How to keep employees enthusiastic and motivated?

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How to keep employees enthusiastic and motivated?

Employees are an essential part of an organisation. You cannot grow your company until you have a solid workforce of employees. So, keeping them enthusiastic and motivated is very important so that they can work with 100% commitment and focus.

Thus in this blog, I will tell you, some of the ways that you can use to keep your employees motivated and enthusiastic.


Celebrate small Success and milestones

employees enthusiastic

Keep your employees vibrant by celebrating even small successes; appreciate them for their efforts. They will stay motivated and enthusiastic because they will fell, they also have value in the company. 

Create a well-defined growth path for your employees

If the employee sees that, in this company, I can have growth means they see a growth path in their career from manager to the general manager then vice president and then CXO’s in your company. 

Then, they will work hard for promotion. Also, they will be highly motivated from their vision of becoming that senior manager, CXO etc.

Free food for Employees working beyond office hours

Give them free breakfast when they come early to the office and give them free dinner when they stay late in the office. Next time, they will not mind staying late or arriving early to the office.

Also, provide them with unlimited coffee or tea during office hours. For this, you can install a coffee machine in your office. I bet you this can be the best investment to boost the productivity of your workers.

Also, don’t limit the quantity of consumption to 2-3 a day, provide it unlimited. Let me tell you the reason behind it. Researches have shown that when something is unlimited, we don’t value it much, but when it is limited, we appreciate it higher. 

So, in our case when you will provide them unlimited coffee, they won’t consume that much, but when you limit it to 3 times a day, they will make sure that they consume that much quantity fully. Also, they will value you higher as they will think that our company takes good care of us.

These small supporting conveniences will help you much greater than you think to increase your employee’s productivity and enthusiasm.

Employee to employee engagement

employees enthusiastic

Figure out ways that you can use to make your employees not only a colleague to each other but a family. 

One way you can do so is by putting a board on one of your walls in the office and put sticky notes and a pen on a table near it. On this board, workers can put remarks about their colleagues when he does something good to him. 

For example, one of your employee’s Ram helped the other, Shyam, in terms of money when he was facing a problem financially. So, here Shyam can write it on the sticky notes and paste them on the board.

This will make Ram happy and also when other employees will read it and appreciate him, and he will be much more motivated and enthusiastic. 

Give your Employees Awards

Give them awards like the employee of the week, month, year etc. Because of this, they will remain excited about getting the award and will also work hard and committed to achieving it.

People are emotional, and business is logical. So, you have to keep them enthusiastic by using logical means so that they work logically for growing your business.

ESOP’s (Employees Stock Option Plan)

ESOP’s mean you are giving some shares of your company to your employees. For this, your company needs to be a private limited company, it cannot be done if you have registered your company as proprietorship, LLP or partnership firm.

You can give them ESOPs based on their performance or longevity. Here, performance means they helped you increase your sales, revenue, growth etc, and longevity means he/she is there in the company for a long time.

So, after getting the shares, they will work more hard, focussed and committed because they know if the company grows, their value of the shares will also increase. They can even be ready to work on holidays. Also, it will help you to retain your employees in your company. And lastly, it will also help you to conserve your cash flow as you will be giving them ESOPs in place of some of their salaries.

Before giving ESOPs, you must decide how many shares of the company will you dilute for giving to the employees, how much shares will you give to which employee and what will be the period in which you will provide them with shares.

For example, you decide to dilute 7% shares of your company; next, you decided I will give 1.2% to the CEO, and finally, you decide I will provide him with these shares in the next 6 years with 0.2% shares offered every year.

Provide your Employees Incentives and Commissions

Give them some incentives or commissions for getting that much sales, profit etc, in the company. This will keep them motivated for getting these rewards, and they will work fully to achieve those goals given to them.

Sirota’s three-factor Theory

Sirota's Three-Factor Theory

Dr Sirota has surveyed over 13.6 million employees since 1972 from 841 companies of160 countries. By the survey, he found that employees are motivated and are willing to work hard when they join the company. 

But, this motivation vanishes late as the employee doesn’t get proper awards, incentives, growth etc.

So, to keep the employees enthusiastic, Dr Sirota has created a three-factor theory. Now, we will talk about this three-factor theory.


It means to treat all your employees equally regardless of their position, caste, sex, colour etc. 

Next, make sure that the place where they will work should have a safe working environment with all the safety equipment and measures provided. 

Also, provide them with regular training. This can help you to keep their morale high and they will work better.


The most significant way to motivate your employees is by giving them rewards and awards. 

Next, make sure that the employees can easily convey their issues to you. This will make them feel more relaxed and tension free.

Give challenging work according to your employee’s interest to them.

Make sure that your employees understand your organisation vision.


Camaraderie means the culture which provides trust, teamwork, friendship, effective leadership etc. This needs to be implemented in your office team culture so that your team members feel enthusiastic.

Avoid any conflicts between your employees.

Try to focus on the fact that your team members work in a team with trust in their colleagues.

According to Dr Sirota, if your organisation follows this three-factor theory, you can keep your employees enthusiastic.


To sum up, I will now tell you what you learnt in this blog. Firstly, celebrate small success and milestones with your employees. Second, create a well-defined growth path so that they know of their growth in the company.

Third, provide them with small conveniences like free food, coffee etc. Fourth, maintain an employee to employee management so that they consider their colleagues as their family. 

Fifth, give them awards frequently for good performance.

Sixth, give them ESOPs, incentives and commissions. Finally, I told you about Dr Sirota three-factor theory.

After reading the blog, I believe that you will be able to keep your employees enthusiastic.

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