Back-Ups Of Everything

7. Clean Up Regularly

8. Get A Money Management App

9. Recycle And Donate

10. Create a Task List or Checklist

11. Practice Putting Things Away Immediately

12. Create A List Of Your Passwords In A Safe App Or Offline File

13. Unsubscribe From Unread Email Newsletters, Magazines And Other Subscriptions

14. Invest in yourself.

15. Make it fun.

16. Back-up your phone and computer.

17. Unsubscribe from things.

18. Create Daily, Weekly And Monthly Schedules for Cleaning

19. Get A Task Management App on Your Smartphone

20. Create a Weekend Bucket List

21. Automate or Outsource

22. Declutter and Simplify

23. Prioritize Appropriately

24. Find Balance

25. Don’t Procrastinate

26. Conclusion

27. FAQ’s

Build habit and daily routine to organize your life

How to Organize life

Earlier people used to do meditation and yoga which helps them to become and clear about their

things. But in today’s life, we all are busy in two doing things and later or sooner we are missing

all those things. So today I am going to tell you like we have to build a habit and daily routine

involve each and everything.

Involving everything means, there should be things which in your way into the achievement of

physical targets, financial targets, and mental fitness. These are the three essentials to organize

your life which help us to grow in your life and do many things many of are not doing these

things due to some of the reason.

So build your habit and daily routine each and every day with or without anyone

Maintain a diary for everything to organize your life

Maintaining a diary is a very good habit comparatively when you are having a hectic solution

you should know down the important things argent things at a point and keep off point on

checking these things.

Maintaining a diary helps you to achieve your targets these are the things which have shown by

many of the studies to organize your life.

In my personal opinion I have tried this technique multiple times and today I have a diary in my

hand and currently all the points I am writing with the help of a diary so I strongly recommend

you all to have a diary and if you don’t have it start maintaining it as it will help you a lot and I

can bet that.

Write down everything and don’t rely on memory

Yeah, it is a very good habit that you have a good memory but to keep a confirmation we all should

write this all things, in the above section I have to do that you should maintain a diary for all

these things. So when you are maintaining a diary you have to develop a habit of writing noun

each and everything you small thing of keeping a water bottle in the fridge.

Makes schedules and deadlines to organize your life

Basically, it happens in corporate culture. Every task comes with and deadline which we

have to fulfil with our circumstances and with our work power. But if we develop a habit

today even if we are not a corporate person this will help us to be more organized.

Organize your life is an easy task but people make it so difficult to rely on it and work on it you just

have to make the things what you have to do and you have to decide the deadlines as simple as


Spent three to five minutes on your daily plan

Why we should spend some time to plan your day because planning your day would not take

your much of a time but it will help you to organise it very streaming you can utilise your full time

at most of it. It may sound silly but it is very great to work on it. Since 2016 I am working on

it and it’s really effective when you will develop a good habit of planning these things you will

make the fullest of these 24 hours which is available to us.

Make backups of everything

How to Organize life

This doesn’t mean a sound of store our electronic devices. But it means that we all should make a

backup of each and everything every solution everything like you are going for swimming you

should have a spare swimming suit. Going to your friend’s apartment you should ask for her

before leaving.

Backup issue creating a backup will help you save your time and efforts which will ultimately

help you organize your life.

Clean up regularly

This doesn’t involve like cleaning your car or something like that but it means you should clean

yourself room clean your things clean your mobile screen. Cleaning is a habit which we have to

develop to organize your life just remember like if you’re having things distributed among

different thing and you are unable to find it is very difficult for you to be organised and be on

time. But at the same time if you are maintaining a habit of cleaning everything at each moment

then your everything will be at a particular place and you can find it without any interaction so

this is a small habit but we all should develop to organize our life.

Get a money management app

There are plenty of money management apps available on play store apps store but my strong

the recommendation is to go for any good app which has a good review rating and the reason why

you should get this money management app is money is an important part of our lives so we all

should manage it particularly well ultimately it will also lead to organize your life like money

plays an important role in buying things buy stuff savings and many things managing finance is

an art to organize your life so I strongly recommend you should get this app as soon as possible

and start managing your money.

Recycle or donate

Recycle or donate means that if you are using your things and your friend off of it you should recycle it or donate it as it is taking your space-time and money and maybe it is even wasting

your time in many things. My example is totally clear with an example of a second hand or third

hand washing machine which is take time more than on repairing comparative washing your

clothes so organising your time or organize your life but it is taking more of your time which can

be utilised something good and productive. So if you don’t need anything or which of the things

are not required you should do the recycling or donate it someone who is needed more than you.

Create a task list or checklist to organize your life

Creating a translate or checklist is just like writing noun each and everything it is a submission

of creating a good checklist and tasks list so you can manage all the things and prepared a good

habit of writing things not just relying on your memory.

Practice putting things away immediately

Putting things away immediately means donate or recycle dost things which are unnecessary for

taking your time unnecessarily so this will just not involve improving the things but also to

create a habit of the things which are not available it can be people it can be a thing habit or it

can be anything making efforts on putting things away which are not on the priority list or which

are not important to you not only help you to create an organised but also to make a priority in life.

Create a list of your password in a safe app for offline files

Why I am telling you to do this because most of the time we forget our password, or we are just

wasting our time on remembering like what is the password what is my last password and many

things in today’s life all of us use different types of ide 20 different types of things and we can’t

take a risk of saving the same password in each of the things so therefore I strongly recommend

you all to create a list of the passwords in a safe app or offline file as you can do these things as

soon as possible whenever you are needed.

There are plenty of apps that are available in the market if you require the things

Unsubscribe for unread emails newsletters magazine and annual subscriptions

How to Organize life

As we are falling more of the things, ara strongest choice is to unsubscribe for the anti read

emails newsletter subscriptions because this is the things which are actually taking our time

space and many things. Just I remember one of the things like from the last three to four months i

haven’t used Netflix or amazon prime but ultimately I have bought a subscription for one year so

my money is wasted on these three to four months which I haven’t used it on watching movies or

something like that.

The suit does it sound good like if I am not using it it’s just like a gym membership I am not availing


Invest in yourself to organize your life

Investing in yourself is one of the most important things. You are the world’s greatest asset. You

can be your biggest investment stronger advice is to invest in your skills things money and many

things learning something and applying so your each and everything is doing good.

Currently what I am doing and what I am trying to do is investing in my skill set and giving

myself more time to grow and become a better comparatively today.

Make it fun

We don’t know when we all gonna die hard thing but what is important is we should all make the

better utilisation of time today and making it a fun life fun-loving life. I know it is hard to think

of that but just imagine like you are going to die in the next 10 days do you live these 10 days with

or you will die in the fear of like I am dying and all those things make it a fun life is fun we

should all enjoy and. At the age of 60 70, we shouldn’t think like we haven’t done anything

which we want to and we should do it that’s a good thing which we all can do to ourselves.

Backup your phone and computer

This is one of the greatest advice because we are living in the era of digital everyone is using

phone and computer daily basis we have lots of crucial data in our devices and in our storage

things but what is important is we should have a backup of these things as these things are just

not only important but requires most of the things which will take us to the next level of the


Unsubscribe for things

Unsubscribing means not regarding any subscription but these are the things which take us

time and each and everything even people who are connected to us so we have to just answer

type to these things, I have a smoking habit I should quit that and these things in our life. If I

have a bad friend circle I should answer describe these things. So answer scribing just only

doesn’t mean by the things are the plans but it’s all about the circle which we revolve around and

the things we do around.

Create daily, weekly and monthly used for cleaning

As I have told you like cleaning is a good habit but when so I strongly recommend you to like as

I have told you to have to maintain a diary and write down all of the things so you have to create a

daily weekly and monthly plan of cleaning the things whether it is so rooming it’s me you or it’s

your any device all those things which you used on a daily basis as it will more be organised and

more usable for each and everything which is available.

Get a task management app on your smartphone organize your life

As I have told you that you can use a finance money management app the same way you can use

task management as which are usually available on play store and app store. Today’s

generation of task management is applying to different things. All the things are becoming more

and more important comparatively any other things. What we all should do is to create a task

management. Your daily is good things it can be a better alternative for a diary.

Create a weekend bucket list

How to Organize life

Creating a weekend bucket list will help you enjoy your life more efficiently and effectively, life

is just not about working all the way 40 n 60 then waiting for the retirement and end up doing

nothing but you should create a good weekend bucket list in which you should involve your

favourite hobbies doing working friends and all the stars which are priority and important. It is

just not creating a good habit your life but also to create a week and bucket list.

My weekend bucket list is

  • Meeting with my friends
  • Making good food for myself
  • Reading a book which I want to read from a long time
  • Going on a long write alone
  • Going to the seashore and just seeing and listening to the waves

Automate or outsource

This is one of the most important things which usually business do but in our personal life we

should apply these things

We should automate the things or outsourced these things the common thing is we are allotting this

task on automation like the cycle or we should outsource it to someone who is the better

performer in these things or are who are good at these things. Light let me give you alive

example if you are bad and washing clothes, you should so you should purchase a washing

a machine which will do an automatic work with just supervision or you can give it to a dhobi. So

basically, outsource and automation we should apply in our personal lives to make our life more


Declutter and simplify

Declutter means removing unnecessary things or items which are occupied in our lives. And

simplification we all know to make it simple for us.

So we should apply these things in our lives like we have to do remove the unnecessary things

peoples and everything which is important or which is not useful and we should make all

these things simple even a complicated process can take your time and take our efforts which

will be unnecessary for all of us so I strongly recommend to declare and simplify your life it will

organise your life together

Priorities appropriately

You know everyone has to set their priorities like my priority is to complete this blog and make

it more valuable than anybody else for you people. The same way we all should make our priorities

and goals in our each and everything priority will make you work it more effectively and

efficiently. In the meantime prioritising means giving priority to each case which will give you a

better outcome but not when it is unnecessarily.

Find balance to organize your life

In our personal life financial life and work-life balance, we usually find it difficult to maintain a

balance in these things and end up doing nothing making it wrong.

So you should make a balance in all these things as they are important to work-life is important,

the family is important, friends are important, and your own time for your own self is very important.

So just make it equally distributed according to the priorities

Don’t procrastinate

Don't procrastinate – Chabad Intown Atlanta

Procrastinating means delaying or postpone your actions or effort. In my opinion, we shouldn’t

procrastinate even if it’s appointment it should be completed as soon as possible.

Procrastination is a very bad habit which we all should remove from our lives as it does not lead

to anything which is good it will give you an idea or excuse. So please remove procrastination from

your life forever.


So guys here comes the blog and, today we have talked about many of the things. Which will

help you to grow and organize your life but only happen. When you apply these things you don’t

have to apply all these things but if you are some of them you will see pic changes in your life.

I know it is not easy for all of us to apply these things and make it happen but if you start small

and think it will surely happen, and we will see the changes in near future. So comment down

below about the content which you are expecting from us and keep hustling.

Also you can read our blog on How Productive Are You? How to increase productivity


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