Motivating Good Manager – Improving Morale & Engagement

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motivating good manager

Why do some employees stay in a good mood & are actually happy to go & work daily in their organization?

On the other hand, why do some employees never look happy while they’re working?

The reason is a good manager who knows how to inspire and motivate employees.

Behind this is their morale. Employee’s morale can give you ideas of how they feel emotionally & how much satisfaction they have towards their job & working environment as well.

And it’s the responsibility of good managers of the organization to uplift the morale of all employees.

The way your employees feel & perceive their working environment will impact their level of productivity.

A person who has high morale will be happy & they’ll enjoy their work. On the other hand, those who have low morale will seem dissatisfied & their approach towards their work will also be negative.

Employees who have high morale are always motivated to do their job & they also uplift the other members of the organizations. They spread positivity around the working environment & they also maintain a positive & healthy relationship with the other workers. 

Employees who have low morale are the exact opposite of those who have high morale. They couldn’t be able to work with their full concentration & have a negative mindset all the time despite the fact they are fully capable of doing great in their work.

This results in their poor performance & ultimately impacts the whole organization’s performance.

Motivating Good Manager

Now I’m sharing some ways to improve your employee’s morale & engagement in your organization, below are the measures on how to motivate your employee in the workplace-


Communicate with every employee

good manager Communication skills

I know by reading the heading many managers get frightened & talk to themselves that I don’t have that much time to talk with every employee.

But trust me, having one on one sessions with every employee would uplift the immense morale of your employees & makes you a good manager as well.

It may seem very time consuming but if you let your employees express themselves without any pressure about the work culture it will bring positivity within them.

By asking questions like- You’re happy with the working culture?

Are the team members & your team leader supportive or not?

Are you happy with the work which was assigned to you? Will give a sense of importance & worth to each & every employee.

After this, their morale will also be uplifted & productivity level will also be increased.

Keep updated your employees

a good manager is updating an employee

Have a meeting with the management staff of employees give them an update about any company’s information which could affect the work of some employees, like- change in due dates, an increase in workload, changes in the work which they are doing, etc.

Interaction like this with manager and employee is very crucial for your organization to operate smoothly.

But just giving updates is not enough, you have to check whether everyone understood what you said. This is how good managers motivate employees in the workplace.

Like if you have given an update work change for a particular group of employees, then you must stop by whenever possible to check their update if everything is running smoothly or not. 

By checking on your employee’s they will feel they are important in their workplace & they will work more efficiently.

Develop a Happy & Productive work environment

how to motivate employees and make happy work environment

Try to create an environment in which if any employee enters they just couldn’t feel like they are important & no one should feel like they are being sidelined, they must feel like they’re a part of the family. That’s what a good manager’s role is.

And the environment has to be created by the leaders of the organization’s managers, supervisor & staff how they behave with each other and how to motivate employees in the workplace.

Like- How they respond to any crisis which comes on the company, how they support & celebrate each other’s success & how they support each other in the bad times to each other.

And one of the most important factors of an ideal working environment is “Teamwork”. Each & every member of the company knows their part of jobs & their ultimate goal is to take their company to the next level by manager and employee working together.

Become an Unbiased Mangers

Let’s face it everyone has their favorite employee in their organization. But if you show biases towards one employee then other’s morale will go down & with that their productivity level also, this is not how to motivate employees in the workplace

So from the next time, you must treat each & every employee equally & unbiased like a good manager.

Give Appreciation

Good Managers Give Appreciation

Not just in the workplace but in general nobody likes to do something more than once if they won’t get the credit which they deserve for their work. 

According to business.com, many employers assume that money is the main reason why employees quit, but only 12% of the workers leave a company because they want a raise or could earn more elsewhere. 

In fact, according to a survey of 2285 U.S professionals, 9 out of 10 said they were willing to earn less money if it meant the work was more meaningful.

So by giving appreciation to your employees it’ll not only boost their morale, but they will feel more motivated to do better in the future, this is one of the best examples of how to motivate employees in the workplace.

Doesn’t matter if the milestone of their success in the workplace is small or huge, always appreciate their work & they will help your company to rise even further by their work.

Set an Example

Whatever results, discipline, the behavior you expect from your employee, make sure you also do the same in the process of how good managers motivate employees in the workplace.

Like-be on time at the office, always ready to help others, solve the problems with little fuss. If you expect something from the employees & you’re living on to your words, your respect in their eyes will increase & they will do what you’ve said.

Show you Care

Good managers Show you Care

You don’t have to follow Steve Jobs to lead your employees. By being supportive & caring you can achieve the desired result which you want from the employees.

To care about your employee makes you a good manager that not just wants to extract work from employees. But who knows how to connect on an individual term with every employee which is the key to know how to motivate employees at work.

Celebrating your employee’s birthday, giving a present for their performance, wishing for their anniversary, gives a feeling of importance to your employees. 

And this will impact on their morale positively & they will give their best in their work. And you will gain respect & loyal employees, due to simple acts of kindness.

Take their Feedback

Have a monthly feedback session in which you encourage each & every employee to give their feedback related to work or anything related to their organization. 

Make sure everyone has a say, especially shy ones they don’t open up easily, so make them comfortable & make them share their feedback, in the process of how to motivate employees at work.

Inspire your Employees

how to motivate and inspire employees

Managers know how to motivate employees at work, it’s the prime task of their job. Whenever your employees working with low morale or some crisis came into your organization.

That’s when a good manager needs to step up to uplift the morale of the whole working environment. You have to inspire them with your speech, sharing your story of how you have dealt with this kind of situation or lighten up the mood of your employees by cracking jokes.

Let them try New Ideas

how to motivate employees

Let your employees show their creativity, this enhances the process of how to motivate employees at work. First, listen to their ideas of how they are going to work differently if you think let’s give it a shot then let them do it.

If something went wrong then don’t blame them for trying something, instead, try to understand with your employee what went wrong & fix it.

Give them freedom

If you give your employee a chance to take responsibility for a specific portion of the project. Then it will give them a sense of control in their job, they will feel empowered, freedom.

This will increase the level of productivity within them & it will also increase their morale too.

Treat them as a team member

team members of a good manager

If you work together & everyone on the same page then it’s become easier to achieve the organization’s goals.

Let your employees be involved in decision making, planning & let them have their say in the project, this is how to motivate employees as a manager.

If your employees feel involved in projects it will definitely increase their morale, confidence, awareness about the work, decision-making skills.

When you work together you all have a single focus to achieve specific goals & this creates a healthy relationship between manager and employee of the team.

Make them come out from their comfort zone

Don’t let your employees settle in their comfort zones. They have untapped potential which they themselves don’t even know. 

Give them new roles or responsibilities to fulfil & this will help them to develop new skills.

Change your way to criticize

Not every employee can give a great performance, sometimes their performance could take a dip. 

So instead of mocking them in front of everyone for their poor performance, talk privately. Ask them what went wrong? & try to find why his performance is not up to the mark? & motivate him/her to do a good job in the future.

Make Incentive & Salary looks attractive

Good manager Make Incentive & Salary looks attractive

If your situation in organizations allows you to set the salary higher compared to your competition in the market, then you should. Because for many of the employees, money is their motivation to work for. 

And always show your appreciation to your employees those who are working hard by giving them incentives.


If you’re expecting a high-level performance from every employee in your organization, then you must keep a track of their morale. 

If you connect with every employee on a human level then they’ll get a sense of importance, their morale will get higher, they will get more confident. And this will eventually lead to a good performance from every employee.

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