Avoid Burnout – Maintaining a Healthy, Successful Career

Do you want a successful life? Every human being wants success in their life. Everyone has their definition of success. For someone, it can be in terms of money, fame, happiness, etc but the real secret lie in how you Avoid Burnout.

Everyone tries to achieve their goals. But, does everybody become successful? No. Why? There are many reasons behind it, lack of patience, lack of hard work and most dangerous burnout. You know the definition of patience and hard work but you might wonder about, what is this burnout?

In this blog, I am going to tell you what burnout is? and how to avoid burnout to maintain a healthy and also successful career.


What is Burnout?

To avoid burnout firstly, we have to understand what is burnout?

Burnout means, “The state of having no energy or enthusiasm or extreme tiredness or a feeling of not being able to work any more” Source: Cambridge Dictionary

Because of continuous depression, stress and work, we get extremely tired, physically, mentally and emotionally. Because of burning out, people started feeling empty, exhausted, completely hopeless.

They affect negatively your professional life and personal life. It reduces your motivation, will to achieve something in your life. 

How do you know are you burning out or not?

Do some symptoms indicate that you are burning out or not?

Physically signs of burnout

  1. Regular headache.
  2. Started body pains like back pain, chest pain
  3. Problem of Sleepiness
  4. Always feel tired.
  5. Start taking drugs or alcohol 

Mentally signs of burnout

  1. Completely exhausted.
  2. Started Feeling empty.
  3. Reduce productivity at work 
  4. Less focus on work.
  5. Reduce efficiency at work.
  6. Don’t have the motivation to do work.
  7. Started taking leaves at work.
  8. Irritated easily. 
  9. Lack of energy
  10. Feeling hopeless.
  11. Feeling failed in life.

Emotionally signs of burnout

  1. Becoming alone 
  2. Reduce motivation and inspiration
  3. Feeling quitting.
  4. Become quick-tempered.
  5. Feel weak emotionally.
  6. Skip responsibilities.
  7. Start taking doubt on yourself.

Causes of Burnout

The burden of becoming successful

In the word of competition hard work is becoming very important. But sometimes because of doing a lot of work continuously, you may get frustrated.  

Sometimes we only run in rat races without enjoying life. May we only add the next goals rather than enjoying the last success. That’s why we get continuous stress from work.

This is the main reason for burnout.

Lack of self empowerment

Self-empowerment means a lack of control over your life. The reason behind it is you are not able to make decisions that make your life positive. 

If you are not able to control your life then it becomes a major reason for burnout.

Do not care for yourself

Self-care is a must for living a happy life. But some time because of the continuous work we forgot ourselves. We forgot to do things that give happiness.

If rat race we forget to laugh. We always suffer from stress. If we laugh for a while it can reduce major frustration.

If we do not take care of ourselves then we neve become happy in life.

Forgot Private Life

Humans are emotional, so they connect emotionally with each other. Everybody has their family.  

But in this cut-throat competition, we forgot our private life. 

If we do not give proper time to our close ones then our relationships become weak. That’s why private life also fills with a lot of stress. 

So, give time for your family otherwise it becomes a reason for burnout.

Forget to take rest

Studies say if you work 30% then you have to take rest for 70%. If you continuously do hard work. Then you lose your efficiency and productivity at your work. 

Rest or relaxation is very beneficial for life. It reduces your stress and motivates you to do work.

Taking less or no rest may become a major reason for burning out

Lack of Gratitude

Seeing self problems bigger than others is a tendency of humans. Everybody has a problem. But telling my problems are bigger than everybody is very wrong.

We all are blessed to have such a beautiful life. If you look around then you realize that you are really lucky to have all. Somebody becoming successful without legs or hands means someone who succeeds has bigger problems than you.

So, always be thankful for your life otherwise you only run for goals for your whole life. This is a very big reason for sadness or burnout.

The Difference between Stress And Burnout 

You may have one question, Is burnout the same as stress? So, burnout and stress are partially the same but not totally the same. To understand the difference between stress and burnout I give you the table of difference.

Difference on the BasisStress Burnout
MeaningIt is a state of pressure or worry because of difficult situationsIt is a state of physical, emotional, mental exhaustion.
CausesDifficult situationsDepressed lifestyle.
Affects asLack of motivationLack of Energy. 
Damage It mostly damages a person physically.It mostly damages a person emotionally.
Affect on CareerDissatisfied of workNot willing to do work.
Time Short termLong term

How Burnout Affects Your Career

A continued stressful lifestyle turns into burnout. It is very harmful to your health as well as your career. Burnout is a state where you feel weak, you do not wish to do work. And both things are very dangerous for one’s career.

It may reduce your motivation, reduce your productivity and also reduce control of yourself. And it also directly affects your body. When someone is disturbed by physically, mentally and also emotionally then they will not able to do career things.

How to Avoid Burnout – Ways to Maintaining Successful Career

Now, I hope you understand Burnout. So, you can define your situation as either burnout or stress/ depression.

But the important question is How can you avoid burnout? And maintain a healthy, successful career. The answer is as follow,

Try to empower Yourself

When you have no control over your life. Then it causes depression, anxiety. And regular depression, stress turns into burnout. 

So, having control over your life is very important to avoid burnout. Don’t be afraid of situations. Remember if you will then you can. So, take decisions that make your life better. 

If you do not control your life then others will control you. And it is very dangerous for your career and health. Self-empowerment is a must for preventing burnout.

Take a Break

If you do hard work continuously for getting success. Then stop! It becomes very dangerous for your success. 

The Continuous burden of accomplishing work is a common reason for fatigue. And it reduces your motivation, productivity and efficiency. Then you only fall more rather than growing.

So, taking brakes is very important for a career as well as health. It helps to reduce stress in your life. Some fresh air can give a lot of energy, so it increases the efficiency of your work.

Relaxation gives recovery from depression and it also refreshes your mind. You can also take a nap between your breaks. Nap is very beneficial for reducing mental stress.

“Let’s loosen up some time and take a break to re-calibrate our life. We need no endless over-thinking, though. Let’s just connect the dots, set the scene, and steam ahead. (“On a casual day without a tie”)”- Erik Pevernagie. Source

Maintain Balance in your Life

It is a very beneficial way to avoid execution in your life. If you give preference only to your professional life then your relations become weak. And it gives a lot of stress.

But, if you maintain a balance between professional as well as personal then you can enjoy your life. It is very important to give time for not only work but also for the family.

Change in Atmosphere

Change is very important for any human being. The same atmosphere, the same environment makes your life boring. 

So, take time and go travelling. Changing environments refresh your mind and give you a lot of energy and motivation.

Travelling is the best way to reduce stress or frustration. Fresh air and winsome nature spark your creativity and productivity.

Follow Healthy Lifestyle

In today’s negative society, if you want to avoid burnout then it is a must to follow a healthy lifestyle. 

To build a healthy lifestyle you have to do some exercise daily. It needs only 45 minutes for a workout in 24 hours. With exercise, the most important thing is to eat nutritious food rather than junk food. Both keep your body fit and energetic. 

You can also do meditation to reduce your stress. Meditation helps you a lot to keep your mind stable in difficult situations.

Physical and mental conditions are connected. So, if you work on one condition then automatically improve the second one. 


Precaution is better than cure. So, if you want to avoid stress, frustration, burnout then make your lifestyle healthy rather than busy. 

Time for self and closed once, proper sleep, workout and healthy food can always be a barrier between you and frustration. 

In the 21st century, our lives become very fast and competitive. Frustration becomes common. So, if you want to keep your distance from stress then you have to change your lifestyle.

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