How Good Is Your Decision Making

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How Good Is Your Decision Making

Decision making is part of our lives, in both personal and professional life, we take a lot of decisions. This is not necessary, we always good in our decision making sometimes we make the wrong decision. Good decision making depends on what is your goal statement, if the decision you choose is relevant for your goal statement then it can become a good decision for you.


What is good decision making?

Good Decision Making. A decision is the product of choosing… | by A. A.  ALEBRAHEEM | 5 Essential Dimensions | Medium

In our daily life or our corporate life, we make a lot of decisions. Some of them become an effective decision and some of them become ineffective decisions. Thus, how to decide which is a good decision or what is good decision making?

So, here we take an example;

So, if you want to go on vacation and you have to choose the best travel agent for that so, how do you choose an agent, I think based on price and quality. If you find out the best travel agent in your budget and good quality then it can be your good decision.

This is good for your goal statement then it can become a good decision making. For making a good decision you have to understand the whole options of your problem and have to analyse them carefully and then have to make decisions.

Good decision-making skills

In a different kind of situations, you need different kinds of skills. So, you have to understand which skills are required for taking a particular decision.

1. Leadership quality

For making a good decision you must have leadership quality. For a leader, it is hard to control the whole teammates, it is hard to manage teamwork. A good leader is always helpful to business to grow up. For a leader, it is necessary to maintain a good relationship with your teammates.

2. Problem-solving ability

Problem-solving ability is not only good for a corporate but also helpful in personal life. Making a good decision is necessary to you have a problem-solving ability. Problem-solving ability is developed from your experience. Experienced people can make good decisions using their problem-solving ability skills.

3. Time management

Time management is also a useful skill which has to use by leaders to make a good decision. For making any good decision it is necessary to understand how much time do you have? or how much time did it take to collect information regarding problems? In short, leaders have to understand how to manage time in different kinds of situations and make effective decisions.

4. Thinking skills

For making good effective decision leaders must have better-thinking skills. A great thinker can handle a difficult situation in difficult times. A great thinker can show you the best way of choice making.

5. Communication skills

How to Improve Communication Skills? – Career Prospectus

 You not only have good leadership quality but you also have to good communication skills, for making good choices with your teammates. Communication skills help you to collaborate with your members and make good choices.

6. Listening quality

For making a good choice leader must have the listening ability, which means he has to understand other team members information and also considered that information for making choices. If the leader is confused about some information then he can listen, other members opinions on that situation.

Benefits of good decision making

Following are the benefits of good decision making;

1. Improve your confidence

If you make a big choice for the first time and it will successfully implement in your life then next time whenever you want to make a choice you can make a choice easily. A good choice can improve your confidence and improve your leadership.

2. Gives experience

A good and bad both choices give you experience in your life. You can learn from that experience and implement those experience in your life, whenever you are facing a problem.

3. Help to solve a problem

A good choice is to always help you to solve problems. 

4. Save time and money

A good choice is to always help you to save time and money. Because if you make an ineffective choice then after a result you will realize you waste your time and money also.

How to make a good decision

Using the following steps you can make good decisions;

1. Understand your vision

For making any particular v first you have to understand your goal statement or vision. Your every choice is always related to your goal statement. While making a good choice you have to always remember what you want as a result.

2. Collect related information

After understanding your vision of the statement, now you have to collect all the relevant information about your problem. This is a long take process of choice making. You can also get help from your teammates to collect information related to the problem. 

3. Choose options

After collecting all information now you have to decide which options are helpful for you to solve this problem, analysed those options and collect them all. In this stage, you also get the help of your teammates.

4. Make a decision

Now you have a lot of options for your problem-solving. So now you have to choose the best option which can help you to solve this particular problem, in this step you also considered with your teammates and make your best choice.

5. Take action

Take action - Scrawny To Brawny

After choosing your best option now you have to implement that option in the problem. in short, now you have to choose your option.


A good choice is to always help you to solve your problem and a bad choice is always gives you experience. To make a good choice you always have to understand your goal or vision and then choose the best choice and take action. If you are an experienced person about your problem then it is very easy to make a choice. If you are in a group then your leader must have to be good to make a choice.

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