How Good Are Your Motivational Skills?

Having good Motivational skills as a leader of an organization can help you to motivate your team to work with more determination and efficiency. 

So, in this blog, I will talk about and help you determine how good your motivational skills are? And will also suggest ways to improve it.


What are Motivational Skills?

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Firstly, before knowing about motivational skills, you must understand what motivation is? So, motivation is defined as your willingness to do work or the intensity of your desire to engage in an activity.

Also, we can say motivation as a process that drives encouragement and inspiration in us to move towards our goal.

Motivation is mainly of two types:

  1. Intrinsic or internal motivation: This type of motivation comes from inside by the pleasure, interest, or enjoyment in the task itself. So, here you do not need external support or reward for doing the job.
  2. Extrinsic or External motivation: This type of motivation comes from external sources like some reward, a person, fear, fame, etc. 

So, now we come to our main question, i.e., What are motivational skills? These are the skills that describe how well you motivate others. Thus, it mainly includes external motivation, i.e., motivating others by using external sources like reward, fame, fear, etc. However, you can also use internal motivation by combining a person with work they are passionate about.

So, as a leader, you need to have excellent motivating skills because if you combine a high motivational team with meaningful work, you will have outstanding results.

How good are your motivational skills?

So, after knowing about motivational skills, you must understand the current level of your motivational skills. 

Let me ask you some questions, and you must answer them honestly. 

  1. Do you reward your team member for taking the initiative or for excellent performance?  
  2. Have you hired untrained staff?  
  3. Do you think you do micromanagement? (micromanagement means you closely observes and controls the work of your team members) 
  4. Do you bully your team members to get work done from them?  
  5. Do you provide your team members challenging and well-designed work?
  6. Did you think everyone is motivated by the same factor, and do you motivate your team members by that same factor only?

Answer these questions in yes or No honestly in your mind before reading further.

So, now let me tell you all the answers to the above questions so that you can check your motivational skills. The answer of first and fifth is yes while the answer of the second, third, fourth and sixth is No. If you have chosen the correct answer of a question, give yourself 1 point and otherwise 0.

If you get a score of 6, then you have excellent motivational skills and if your score is greater than 2 and less than 6, then your skills are satisfactory, and if the score is less than 2, you have inadequate skills, and you must improve them.

I have talked about why the answers to the above questions were that in the below section.

Ways to improve your Motivational skills?

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Talking only about the skill will be of no benefit to you. So, I will now tell you some of how you can improve your motivational skills. For this, I will take the questions which I asked in the previous section and use them to get the ways that you can use to improve your motivational skills.

Rewarding Employees

So, the first question I asked you was, how often do you reward your employees? So, as a leader, you need to reward your employees for their excellent performance. This reward can be anything that they value. 

Also, the reward can even be a medal, trophy, etc. It will boost your team member’s morale, and they feel like an essential part of the team. Also, the employees who don’t get the reward will work hard to get the reward next time. 

So, here the reward can act as a motivation factor for your employees.

Hire Trained staff

Secondly, I asked you a question about hiring trained staff.

Many startups in the early stages don’t have many resources to hire more experienced and trained staff because of which they hire less trained staff for their roles. As a result, these appointed members lose motivation quickly because of no confidence in their roles.

So, the solution to this can be instead of spending more on office infrastructure and interior, tools ( mainly for the service-based industry), and other unnecessary things spend more on hiring good employees and their training.

Avoid Micromanagement

Thirdly, I asked you a question about micromanagement.

Micromanagement means closely observing the work of your employees and managing every detail of the business. 

You should try to avoid micromanagement because it will destroy your team member’s morale as they will feel untrusted. Thus, they will lose their motivation. 

Don’t Bully your team

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Fourthly, I asked you if you bully your team members.

Bullying your team members in public and even in private can be the biggest demotivation for them. While rewarding them can be the biggest motivation. So, try to get the work done by rewarding them instead of bullying.

Work should be Well-designed

Fifth, I asked you about how well-designed work you provide to your employees.

Here, making the work well-designed means you are creating the work according to the skills and interest of your team members. 

I think this is the most important part of keeping your workers motivated because of no award, and fame can motivate them if they find the job unsatisfying.

So, hire only those employees who you think are passionate in doing that work. Also, design the work according to their interests. 

Everyone has different Motivation factor

Sixth, I asked you if everyone has the same motivation factor.

It is not true that everyone has the same motivation factor. A team member who gets motivated by some reward does not mean that everyone in your team will get motivated by that award only. Some might get motivated by a cash bonus, and some want to gain status in the company etc.

So you need to find out every individual’s motivation factor and use it to motivate them.


After reading the blog, I think you must have got to know about the level of your motor skills and must have got some ideas to improve it.

Motivational skills are essential for a leader to have. A motivated team and meaningful work can bring astounding results for your organisation. 

The final thing which I want to say is that there is no use of reading the blog if you are not applying it. Apply all the ways in your organisation to get results.

To sum up, I will tell you again all the ways of improving motivational skills in short which we talked about above.

So, firstly reward your employees with rewards, money, holidays, trips etc. Second, try to hire a properly trained staff. Third, don’t bully your team. It is the most demotivating factor. Fourth, don’t micromanage. Trust your team, and they will show you results. Fifth, make well-designed work for them. Finally, everyone has a different motivating factor. Find it for every employee and use it to motivate them.

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