List of 9 Best ways to Future Proof your Career | Career Guidance

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passion is the best career

Looking at the present advancements and quickly changing technology, nobody will be sure about the job or profession they will be available or not in upcoming decades.

Even the employees who are experts with skilled works are worried about the future due to chances of advancement of AI, which results in the replacement of them with bots.

Also, high earning white-collar employees are worried as there is a lot of uncertain advancement.

According to the World Economic Forum survey, approximately 66% of children starting primary schooling this year will do field jobs, which is not created yet.

Today in this blog, I will tell you the 9 ways to help future proof your career to retain your job position or career path.

In which that are chances of being replaced by automated machines in upcoming years.


1) Be proficient in the use of modern technology

Just by reading the heading, a few of you might have thought that technology is not my cup of tea. I will say that coming out of your zone, pushing towards advancements and making your technical skills up to date.

Even if this new technology does not directly depend on your present field or present job position, it is compulsory for those dependent on it for the majority of their part of the profession.

I will suggest that one can learn the basics of computers such as MS Word, MS Excel and Powerpoint.

image of laptops for which are necessary for future careers

But if you want to get more knowledge, you can enrol yourself in online education programs which can help you to understand it better.

The CRM system is another thing one should be familiar with as it helps prepare customers data, sales management, and teamwork.

I think the field like Project management will not get replaced easily with the bots, so one should learn project management techniques.

As bots can replace the upcoming year, you should learn the management and operation as it is only possible with a human touch.

Still, there are many fields and more things possible only by humans, so you should identify skills which will be in demand in upcoming years as you still have a few years to think.

2) Expand yourself globally 

I think you should start by looking at your industries, outside your local region or country. And start finding the methods, skills, ideas, and their style of work. You should also create your profile on many platforms, which helps you connect globally Such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

I will suggest you to create your market, your clients, stakeholders, partners from all parts of countries.

If you work outside the countries you can get to learn new languages, help to know cultures. Also, you should work on assignments that require international exposure.

You should learn new things by travelling as much as possible. That will bring more confidence in yourself which results in more opportunities.

3) Future proof your career path

I have seen many people in the workforce type of job position are not showing interest in their development professionally and mentally.

I will tell you this is wrong; if you want to secure your post, you must develop yourself with the trends. Especially if you are from a slowing or declining field of industry

If you are confused about it, you can benefit from professional career guidance, HR, and your valued person.

I suggest you take part in various development programs and seminars.

image of a seminar conducted for future proof career guidance

Thus, doing this will help create your future opportunities and benefits in staying at the top.

Also, you do not limit up to one industry only; you should chase the field where the best opportunities of the future are visible.

4) Skills to future proof your career

I think humans will benefit from soft skills as to how much great a bot would be accurate in terms of technical skills.

But it will not be able to have leadership, team management, communication, problem-solving techniques, etc.

Also, identifying the voice tone, body language, and facial expression of a human is needed, so you should perfect yourself in these skills to future proof yourself.

The leadership quality leads to more knowledge and helps make your best version, so leaders’ space will not get replaced anyhow in the future.

5) Best career field in 2021 and beyond

Generally, one should go to the field or profession that makes one happy and has a burning desire.

But generally, many people are confused about selecting which career field to choose, which is future proof.

So I have listed a few fields which, according to Indeed, is safe in the future.

Cyber securities

Day by day, the rate of cyberattacks are increasing.

A recent incident is where some hackers hacked the Twitter account of many famous faces like Barack Obama, Elon Musk and many others and demanded bitcoin.

Nowadays, even governments have started investing in cybersecurity sectors.


People are becoming more foodie day by day; thus, more people will go out to eat and like to try new dishes.

A sense of cooking with affection and tradition is not possible by machines.

Data Scientists

The demand for data scientists will grow day by day as many people will start storing, collecting and observing more and more data.

data scientist as future proof career

So the need for an expert in terms of scientific and technical will be more in upcoming years.

Marketing, communication and design

Marketing the machine lacks many skills; the convincing power a human marketer has for its customers. I don’t think a robot can do.

Also, designing skills, ideas of creating new things is only possible by humans.

Health care professionals 

Many people compare the doctors and the nursing staff to god because of the work they do with dedication and patience by saving a life,

If there will be bot doctors, many people will hesitate to operate themselves to a machine and risk themselves.

Human resources

The HR field is significant as they have excellent communication and many soft skills, which play an essential role in companies’ success by recruiting the perfect candidate by the screening process.

Delivery / Logistics management

This field is increasing day by day as more online e-commerce businesses will start in the future. This field can’t be fully automated.

So there will be demands of delivering drivers and Executive and Senior professionals in the logistics department.

6) Professional network establishments

I suggest you develop new contact, connection and relations inside and outside of your industries.

It will help you in a growing business, personal development like learning new things by meeting new people, and knowing their actions, you can improve professionally.

If you master this networking skill, I bet you can create a positive image against your boss.

You can strengthen your job position and chances of promotion. You can join LinkedIn for networking purpose through digital media.

BNI is also a great option available nowadays to network organisations or yourself.

One can start by having track of your seniors and co-workers by engaging in various seminars and webinars to develop relationships.

7) Emotional intelligence increase

With technical skills, one should have a gift of empathy if you want to have your future proof career.

As empathy is one of the essential skills that one organisation or individual will look forward to in the upcoming days.

One should be more valued if the person has more EQ than just having only technical because bots can’t match the level of connecting one human to another.

Also, EQ will be more vital in the future because only persons would have awareness, common sense, emotional development, and dynamic control skills.

So in this area, humans can quickly take over the AI system for now.

8) Understand your industry and latest trends

The thing that happens in your field would likely affect your industries and on you as well.

For example, you are running a marketing agency, so before ten years there is only one marketing way.

There are many types like Digital Marketing; this is called the latest trends and advancements in your field.

If you cannot accept it, you will be thrown out from the completion of the market, which later becomes difficult for your survival.

So accepting, learning, and acknowledging the latest trends are enormous things that play a vital role in future-proofing your career.

9) Develop bounce back thinking  

Every journey of career has many ups and downs and also many failures and setbacks.

But we should never get demotivated and discouraged through the failures; instead, we should use it as a way to bounce back again rather than loss bounces upon us. 

One should also keep perseverance for long term success.

10) Conclusion

To future proof your career, you have to be knowing the latest skills, technology, and methods concerning the latest advancements and trends in future. Nine ways are given above.

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11) FAQ’s

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