5 BEST Meditation For Stress Relief: Take a Stress Relief Break

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5 BEST Meditation For Stress Relief: Take a Stress Relief Break

Do you want to do meditation for stress and anxiety relief? Then, first of all, let us understand what meditation is? 

We have to look at our own lives. First, there’s something that we’re doing every single day – for the majority of the day, we’re thinking. 

We’re always thinking; we can say that humans are addicted to thinking. 

Try to stop thinking right now for just 10 seconds. Chances are unless you’ve been practising meditation for a while. You had at least a couple of thoughts pop into your mind during this brief period. You might say, well, thinking isn’t a bad thing. It’s good. 

We need to think to survive, don’t we well, that’s true. But only to some extent if you sit down and take a look at it. The large majority of your thinking isn’t as helpful as you think it is; a lot of it is pretty negative. 

image of a woman doing mediation

Meditation techniques help to focus better and manage their emotions. 

When you think less, you become more in control of your emotions. If you practice meditation for stress relief, you’re basically teaching your mind how to turn off your dots like a switch. 

When you think less, you start spending less time in your head and more time outside, and you start noticing things trees are brighter, the world is beautiful. You’ll see flowers on the ground; you’ll become less involved with your thoughts and more engaged with the natural world, and that is the beauty of meditation. 


Benefits of Meditation For Stress And Anxiety 

We all know that what is meditation, but only a few peoples can do it. It is because people do not become aware of the benefits of meditation. 

So, I will talk only about those benefits of meditation for stress relief that I have felt personally in my life. 

It reduces stress and depression in your life:

We live when everyone has to deal with stress and tension. So, it is helpful for those people who are suffering from this kind of things. 

It makes you more confident and happier: 

We all know that confidence is essential in every field. Wherever you want to go and how to present yourself is a must. So, it increases your confidence. 

Get rid of anger and anxiety:

It helps you a lot, trust me, and first, I get angry at every small thing earlier. But someone suggested me to doing meditation, and I started doing meditation and after some time. I got to know that I stopped getting angry at a small thing. 

It makes you intelligent and sharp-minded: 

You must have heard about Swami Vivekananda. He was knowledgeable because he does meditation every day. There are so many successful people in the world who do meditation for stress reduction, anxiety, depression, and getting good results in their lives? 

It brings positive energy: 

If you do meditation for five minutes every day, you will know that you become more confident and become more energetic. There will be a power inside you, and you will feel it after some time. 

It increases your willpower: 

So it is helpful for those who want to quit any bad habits because until you give your real power will not be substantial. You’ll not be able to stop any bad habits or doing this kind of things. So, meditation is the best way to increase your willpower. 

It controls your thought process:

We keep thinking about the negative thing, and there are so many thoughts coming in our mind every day we keep on thinking about those things that are never going to happen in our lives. And which is not helpful for us. So,  after doing meditation, you can control your thought process. 

So that you could think about those things which you want to do in your life. 

Types of Meditation For Stress And Anxiety  

There are many different types of meditation for stress relief you can practice. Research has suggested partition ORS have reduced stress, anxiety, depression and even less physical pain. 

So, we’ll go over five different types of meditation for stress relief you can fit into your daily routine. 

Guided meditation for stress: 

Guided meditations are generally where there is a sure guide. So, there will be an expert who will tell you precisely what you need to do. 

And this usually or generally involves some form of imagery or some form of visualisation or sensory stimulation. So, guided meditations for stress reduction are good. 

When you’re trying to achieve a particular thing in life or trying to get over a mental block, this could help you overcome.

You know your firm beliefs, and it could be that you become aware that you have a specific idea and want to change it. 

So, you could do a specific type of guided meditation for stress reduction. And that particular thing so it could be for losing weight. 

So, you could imagine yourself and visualise losing weight, and you could listen to a tape for 40 minutes every day. 

It will also help you change that belief about yourself that makes you not want to lose weight. 

And then, if you keep listening to it for 21 days or a month, you would be able to lose weight with its help. 

So, guided meditations are good when you want to change a firm belief. That your kind of it has just come to you but just remember you have to do it every day. 

You have to make sure you’re not doing anything else while you’re listening to it. You’re completely in a relaxed state of mind. 

And you’re listening to the same tape every single day, and that might help you. 

Chakra meditation:

Chakra meditation is a type of yoga meditation. It generally wheels or chakra means wheel. According to the theories, there are seven different energy centres located in; you might represent colour and a particular aspect of our personality. 

image of a man performing chakra meditation for stress

So, for example, your sacral chakra located just above the pelvis will represent your emotions. 

So, if you’re feeling emotionally imbalanced, you could do a sacral chakra meditation for stress.  

When you’re feeling a bit sluggish, you’re feeling angry about something, and you’re finding it hard to let go of a particular emotion. And you’re aware of it, but it bothers you; it can also help physical ailments that mean different chakras the present, or you know, manifest. 

And their negative energy into your body in the form of different illnesses or ailments.  

You could use this chakra meditation to balance those different chakras that represent those illnesses. 

You might find that you’re kind of recovering from it, and it could probably work. 

I have tried it, but you could try different chakra meditations for that kind of things. But you can probably do it once a week. 

You can do it daily, and it doesn’t matter when you choose to do it but generally, early in the morning or just before bed is the best time to meditate. 

Also you can watch our video on Chakra:

Yoga meditation for stress-relief: 

Yoga meditation is generally when you perform a series of different postures—at the same time, controlling your breathing and observing your breathing in a certain way. 

This meditation for stress reduction is beneficial again for physical; mental well-being can also be perfect for pregnancy-related issues. 

It can be perfect for digestion; it can be there are different poses for different things. So, you can also be ideal for flexibility. 

If you’re trying to work on that, yoga meditation should generally be done supervised by somebody. 

image of women performing yoga meditation for stress

So, if you’re reading articles, watching youtube videos, and trying it on your own, you might have an instructor. 

Who’s there to teach you how to do this and it can be beneficial if you’re into sports because it helps your flexibility. 

It helps to keep you fit, healthy and your muscles kind of you know it relaxes your muscles a lot more while you train them, so it’s kind of exciting one. 

Transcender meditation: 

Transcender meditation is generally repeating a word or a sound or a small phrase. 

This could be the phrase ‘om’ you know; many people think it has a different energy, so they just kind of charmed it over. 

And over again until your mind transcends into a different kind of area of consciousness that you exceed basically. 

So, it’s a different type of consciousness that you’re travelling from one form of your mind to another state of mind. 

So, transcending meditation, I haven’t tried, so I don’t know a lot about it, but you could try it. 

And see if it helps you, it’s generally good if you are a pretty distracted person. It can help you concentrate by chanting the same word. 

It can help you to control your attention a lot more. Also, It can also help you to relax sometimes because if you keep saying up a specific word over. 

And over again, then you associate a particular form of emotion with it. Whenever you feel agitated, you can try and use that word to transcend into that kind of feeling. 

So you can switch from one emotion to the other by practising the chanting of that word. A small phrase that you want to use also works well in self-talk. 

So, self-talk is something, or centring is a technique where you use certain words. 

And tell yourself those words or sentences to feel the way you want to feel. To transcend all meditation for stress can be used for that. 

Mindfulness meditation for stress and anxiety:

Mindfulness meditation is observing your thoughts and emotions in a non-judgmental and even though. 

This form of meditation is one of the toughest meditations because you’re trying to live in the present moment. 

image with mindfulness written on a paper

All the time, you don’t transcend a thing you’re not escaping; you know you’re not moving. You’re sitting still; you’re observing your breath. 

You’re observing your thoughts and emotions as they pass, and you do not have any judgment towards them. 

The reason why I like mindfulness for meditation is stress relief. And I think it is the most effective technique is because it works from the bottom-up processing. 

Top-down processing and bottom-up processing are how you respond to the knowledge you already have in your mind. 

And bottom-up is how you take in the knowledge form through your senses, and mindfulness meditation works on that bottom-up process, which is when you’re taking in information. How do you see it, and if you change your perception of what you’re seeing, what you’re hearing. 

Then you just don’t form new concepts or thoughts; you don’t create new labels. Everything is just the same for you; every sense is the same. 

So, you are free from attaching your emotions to it and over time, it starts working well for you. 


In this article, we can understand meditation for stress relief and its benefits. 

Then we learn about the best five meditation for stress relief which is, 

  1. Guided meditation
  2. Chakra meditation
  3. Yoga meditation 
  4. Transcender meditation 
  5. Mindfulness meditation

So, these types of meditation for stress relief can fit into your daily routine. 

And do these all meditation regularly to become healthy and stress-free. 

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