How to manage time wisely – the best way to use dead time wisely

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How to manage time wisely


What is dead time?

Dead Time

To be very honest and straight forward, dead time meaning varies from person to person. For Instance, for someone who is an early bird his meaning of dead time will not match with a night owl.

So, if we look through the same lens dead time is a fraction of minutes in our 24 hours daily treasure, in which our brain lacks focus or concentration. It is the time when we could not concentrate on our work, alas the points should be noted that this dead time doesn’t come in one flow and we stop focusing (although might happens for some person) but in most of the case (as a person), it occurs frequently after every time.

When we complete any work or couldn’t complete the work before the deadline, or while doing the work our physical stress or mental stress (worrisome memories of part or dwelling in future) and creates lacunae in concentration. For Example

Night Owl is usually active at night and utilizes as night working hours, whereas the early-bird focus his energy in the early hours of dawn and tries to maintain the working level throughout the day which eventually comes to an end as sunset or till the dinner time.

In between his/her, working and leisure hours many dead times come and in the end, a massive one comes which he either uses wisely or waste in social media scrolling over and over.

Types of Dead Time

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One which we create unknowingly this type of dead time is a negative one. Although this creates challenges that can be tackled with the help of a few techniques. For instance, The other one emerges after every completion of work. These are positive ones that can be converted into opportunities to enhance our work ethic and leisure enjoyment.

Positive Dead Time

It can be also called extra time left or saved time or precious time earned after work completion. One uses this precious time to reward themselves, why shouldn’t they do, after all, it’s hard-earned.

But one must be careful while utilizing this time, it should not be overdone. Moreover, enjoying this free dead time provides refreshment and a source of energy for the next task.

Negative Dead Time

Basically, it’s a case of no work and we have a good amount of time to use, but instead of it, we convert this extra free time into wastage by just surfing or scrolling every social media on the internet or gossip, chitchatting, etc.

How to use this time efficiently

So, One should make a to-do list of what he has to achieve in the current day and life and according to it, he should use his dead time. Hence, what is the thing or habits he will be choosing which can help him in his/her betterment of present and future?

How to use your Dead Time

1. Reading

2. Meditate

3. Writing

4. Listen to music

5. Be Motivated

6. Workout

7. Other Activity


Dead Time

One should daily read and read, start slowly if you are bored take a small break then continue, reading not only strengthens your command over language truth also open your imagination, the way you see the world.

Always start from the books according to your genres it will make your foundation for reading and eventually, you will turn into an avid reader.


All you have to do it close your eyes at any posture and concentrate on your body sensation without reacting, just sense it. Suppose, if you feel the itchy sensation on your neck, don’t be impatient to scratch or feel hatred, just feel it and it will go by itself. As everything in the universe follows the rule of impermanence.

The second way is to focus on your nostrils and feel the air which you are inhaling and exhaling while inhaling you will feel cold and warm at exhaling on nostrils and keep on feeling this beautiful sensation on your nose. Practice this for 19 minutes and you fill charged.


Dead Time

Each time you write something you will feel light, your mental stress will lessen, your concentration power will increase and most importantly you will feel good and this technique will rejuvenate you. You can start writing your blog also write whatever you like, about your daily routine, poem, song, jokes anything it will brighten up your mood. Who knows in the future we will find a new J.K. Rowling or George R.R. Martin.

Listen to Music

Plug-in the earphone, close your eyes, tune melody and just feel the music and lyrics you will realize at the end of that you are floating in a new universe and you will feel light and good.

Also, you can start practicing the instrument’s, vocals unless your ambience partner doesn’t get offended.

Be Motivated

Watch motivational videos or videos of your field of work. When you have been doing any work for a long time then you start feeling lethargy for a while. Then to remove lethargy go watch 5-10 minute motivational video. Which you will get a little more energy to do that work.


This is also the right thing to use your dead time. And it is very good both physically and mentally. You can join yoga or gym for the workout or you can do them at home. Do this for at least 30 minutes, and the best time for this in the morning. It will not only help you to make you physically tough but your mental strength will also increase.

Other Activity

To use your dead time, you can also do any other tasks that you like to do or feel, like doing painting, playing games, and any other work that you enjoy doing.


When you do not mind doing any work at all, then you are completely empty, because of which your time is empty so that your most important time is completely empty, so to use that time you need to do whatever you like to do, read the book most of the time so that you will get to learn something new. Don’t suppress yourself from doing good work. Also you can read our blog on Dealing With Lateness – Solving


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