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There are two kinds of people, once who don’t get success years after years and others who archive success one goal after another. So, What’s the difference between them? The answer is self- motivation. It is a force that keeps force to work toward your goal until you archive that. It is an internal drive that develops energy in you even when you are ready to quit something. So, in this blog, I will explain to you all the things that you need to know about self-motivation.


What is self-motivation?


Meanwhile, In simple words, self-motivation is a force that drives you to do things. It drives you to work hard towards your goal until you archive them. so, Self-motivation can come from two sources. Firstly is the extrinsic motivation that drives you to archive external rewards like money, power, status, and recognition. Secondly is intrinsic motivation so, that drives you to archive inherent rewards like self-satisfaction etc.

Importance of self-motivation

So, Now to know what self-motivation is. But, Let me explain to you what is the importance of self-motivation so, in your life to archive a long term goal. Doing things that you feel need to be may give you enough external rewards in many cases but it doesn’t work if you want to archive Excellency and innovation in your work. Not only you do work better with self-motivation, but it also helps to handle stress in life. It helps to stay away from criticism and negative thoughts.

Check your self-motivation

Check | Think. Check. Submit.

If you want to find out your level of self-motivation or to know how much self-motivation you have for any goal then answer the questions given below with honesty.

[qsm quiz=1]

Score 12-25

You have so many droughts about your goals and having fears that you will succeed or not. Your self-motivation is not good and demotivated due to your thoughts. Maybe you have a bad circle of people around you who also never succeed in their life. So, to overcome this start making the distance from these people and build self-confidence in your-self.

Score 26-45

Your self-motivation is ok. You self don’t have any dough on your-self but whenever other people questioning you then you start doughing on your-self. You can archive more than you think in your life. Try to increase your focus on your goal more and keep aware of what content you inserting in your mind. Stay away from people who criticize you and always dough on you.

Score 46-60

Great! your self-confidence is too good. Whatever people say about you or criticize you that doesn’t affect you. Also, you have good focusing skills on your goals. Keep this practice continue to discover yourself.

Factors affecting self-motivation

There are the main factors which affect your self-motivation mostly-

I. Negative thinking


If you have people around you who always talking about the problems around the society instead of taking any action toward the solutions then this will affect your self-motivation. These kinds of people also find out problems regarding your work keep try to distract you from your focus. So, start making a distance from these people. If it’s not possible to make distance physically then try to distant mentally with them.

II. Self-confidence

It also plays a major role to build up self-motivation. Self-confidence with the right thinking and clarity built the self-motivation. So, if you want to increase your self-motivation first you need to develop self-confidence in yourself. To increase self-confidence you should have celerity in your thoughts, right source of information, and personality.

III. Long-term focus

Focus is the ability to keep your all energy at a point and helps you to archive your goal. Deciding the goal of life also plays an important role in your success. So, think about what’s important to you in life and make them your priority. This will be built self-motivation in you.

IV. Motivating environment


A successful man said that you are the average of 5 five people around you. That means that you have the quality of all the people with whom you spent your time most. Similarly, in today’s digital world it can be said that you are the average of 100 people you follow. So, make your company around you carefully. These people may keep motivates you to archive your goal and support you or may put negative thoughts in your mind.


 In a nutshell, I want to say that self-motivation is a force that drives you to do things. It drives you to work hard towards your goal until you archive them. Self-motivation can come from two sources. It is a major key that always helps you to keep the focus on your goal archive them. It’s not easy to develop self-motivation in a day but by keep practicing you can build it in You.

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