What is Consumer Adoption Process ? Complete Guide

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What is Consumer Adoption Process ? Complete Guide

Boost Your Product/Services to be sold with Consumer Adoption Process Strategy. 

Selling a Product/ Service to the consumer is very EASY! 

The consumer Adoption process is a strategy to make aware of a product, create interest among the customers, organize a trial run to check how the product is performing and at the end allowing the customers to adopt your product. 

This process is adopted by many organizations as this strategy helps in allowing customers to evaluate the product and ultimately allow them to purchase them. This strategy will never change irrespective of technology change, market scenario change or whatsoever.

As we know that selling a product to the consumer is very hard and it’s like chewing iron tablets.

Everyone is fed up with this problem very much nowadays because of consumer need, want, demand is going in higher standards day by day.

    And in this modern world, human beings are getting smarter, which causes selling a product or service is much harder than before.

That’s why an American based marketing author, consultant, and professor Philip Kotler (born May 27, 1931) gave the definition and idea of the Consumer Adoption Process and the idea of Marketing Mix Strategy.

What’s In It For Me?

  1. 5 Stages of Consumer Adoption Process 
  2. Product Awareness
  3. Product Interest
  4. Product Evaluation
  5. Product Trial
  6. Product Adoption
  7. What is Market Adoption Rate? 
  8. Case Study of ADIDAS.

1) 5 Stages of Consumer Adoption Process

These are the 5 Consumer Adoption Process

  • Product Awareness
  • Product Interest
  • Product Evaluation
  • Product Trial 
  • Product Adoption 

2) Product Awareness in Consumer Adoption Process

Before selling products in Market Place you should aware of the customers of your product in the market for a while in Consumer Adoption Process. And remember in the subconscious mind of the consumer. We can do this by Advertisement in different types of mediums like Newspapers, T.V., magazines, Pamphlets, etc.

     From this consumer can get familiar with our Product. At the time when we launch a product in the market, consumers can recall it from the subconscious mind. Ex. Before the movie comes its trailer comes out first so that the audience will see it and remember that this movie is going to release. 

You can read more in details in this article Consumer behavior

3) Product Interest in Consumer Adoption Process

After product awareness, we have to create interest in the consumer’s mind about our product.

    Now the consumer will try to know about our product from various platforms like from Internet, Social media, Retailer, Salesman, Current Users because we have awakened consumer’s interest by advertisement.

    We have to provide reviews and information about our product on every social media platform so that the consumer can read and evaluate it and get the information and be willing to take our product. 

4) Product Evaluation in Consumer Adoption Process

In this process, the consumer will compare our product with the product of another brand and judge that the product is better than that product, or it’s bad. Consumer judges our product on many aspects like its quality, packaging, price, after-sale service, etc. From this Evaluation, they understand and calculate all the pros and cons of our product.

Consumer Adoption Process

5) Product Trial in Consumer Adoption Process

In this Product Trial process, before we launch the product completely, we have to try our product in limited numbers to a selected group of consumers. We can do this process in different ways.

     We can make our product trial by the retailer through our product, which will get feedback from the consumer to improve our product and service. And from this, we can make our product better and modified in the next step of the process.

      By this process, the consumer will be happy and will tell others about our product and from this consumer leaning towards the product and brand afterward consumer will take our product. 

Consumer Adoption Process

6) Product Adoption in Consumer Adoption Process

In this Product Adoption process as earlier, we had promoted our brand along with feedback by testing our product to the consumer. Now we will launch our product in the entire market and the consumer will buy our product.

    And Yeah! this process will give a selling boost to our Product/ Service and also promoted our Brand. It is very important in Consumer Adoption Process. 


7) What is Market Adoption Rate?

 In Consumer Adoption Process, the market adoption rate is that of new technology and a product that is used by a consumer in the market. And the market adoption rate is determined by members of the Society of People who examine the new technology, product, and innovation in limited time. 

Consumer Adoption in Marketing In this process, the consumer goes through many marketing adaptation methods in which he decides whether to take the product or not and whether to take a new product.


8) Case Study of ADIDAS Consumer Adoption Process

Although there are a lot of market studies of many big brands, which have increased the sales of their product by adopting the Consumer Adoption Process. 

We will read the case study of the ADIDAS Consumer Adoption Process. Adidas Company is one of the biggest quotes of the Consumer Adoption Process. They have modified this process into 5 stages for their brand which is ADIDAS. 

ADIDAS Full Form

  • Attention
  • Interest 
  • Desires
  • Action
  • Satisfaction 


Attention gain is also a skill and marketing tactic, which Adidas has done very well. Before promoting its products in the market, Adidas promotes awareness among people about fitness and health.

    With this, Adidas promotes its brand as well as it is the caretaker of fitness freaks. It made people feel that Adidas want people to take care of their fitness and health.


After gaining attention, Adidas influenced its brand and products by promoting among people. After this, they advertised their products to attract people to show them like premium and caring about their fitness. So that people felt that this product was made for them.


After Interest Awakening, Adidas started to be talked about in the market and people were excited. Now Adidas promoted their products in Newspapers, Magazines, Electronic Media, Social Media etc…. The brand was shown people a premium which made the people feel that this expensive product but it feels them like the premium look.


After creating awareness for the desire among consumers and the market, Adidas started to be talked about in the market and people were excited.

Now Adidas launched its products in the market and made more publicity so that people do not forget the brand and product in the subconscious mind and also people started buying the product.

At that time Adidas’ product sales gone to very higher in the graph. 


Adidas sold the product by giving it a premium look and saying their products are premium. Now they gave customers After Sales Service to make them loyal to the brand.

    In which they took feedback from the customers. If the product was not liked they can return it. Which made people loyal to the brand and today Adidas captures a large space in the market.

Thank you very much for reading this article. If you have any suggestions, then do tell in the comment section! 

You can find more interesting topics on marketing on my Youtube channel.


What is Consumer Adoption Process?

The consumer adoption process is a 5 step mental process which consists of awareness, interest, evaluation, trial, and adoption. All consumer goes through this process while adopting the product from leaning to becoming a loyal customer.

How a New Product is Adopted by Consumers?

The consumer adoption process is used to evaluate new products. In this process, consumers go through various stages, and in the end-user decides whether to reject or adopt a product.

What is consumer behavior?

Consumer behavior is an action or study of how users choose, buy, use, and dispose of services and goods to satisfy their needs and wants.

What do you mean by rate of adoption?

The rate of adoption is a relative speed at which new technology adopted by the public.

5 stages of adoption?

Product Awareness
Product Interest
Product Evaluation
Product Trial 
Product Adoption 

What is Consumer Adoption Process ? Complete Guide
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