Changing People’s Habits – Encouraging and Sustaining New behaviors

Have you ever noticed your actions that you are doing in your daily life? If yes then these daily actions might be your habits.

If we came on the exact meaning of people’s habit, then an action pattern earned by a regular repetition or unconsciously repeated itself in your daily activity means these activities are your habit.

Behaviour is also a person’s action, which can be observed. But there is quite different in it a habit is common or can be said that it can happen unconsciously.

That means it remains same in all cases and for all persons until you change your habit.

On the other hand, its behaviour may differ from person to person it varies according to condition, ages, positions, etc.

For instance, if you see a teacher, she can behave differently with students and parents. She treats students like her own child and with parents like other people.

That’s how behaviour changes from person to person and cases to cases. We can observe instant changes in someone’s behaviour but not inhabit.

If one wants to change habits, they need a lot of time, techniques, steps, stages, and much more. But habit influences behaviour in various ways.

Whats in it-

How Habits Influences Our Life

We have already seen what is a habit here and we are going to be aware of how good or bad habits influence our daily lives.

Daily we interact with lots of people, but we remember a few peoples clearly from them. Now the question is why.

Why we can’t remember all of them and the answer you already know the exact answer. We only remember those people who give us a perfect memory or bad memory.

And this memory is created by interacting with peoples. Some of them have a good habit, and some have bad, and ultimately it influences there behaviour, which includes its temper, ability, character, and much more.

And when we met and spent some time with a person who has these qualities and good behaviour, our mind makes a good memory.

But when we met with a person who has terrible behaviour, our brain makes a lousy memory, and We all want to forget bad memories, but we can’t do it quickly. It is a psychological fact.  

For instance, we all want a better life, and for this, we need a high payout salary, which we can make from an excellent job or business.

But, in both cases, we need to interact with peoples, and a person with good behaviour plays the game very well.

But that bad memory person loses the game. And can’t make it live better. So from the above interpretation, we can understand how good behaviour affects your life.

Changing People’s Habits - Encouraging and Sustaining New behaviours

Role of Habits in Your Life

Your habits play a major role in your health. If you want a healthier lifestyle, then you have to choose a more robust pattern.

You can’t even imagine how your habits decrease your life span day by day because you can not remember your daily actions, which done unconsciously in your activity. 

Just because of your unhealthy habits, you can lose your potential. You can not reach your maximum potential in any field.

If you are a student and your habits are not good, then you have to face many problems like lack of focus in your study, reminding previous questions.

If you are a player, then you can lose your stamina, accuracy, endurance. etc. So here we listed some everyday bad habits that you have to quit.

Habits that You Should Change

People’s Habits of Biting Nails

Most of us have this habit, but everyone ignores it, but it can harm your teeth and your nails. Also, it can cause infections. Your hands consist germs and bacterias which enters in your mouth and harms you

People’s Habits of Using too Many Digital Products

This generation is full of digital gadgets mainly your smart because it emits blue light which damages retina cells, and it ultimately causes lack of sleep 

People’s Habits of Using Headphones 

Long term use of headphones may damage your ears because a normal range of hearing is about 75 decibels, but this young generation wants louder and rocks. This also distracts your mind.

Changing People’s Habits - Encouraging and Sustaining New behaviours

Steps to Make Good Habits

There is a big struggle to make changes inhabit. It can’t be possible in one or a few days or not only done by to fix a target.

So, to make changes occupy, we need a full proof, Applied, and tested method. And it should as planned as everyone can be done without any difficulty. So our plan should be clear in which we have various steps.

Steps are necessary because we can not focus on a huge plan properly rather than small plans that allow us to make our target clearer, so we need to break down our policy in small steps.

So there are some following steps that we need to follow to make quick changes in life.

Make your Mindset

Firstly, you need to absolutely clear your mind and think properly about what you want from yourself.

What habits annoy you more. Is it affects your profession? Is it create difficulty during interacting with peoples.

And in any case, where your habit and behaviour make problems in your life, prepare your mind to make some tough decisions.

Focus on your Main Goal

Firstly, you have to make a list in which a set of bad habits are listed that you want to change, then you should focus on one habit at one time now understand the type of habit and what type of changes you want in it.

And if there is a problem to understand it then just focus on what type of trouble you have to face in your daily life bingo that is your bad habit that you have to change.

Find the Root of your Habit

Now you have to find the main reason behind your bad habit and behaviour why you do it. It can be your laziness, talking, sleeping, watching movies, or anything.

Now you have the main root of it. If you have done it than you already half of the game

Clear your Surroundings

Now see what’s wrong with your surrounding. If you live alone, then find some partner if you talk more than push yourself to talk on central topics, if you sleep more then find some task that you have to do so our focus is to clear your surrounding.

Take Challenges

After clear your surroundings, you have to take challenges it depends on what type of habit you want to change for instance, if you sleep late at night, do some intense physical exercise, so take some obstacles that give you more strength

Keep it Regular

You almost reached your final stage now. You have to keep it continue, and you finally complete your task.

If you want to see the final results, you have to do it for 21 days. You can do it longer be because after this. It becomes your habit.


Everyone wants a better life, and now you know how habit plays a role in our better behaviour, and with this, you can make your success more clear because our practices change our lifestyle completely.

And with clear visibility of progress, you can achieve it earlier than others. Not only your success, but you can also see healthy changes in yourself.


How to change people’s habits?

Ans. Here are 3 ways to change people’s behaviour –
First of all, it is very important to know that change is a very difficult task. If you work for change, then you see the results of change very well soon.
1. You have to pay attention to your small things, things and other important things.
2. Open up porosity –
Do not shame the people when they screw up.
Be honest, vulnerably.
Ask people for advice.
Use some levity.
Try to ask someone if he wants to change, and will commit to doing so.
Offer choice. People don’t like to be told what to do.
3. To begin with, you should pay good attention to the role model. Not at all people who are against revenge.

Is it possible to change habits?

Ans. With clarifying cue and reward. You must make an effective plan to change your habit. For a change, you have to create a new routine and adapt it to your person. A routine that will achieve your desired reward.

How do you change someone’s bad habits?

Ans. Often in life, you try a lot to help yourself change other people. Then whether you are acting as a mentor, a parent, or a well-to-do spouse. You always expect positive effects on them. Help you reach your goal.

What are Behaviour change strategies?

Ans. Most individuals who start with good intentions and commit to change their behaviour fail to continue. Extension professionals may use behaviour change strategies to motivate participants and follow regular physical activity and a healthy diet rather than on weight changes.

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