Everything You Need to Know About Adaptive Leadership Qualities

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There are many leadership skills and leadership qualities out there. They conclude that they can boost your team productivity and your business profits. 

No one knows which are the best leadership qualities for their team. It’s about the hit and trial method. It is essential to know your leadership skills and conditions for your organisation.


What is Adaptive Leadership:   


Marty Linsky and Ronald Heifetz are two people who introduced adaptive leadership. Heifetz defines adaptive leadership as a team that can handle the toughest challenge and task and completes this task at the end. He also describes that after completing the job, they celebrate. 

Celebrations are necessary after every most challenging task to maintain the right work environment. 

Understanding leadership qualities nowadays is different from the traditional definition. In the old way, people assumed that a leader is one who is single able to handle any task with their will. 

But in this era, leadership is all about team contribution. In a prominent organisation, leaders or managers work with their team members to achieve any task. 

For surviving in this business world, one has to be more than highly active and performing. No matter what happens, corporations should adopt new strategies and techniques to tackle all the challenges that they will face shortly.

Imagine how volatile or uncertain the organization will be if leaders are unable to adopt new strategies and tasks.  

What is the Difference Between Adaptive and Technical Leadership: 


There are two types of problems one is adaptive, and the second is a technical problem. According to adaptive leadership qualities, the solution to technical challenges is already there. Some people call themselves an expert who is having professional problem-solving. These experts build their solid reputation on the market.

An expert can solve these technical problems. Whereas, for the adaptive problem, no one has a particular set of answers and solutions for these problems. Also, there is no specific instruction and rules out there to address adaptive difficulties. 

In most cases, there is no proper definition of adaptive problems. In these situations, only the adaptiveness of a leader helps them to tackle these problems. These leadership qualities help the leader to define the real problem and teach their team members for their support. 

What are the Four Principles of Adaptive Leadership:   

The four principles of this theory are:

Emotional leadership intelligence:

Emotional leadership intelligence is the ability or method to understand the own feelings and feelings of other team members. This ability helps the leader to understand their team members and make a bridge of trust between them. This bridge of faith helps to boost productivity and help to maintain a comfortable working environment. 

Team development: 

Adaptive leadership qualities help the leader to learn many new things. If one thing is not working for their team, then they discover new ideas or a process that allows their team members in development. With these new learnings and these theory qualities, leaders and team members contribute toward high productivity and business profits.  

Leader character: 

In adaptive leadership, the transparency of leader work is crucial. Sometimes, leaders are not correct, but they earn respect from their team members.

Being transparent and creative helps them to maintain a proper and comfortable work environment. 


Another most crucial principle of adaptive leadership is justice. It is essential to growing honestly in your organisation. And this policy is necessary to boost the productivity and work culture in your organisations.

What are the Traits of Adaptive Leadership:


  There are some traits that every team leader should have:

  • The first trait that every leader should have is to link new changes to the values of stakeholders, organizations, and team members.
  • Additionally, to maintain the organization nature that welcomes every change that benefits the organization. 
  • The leader should know that changes are painful and difficult. And no leader should forcefully expect those changes with their teammate. 
  • Additionally, the leader should know that changes in significant organizations demand pressure and time. And leaders should welcome the time and stress that come along with the changes. 
  • Also, the leader should be active in finding the opportunity to invest in necessary resources. 
  • Leaders should admit that they also make mistakes, and they should welcome the change and error that they commit.  
  • Additionally, leaders should be open-minded and have risk-taking capacities. 
  • Also, the adaptive leader should embrace and welcome the innovation from team members.    

What are Some Challenges You Will Face When Practicing Adaptive leadership: 

Like other leadership, adaptive leadership also comes with lots of challenges. These leadership qualities are about finding new knowledge, experimenting, and making small changes within the organisation. It is about changes in work progress and attitude, which brings changes and helps to survive the organisation in this competitive world. 

However, it should be noted that changing people’s perception, their beliefs, and nature is the most challenging thing in the world. For making essential changes, you should accept that your current technique sucks. 

For example, if you apply and adopt new marketing skills, you should first accept that your current marketing skills suck. To boost productivity and change, you should adapt to new things in life.   

Most managers and so-called CEOs stick to their original or old stinky methods or procedure throughout time. This old stinky strategy and advice stop the benefits that they can get through the new techniques. 

The second challenge that comes when you practice adaptive leadership is those team members, or employees are attacking and marginalising the changes.

More about practicing adaptive leadership: 


If you observe the above changes, then the chances are there that they are starting to challenge your new plans. 

After all these, every organisation experienced these changes in activities. Adaptive leadership is not about completing whatever you wanted. It’s about proper teamwork and collaboration. 

It is also essential to maintain communication between team members and team leaders. And without communication, you can’t do any task in adaptive leadership.   

But in reality, only a few leaders welcome the changes and get ready to listen to their team members’ problems.  These leaders fail to understand that merely looking to their team members doesn’t mean they are opposing you. After all, they are your team members, and it’s your responsibility to nurture them. 

Additionally, it is essential to understand your team members and what they are expecting from you. After listening, what they want you can manage or change your decision.  


Apart from all changes, adaptive leadership welcomes the benefits of reforms. Adaptive leadership qualities help to boost productivity and business profits.    

For adaptive leadership qualities, it is essential to follow all traits that we mentioned above. If you want something to add to this guide mention us in the comment section below. 


Understanding leadership is a different thing from traditional definition. A leader should be able to identify the talent and he should work harder than the employees.

Adaptive leadership qualities help the leader to learn many new things. You have to face various challenges from the employees as well as management while practicing adaptive leadership.

But, it is always beneficial for an organisation to adapt the changes as early as possible. It helps in the future growth and fighting the competition. The leaders who can adapt the changes at right time can bring changes in the processes and behaviour of the business and bring it to the sky heights.

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