Building A Happier, More Satisfied Team

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Building A Happier, More Satisfied Team

Working in an organization means working with a team. Teamwork is not as simple as it seems. The most challenging responsibility of a leader is to build a team spirit and build a happier, more satisfied team. It’s a challenging task that a leader can ever face. But it becomes comfortable with the cooperation of the team.

Keeping a team happy and satisfied leads to higher productivity. Therefore, it’s essential to keep the team happy and satisfied.

Let’s figure more about it.



Happier and Satisfied Team

Building a happier and more satisfied team is very important for the leaders. The team that stays happy and satisfied loves their work. Such a team stays focused as well as enthusiastic at work. Happier and satisfied people enjoy their work, and they collaborate better with their colleagues as well.

Leaders and teams can work well only when they feel happy, satisfied and surrounded by positivity. People love to work with happy and positive people/teams. Such teams accomplish their goal quickly and also come with great innovative ideas. 

Therefore, a positive, happy and satisfied team and people always succeed in their work. 

Why build a happier, satisfied team?

We all know the more happy and satisfied will be the person; the better will be the result. When you feel comfortable, you work with your full spirit, and when you are not satisfied at that time, you don’t work correctly. Why does this happen? 

It’s effortless. Happiness and satisfaction are directly linked to our work. When our team feels happy and satisfied with the work, they do the complete job better. They never get bored with their work. We have frequently seen that many motivational speakers say to keep a team happy and satisfied. But why did they say though?

They say, though, because a happy and satisfied team works effectively. They give better results. It’s why in most companies and corporations, organizations and leaders focus on making their team jovial and satisfied.

A happy and satisfied person is as important as the profit of a company. Therefore, it is always advised to focus on building a happy and satisfied team for achieving the goal of an organization.

Benefits of happier, satisfied team

Happier and Satisfied Team

A happy and satisfied team is one of the significant elements of an organization. Many organizations mainly focus on the satisfaction and happiness of the team. But still, some organizations don’t focus on the team’s happiness and satisfaction. And they didn’t find the reason behind the low production of the team.

This happens because their team is not happy and satisfied. This kind of organization doesn’t know the benefits of a more pleased and satisfied team.

So, let’s discuss the benefits of a happier and satisfied team:

  • A happy and more satisfied team is more productive than other employees/teams.
  • A happy and satisfied team tends to have a low-stress level, which results in less absenteeism.
  • These teams maintain the right work-life balance.
  • They achieve their goals more effectively.
  • Such a team makes a positive working environment.
  • This team is more loyal than any other team.
  • The happy and satisfied team is more creative than others and came up with great ideas and innovations.
  • Such a team collaborates and supports each other. 
  • Happy teams provide better services and are more likely to stay in the organization.

Ways to make a happier, more satisfied team

Now, we all know the significance of a happy and satisfied team. Here comes the biggest challenge. As we have stated in the starting, building a happier, more satisfied team is itself the biggest challenge for the leader. Leaders must find appropriate ways to make a happier, satisfied team.

We all know that not all happiness and satisfaction always comes from money. Apart from money, many other things matter for the joy and comfort of the employees. 

Some of those are given below:

  • Always be honest and real
  • Communicate and listen to them
  • Encourage them and say ‘Thank you.’
  • Let them know they are supported
  • Find common interests
  • Give them opportunities
  • Make some time to enjoy and fun
  • Team building activities
  • Support their creativity and innovations

Always be honest and real

The team will never feel happy and satisfied if the leader will hide anything from them. People like honest and real people. If the leader shows a fake side, then no employee will feel good and satisfied, even they will also not trust him. Therefore, it’s essential, to be honest, and real with the team.

Communicate and listen to them

The best way to build a happier, more satisfied team is to communicate with them and to hear their thoughts. The team will feel happy and satisfied if the leader frequently communicates with them and shares his strategy and ideas with the team.

It is essential to ask the team members; this will make them feel their worth and value in the team. This will establish a happy and satisfied team.

Encourage them and say ‘Thank you’

A good leader always encourages its team members. Encouragement and saying thank you to the team will make team members happy and satisfied. Encouragement will motivate team members to work efficiently. Saying ‘Thank you’ to the team for their work will make them feel good, and they will work in a better way.

Let them know they are supported

 People feel good when someone supports them. Leaders must show their team members that they are being supported by him. Let team members know that you are supporting them. This will make them happy and enthusiastic.

Find common interests

For communicating with the team, leaders must find the common interest between the team members and him. He should talk about that common topic that will make team members happy. Leaders should also tell some stories related to that shared interest. This story related to common interest will make a good bond between the leader and the team.

Give them opportunities

The Art to Being Open to Opportunities; They Shall Not Pass - SR Group |  Coaching - Mentoring - Training - Speaking

The best way to make team members happy and satisfied is to give them various opportunities and voice. The team likes dealing with new tasks. New tasks give them new opportunities to grow. People learn new skills through new assignments. People get bored by doing the same work. Therefore, new tasks and opportunities make them feel happier and satisfied.

Make some time to enjoy and fun

Working continuously makes people tired and frustrated. Therefore, it’s essential to make time for relaxing and fun. Leaders should organize some fun activities related to work for the team members. This will provide relaxation to the team members, and this, as a result, makes them happier and more satisfied.

Team building activities

Leaders need to conduct some team building activities for the team members. Team building activities will not only increase the skills of the team, but it will also establish better coordination between the team members. When members share a better relationship, they will feel happier and more satisfied with the teamwork.

Support their creativity and innovations

One of the best ways to make team members happier and satisfied is to support their creativity and innovations. People feel so glad when someone supports and encourages their creativity and innovations. Leaders must help team members whether their creativity will come in work or not, leaders must support them. This will make the team happier, more satisfied.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs

To build a happier, more satisfied team, one must go through Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs to know the team members’ needs. Maslow’s Hierarchy gives a complete look at the thinking of people’s wants and needs. This theory describes in detail all the basic needs of the people.

Maslow hierarchy consists of five elements:

  • Physiological (Physical) needs
  • Safety/Security 
  • Social (Love/Belonging) needs
  • Self-esteem/Ego
  • Self Actualization

Maslow’s Hierarchy

This theory of Maslow states that the need for a person starts with the basic needs after achieving basic needs; the person strives to make its psychological needs. Then after this, only the higher needs, i.e. self-fulfilment needs can be met.

The diagram shown above describes each level:

Physiological (Physical) needs

Physical needs are the biological needs that are the essential needs of a person to live. It includes air, water, food shelter, etc. These are the basic and the most substantial needs of a person because, without them, a person can’t live. So, it is the 1st satisfaction that a person wants.


Security or safety is the next basic need of a person after physical needs. Every person wants safety and security in its life and workplace. Therefore, managers must provide a safe environment and workplace for its employees. 

Social (Love/Belonging) needs

After basic needs, a person strives for its psychological needs. In psychological needs, the first comes belongingness and love needs. In this, the person comes in relationship and love with another person, and sometimes when a person cant comes over it, they feel loneliness. Therefore, managers should help the person by ensuring its engagement and motivation


Now, here arises another psychological need of a person, self-esteem/ego. At this level, a person seeks for self-esteem. They want pride and accomplishment. Therefore, a manager must ensure to make employees feel valued and respected in the organization

Self Actualization

This need for a person can be fulfilled only after fulfilling the above-stated needs of a person. In self-fulfilment, a person wants to achieve its full potential, including creative activities.

Therefore, a manager needs to help its employees to achieve their objective; otherwise, employees will feel demotivated and unsatisfied. They will look for another place to seek satisfaction and happiness.


Finally, it is apparent that building a happier, more satisfied team is very important for leaders and managers. A happier and more satisfied team will not only keep the team happy but also increase the organization’s productivity. It will increase the profit and will take the organization to a new height of success.

A happy and satisfied team gives their best for their work and tends to stay in the organization. They bring new creative ideas and innovations for the organization. Such teams also create a positive working environment in the workplace. Therefore, managers and leaders must focus on building a happier, more satisfied team.

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