Email Management – Managing Email Effectively -Strategies for Taming Your Inbox

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Email Management

Hello guys, Welcome to our new blog. Here, we are going to talk about email management. I am your productivity guide who is going to talk about email management. Managing your emails effectively and efficiently is very important, From Monday morning to Sunday evening. We always See our mails whether it is on phone, laptop or computer.

Don’t you feel frustrated when your email inbox is not structured and you get a list of straight 100 + mails?

Yes, it is very annoying. So the thing is today we are going to talk about email management and how we can manage our emails effectively and efficiently.

However, there are many ways to manage your email to increase your productivity. In this article. I will list out all of the important points which will help us to be productive and manage our email list more effectively, so let’s begin.


Use GMAIL for Email Management

Gmail: Managing Email

I know there are many emailing platforms which we use to create an email but I strongly recommend to use Gmail as it provides many good features and synchronization of an email to make a User experience much more good compared to any other competitor. As a result, Gmail is one of the most used mail in the world. Which is managed by Google(alphabet).

Generally what happens is these mail provider provides space and works totally on advertising and AD revenue. But if you are using Gmail it provides you better User experience + good cloud

storage + ultimate synchronisation + googles support.

These multiple features make Gmail more efficient and effective for a good email management system. So for managing your email you can use Gmail.

Organize it with Labels and Folders

In the first place, I have mentioned that we all should use Gmail for better email support and email management for managing our email effectively.

As Gmail provides organising label and different folder creation to its user but if you are not using it then it is not an issue.

We can create your labels and folders of different types of emails to segregated and synchronize it. As time increases your shoulders will increase, your labels will also increase. List down folder & tags into:

1. Marketing

2. Operation

3. Accounts & Bills

4. Personal

5. Work

6. Urgent

7. Important

Then, organize these things into different folders and labels it is become very easy in future to synchronize at and search for your emails which are important for the purposes & more.

Use the Search Function for Email Management

Above function, I have mentioned for those people who have used our mail ID for emailing different things and maintained it without any proper guidance. So for these people, this function is very important and useful likewise, if we all are using this function we can synchronize and search for different documents with the keywords.

Each document and system is stored in an email it can be from 100 mails tp to 10000 + mails. But in each case we can find are important mails and store it in different folders or with different tags.

If I am looking for an eBook. I can just type “eBook” or search it by pdf format or whichever format is available.

On a one-click are any records with the help of this function so if you are managing your emails this is one of the best features you can use

Take one-time action on Email Management

Introducing NGRX Actions 3.0. In NGRX Actions 3.0, we have some… | by  Austin | Medium

This is my personal best, like let me explain this it may be difficult to sound but yeah it is one of the best things you can do and develop a habit to manage your emails very effectively.

The term “ take one-time action on email” means you have to spend a quality time but only once for every mail. Like if you got a mail from your aunt, you should directly save into personal and family tag. As it may be important mail from your aunt regarding any of the things.

When you will develop a habit of taking actions once a mail. You should clear the purpose of mail on spot. Whether you are using it or not it’s my sounds difficult but it will be best to do it on spot and never expect it for next time.

Create an Email list for Networking

This is one of the most important parts for any businessman or any freelancer or even in personal life. Like networking is an important part of human life. Whether you are a college-going student or a professional being in any business or job. You have to keep the network.

A network is a group of people that is developed by anyone to get future connections and connectivity to perform various activities. This step is to maintain a good networking list as you have to network with your colleagues, friends or are competitors to know the important things which are required.

I mentioned this because when you maintain this list and whenever you get a mail from your friend colleagues or anyone you can identify the requirement and solve it according to the priority.

Use 4+1 sentence rule

Accelerated 4+1 Programs - School of Biological and Health Systems  Engineering

This rule is very effective If you are using it on a daily basis like. If we are using this it will make us more productive for managing your email. Today’s main topic is effective email management.

So this tip is regarding the email response to any of the users. We all should use a five-sentence reply not more than that as the sentence will be more direct for work and it should not be time-consuming. Which will save our time for any task and not waste on reading emails.

Process Email Each Day for Email Management

Overall each and every tip requires a proper discipline and daily efforts. This is is also one of them. We have to develop a habit of giving daily few minutes to process emails.

In this process, we will synchronize our means sorted in different ways- choose between important and urgent. Removing the unnecessary emails, as well as choosing which are good for our things.

However, through this, your email will be fully optimized. Even I can say that this one habit can change many of the things.

Use Bridging Email

Bridging Mail means connecting it with the other mails which are related to the same discussion or conversation.

If we are using this technique then it will not create any interaction in one of the conversational and informational things which help to get the early response on the same Bridge.

The Ultimate purpose of this is to apply one hierarchy of one message with one client to cover all of the aspects of the current situation. If you are not using this technique then it maybe becomes difficult to synchronise it and make it into one consideration

Create a dedicated sign

A dedicated signature is very important for any mail. If you are a professional for a student. You should have an email signature, which will identify you and your contact details regarding the current work.

This signature is very important like it will you tell all about the important aspects of any user. Dedicated signature is used by many corporate firms and their employees to identify the hierarchy and mailing system for effective email management. This technique can be used for personal and professional both the purposes.

Clear out junk for Managing Email Effectively

You should use your trash more often. As there are many meals which are unnecessarily involved in our inbox without our permission. So it is very important to put emails into their best places which are called that trash.

It may sound distracting but yeah we are not using our trash. We should identify the spam emails and marketing campaigns which should unsubscribe or blocked to Manage our email effectively.

Use unsubscribe Button for SPAM

When unsubscribing from e-mail subscription services, do users need a  confirmation e-mail? - User Experience Stack Exchange

There are many mails that come on a daily basis for advertising and services. Which are not required and not needed in any case. As we all can use multiple unsubscribe button to get rid of these emails.

Did you know, these images are just not spam my but it is also time-consuming. Is more precious than anything ever. And what we all are doing in email management is time saving and making your day more productive.

So it is on main duty to use this button to Mark any spam and get rid of it

#BONUSTIP – Reduce to Reuse

I know its sound like green sustainable movement but this is the bonus which will change everything like the above tips are great but this is one of the best.

Reduce: Reduce the current time which you are involving in emailing or reading emails on a daily basis. You just have to reduce the reading time and apply all of the above tables which are applicable for your time.

Reuse: Reuse the templates for emails for sending it to multiple audiences as it will save your time and this may lead to you better User experience in email support.


Hello, guys so this blog comes to an end, today we have discussed the email management, which will obviously help you to manage your email effectively.

There are multiple tips multiple blogs available on the internet but today we have to focus more on the important aspects of Email management system this will help you to work effectively and efficiently basing your time making your time viable for important things.

These tips will help to manage all and in future, we are going to bring more of the things related to your productivity.

Also you can read our blog on Managing Your Documents and Your Time – The Art of Filing


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