Identifying and Developing Leaders in your Organization

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developing leaders in an organization

In every company, the main leader gives instructions to the other leaders under him or her and that leaders also do the same. So, a pyramid type of structure is created for proper work distribution. A great leader always keeps developing leaders in the organization.

For every company, identifying and developing leaders is difficult and problematic work. But developing leaders is a necessary thing for a company. The good leaders who have worked in your company for a long time will know the company well and will bring good results for the company. Thus, identifying and developing leaders in the organization is very important and we are going to see that how should we Identify and keep developing leaders in our company.


Who is a True Leader

Who is a True Developing Leader

Leadership is not positional power, it is personal power. Imagine you are the son of a businessman. After your father retires, he is making you the new boss of the company. Now, if you don’t have the skill to run the company and developing leaders. So, in this case, you have positional power but don’t have personal power. Therefore, the employees will not accept you as a leader.

Identifying Leaders

Identifying and developing leaders in an organization is a good practice for a leader, which will help him or her over the period. Below are some key points that are noted for identifying the person, who can be a good leader. After identifying the right employees you should put efforts into developing leaders.  

  • The person who can work with almost every type of person without big conflict is the one who understands that everyone has their point of view. This type of person can be a good leader. 
  • If you read the history, you will notice that whenever a difficult time comes, a new leader is born. The great leaders of India were born when India was not independent.

So, when the company is down filling the employees of the company who have the leadership quality will try to uplift the company.

  • You can identify them in the meetings. The enthusiastic one, who wants to do the work that has any meaning will share ideas and most importantly he will ask the questions.
  • A leader has the personality that he can influence his team. And the team will also respect and obey the leader, who behaves kindly with the team members.
  • Leaders have a little bit of a different perspective than others and they respect and try to understand someone else’s perspective also.

Developing Leaders in your Organization

Developing Leader

Here are some key-notes you should take at the counter while developing leaders in the organization.

  • If the leader asks for a suggestion from his employees they will also think like a leader and by doing this their leadership skill will improve.

Another profitable by-product you will get by doing this is that they will start to think about improving the company and they will feel like they are an important part of the company because your opinion matters for your leader. Now, they will not work for the salary only.

  • For developing leaders in an organization, You should test your teams by asking some questions. You should ask questions that don’t have one specific answer. Ask questions that have more than one solution. By doing this you can check the thinking capability of the person.

The leader should have problem-solving skills and should be solution-oriented.

  • The studies have found that people are more excited to work on their idea rather than someone others’ idea. So, when some issue is found, if you know the cause and solution of it, still don’t say it directly. Try to give the employee tips in between your conversation to help him or her to reach the solution.

So the employee will learn how good leaders think and cure the solution of the problem. Another profit that you will get by doing this, is that when the employee will reach the solution he will think that he has found the solution to it. So, he will be more confident and happy to do his work.

  • When a leader gives the responsibility to complete the project to one employee and appoint him as a leader and assign him a small team for help, He/she will work to accomplish the goal and not for the salary only. By doing this your employees will find a purpose to work and their leadership skill will improve. 

Qualities of a great leader

Qualities of a great leader

A great musician can identify the talent of the other great musician, same as a great leader can

Identify the other one. For developing organization leaders first it is important to identify them.

  • No matter who you are, you can also be wrong sometimes, so allowing the employees to suggest you without any hesitation is one another great quality. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said to the people working under him that they can stop him in between if they are thinking there is something wrong.
  • If any employee comes to the leader with new suggestions and that idea brings something good to the company, the leader should give him the credit for his work. Credit doesn’t mean that bonus or anything, it means the leader should appreciate the employee and give him a big round of applause at the office with the full team.
  • Trying to understand the other person’s point of view is a quality that a leader must have. Then after whatever the result is, the leader should tell the employee why his or her suggestion is not considerable. 
  • A leader should be focused on the goal of the company and he should work twister harder than the employees. So, the employees also get motivated by seeing you. In short, leaders should be the inspiration for the employees. Thus, your employees will respect you and they will obey all the orders of yours.
  • Leaders should have the quality to identify every employee’s speciality and distribute the work on behalf of that.
  • There should be a common goal for the team. If employees are working just for money, this could be the biggest fallback point for the company. So, the leader should make sure that the employees know the purpose of their work and realize that their work is important and worth something.
  • Not always, but sometimes leaders should give the employee any big work or project so they will always grow and don’t settle down in any comfort zone.
  • Lastly, the most important thing is the relation between leader and employee. Leaders should not always open their mouth to give orders, leaders should maintain a good relationship with employees. The leader should crack a joke in the office sometimes, and sometimes the leader should talk with employees on random topics. He or she should ask the employees about their family or any other thing. So, there will be a bond between you and them. They will get to know that the leader cares for them.    


For developing leaders in an organization, the leader should often give the challenging task to the employee so they can come out of their comfort zone. And remember that people are more excited to work on their idea rather than someone others’ idea. So, you should not suggest or teach them directly, let them figure it out on their own. Just help them by giving hints in between conversation.

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