How good is your goal setting?

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How good is your goal setting

If you want to be successful in your life or if you want to achieve something then you should have a goal. So, A good goal setting gives you the path, motivation, and enthusiasm to achieve what you have desired. But how to know that your goal setting is good?

Good goal setting is a process, not the imaginary wishful thing. Hence, The process needs some sort of plan. So good goal setting is a plan. So, You should have a good plan to make your goal achievable.

Many people set their personal goals or professional goals but they don’t know whether your personal goal setting or professional goal setting is good or not. Here we are going to discuss how good is your goal setting.


The character of good goal setting

Hence, A goal without a plan is just a dream or a wish. If you want to achieve something then it must be your goal not wish or desire. But goals need a plan which is called the goal-setting process.

Many people set goals but they are not pursuing them. Why? Because the good goal setting has some sort of character to follow. Here are some characters which your goals should have followed. So, These characters indicate how good is your goal-setting…

1. Make sure your goal is specific:

Image result for Make sure your goal is specific

You should have specific goals. A goal is said to be specific if it can give the answer of how, what, when a type of question of your goals. For example, if you want to lose your weight then your specific goal should give the answer of

  • How much you want to lose
  • At what time you want to lose
  • Also, What will be the process to lose

If your goals can give the answer to these questions then it will be your specific goal. If you set the goal just to lose weight then it becomes your desire but if you set like “I want to lose my 10kg in 6 weeks” then it becomes your specific goal. So check whether you have set specific goals or not.

2. Have you set smaller size goals?

In your goal setting make sure you have a smaller size of goals. If you have set the big goal then you have to break it down. For eg., if you have set to lose 30 kg weight in 3 months then break it down to 10 kg in a month. If you set the goals like this then you can easily measure the progress you have made in your goal which ultimately gives you the motivation to work harder in your goal.

Another benefit of setting your goal smaller in size is you can feel the feeling of achievement while you complete the task. It will release endorphins in your brain which give you more willpower to complete further tasks. So check out in your goal setting whether you have made your goal smaller in size or not.

3. Can you achieve those goals or not?

Goals should be small but also achievable. Have you set achievable goals or not? An achievable goal is that goal which doesn’t make you suffer while you are working on them.

Especially, those goals which are about your interest or passions achievable goals. Also, some sort of goals requires different kinds of skills to achieve. If you want to achieve those goals without the skill you need those goals are not your achievable goals. It is better to have some knowledge and skill related to achieving that goal and then set that goal.

So it is necessary to be an achievable goal for good goal setting.

4. Is your goal setting realistic?

Image result for 4. Is your goal setting realistic?

Good goal setting is not imaginary wishful thinking. Your goals are the practical and relevant thing. Hence, the goal should be relevant to you. We often set goals which are not perfect for us. If you set the goals for others such as your parents, friends, your boss etc. then it isn’t your relevant goal.

You have to set the goal in which you are interested. Set those goals which give you happiness to achieve. If you are setting goals under the pressure of others or if you are setting those goals which are impossible to achieve by your effort, and hard work then those goals only give you suffering and burden.

So if you want to have a good goal-setting then check whether it is realistic or not. If it is not realistic then better to not work on that goal.

5. Have you set some specific time to complete your goal?

Time gives us urgency and motivation to complete the task. So it is necessary to have a deadline in your every goal setting. The goals which have not specified the lime limit have less possibility to be successful. It is because we take for granted those tasks or goals. We didn’t priorities those goals which have not any specific time bound For example, you have two assignments to complete. One has two days to complete but another has no time limit. Then you definitely work on the first one which has a time limit. This same scenario is also applied to the goals.

So a time limit helps to make a good goal setting. If you have not given time to your goal to complete then give a certain time. But while giving the time you should also consider the hardness of goals. If your goal is quite hard to achieve then give some more time but it is easier than give relatively less time. If you give less time to the hard goal then it will give you tension and anxiety.

Giving a time limit to the goals is the signal of good goal setting. These are some of the characteristics of good goal setting. You should check out your goal setting and if you have not set your goal according to then you should review your goal setting.

Tips for good goal setting

Here are some of the tips you can apply to make good goal setting which will be more effective and achievable.

➢ Before making a blueprint of your goal, consider why you are going to set the goals.

Connect your personal value with your personal goals or desire you want to achieve. If the value of yours is connected with your goals then it will help to motivate in the tough time that you will face during the process of achieving your goals.

➢ Use SMART goals technique to set your goals.

Image result for ➢ Use SMART goals technique to set your goals.

Remember your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely bound. Also, while forming a goal think about the positive impact of that goal in your life. If you have faced some problem and learned something in your previous goal then apply the knowledge if you can in the current goal setting.

➢ You need the motivation to achieve any goal.

To motivate yourself, think about the end result. The end result means what you are going to achieve. Also, you sometimes may feel broken in the process of achieving your goal. It may be because you set too big goals. Try to break down goals into the pieces so that you can easily achieve them. This gives you further motivation

➢ Your goal should have a certain purpose.

 If you feel a lack of purpose in your goals then redesign your goal. Ensure the purpose and impact of your goal. If you ever feel demotivated then you can also take support from your friend and family.

➢ If you have achieved something in your goal then you must not hesitate to celebrate the result you have achieved.

Acknowledge the effort you have given to that particular goal. Think about the process, whether it was easy or hard.

If it was easy then give some more hard task next time but if it was too hard to achieve then give some less hard goal next time.

➢ Get knowledge from the goal you have achieved and use that knowledge for future goal setting.

➢ Manage your morning, make a to-do list about what action you have to take on that particular day to make your goal successful.


In the end, to achieve something in your life goals are important. We should have some goals but it should have some characteristics which we have discussed above.

Remember about the SMART setting which gives you an idea of how to set your goals and next time when you set the goals don’t forget to clarify how good goal setting you have.

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