Albrecht’s four types of stress-managing common pressures

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stress-managing common pressures

Stress is an important part of our life. Everyone irrespective of age or gender faces some or the other kind of stress in their day-to-day life. And stress in short term is not an issue, in fact, it is a motivating factor that can actually help you to achieve something that you are looking forward to. For example, during our school life, we all had just one task that was to study.

Does that mean stress is good?

No, not all stress is good. Sometimes this stress becomes so much that it actually creates a problem. Say, for example, someone had a breakup. Now if you observe deeply in most of the cases breakups don’t have any solution. It is we who keep thinking about it again and again and again, which creates long term stress. And this stress later leads to depression. It is this type of stress where stress can actually be problematic for you.

So, is there a solution to stress?

Of Course yes, As it is rightly said every problem has a solution. But to find a solution to a certain problem, you have to deep into the situation, to the root of the stress and it is when you can actually realise the problem and find a solution. To simplify this process Karl Albrecht has classified the stress into four types as given below:


This classification into four types is a very broad classification and it can actually help in identifying the root cause of the problem and finding a solution to it. Further in this, we will be discussing these four types of stress in detail and how to overcome them.

Time Stress

What is time stress?

Albrecht's four types of stress

Time stress is a very common type of stress. We all have faced this type of stress and will keep facing it until life goes on. This is the stress that is caused when we have something to complete or achieve and there is a certain time limit to it.

For example, you have been given a task say writing 7 blogs within a week and you have just 3 days left with you and you have not written even one blog then the stress you will face in such a situation is classified under time stress.

Another good example of this type of stress can say you have your class scheduled at 9:00 Am in the morning and you require 15 minutes to reach your home to the class and the next morning you woke up at 8:50 Am. Again this stress is classified under time stress.

How to overcome time stress?

To overcome some time stress there is one and only one solution to it that is learning how to effectively manage time and following it throughout. What is time management? Time management is not rocket science but the art of classifying your different activities into different time periods and arranging them in order of importance throughout the day or week or month as you may seem better. When you learn the art of time management you will never have to worry about being late or even being inefficient. Time management teaches you the importance of time.

Anticipatory Stress

What is Anticipatory Stress?

Albrecht's four types of stress

After time stress another most common type of stress is anticipatory stress. What is anticipatory stress? It is a stress which is related to worrying about the future and various future related event.

A good example of this type of stress can when you are at the age of 16-22 and you think about your careers like what will happen if you took a science stream or commerce stream.

Another good example of this can be that you have a marriage at your home next month the stress which you will face regarding finance decorations etc is all categories under anticipatory stress.

How to overcome Anticipatory Stress?

Anticipatory stress is caused because we tend to imagine all those futuristic events that are about to happen. We can also say that this stress is imaginary stress because the event has not yet occurred they are about to occur. Therefore the solution to this type of stress can be being positive or certain about the event. Any negative thought can act as a fire to the stress.

Also, we must understand one thing that whatever imaginations we are creating in our mind it is not a surety that the exact same thing will occur may be the situation or the event about which we are thinking maybe much much better than we actually thought.

Hence, there is no point in thinking about it and if you still want to think positive.

As they say “ Be positive, good things will happen.”

Situational Stress

What is Situational Stress?

Situational stress as the name suggests depends upon various situations that you may face in your day to day life. Situational stress may come from something which you didn’t expect. It may be a sudden moment that happened in your life.

Say for example during this pandemic of coronavirus many people have lost their jobs or their salary have been cut off. This was something that nobody imagined. People who faced this situation are very likely to have suffered from stress as the inflow of money had stopped or reduced but the expenses were still the same.

Another example of this type of stress can be said for example you had some conflict with some of your neighbours in your society and this conflict turned into a serious issue between you both.

How to overcome Situational Stress?

Situational stress is not something that is long term. It is something that happened suddenly and has a short term effect on you. However you can be able to handle such stress if you become more self-aware about yourself and your surrounding. Also being self-confident and calm may also help you handle the stressful situation at the moment.

Encounter Stress

Albrecht's four types of stress

What is Encounter Stress?

Encounter stress is basically stress from people. Stress from people means to stress that is caused when you meet certain people or you can say a certain category or group of people. This may include stage fear or fear from meeting some people in the person of which behaviour or attitude you don’t like.

Many students fear meeting from their teacher even though they did nothing wrong but still they fear from the teacher. This happens mostly in small kids on their first day of school. This is a good example of encounter stress.

Another example can be when you meet a very well know person or a celebrity in person you may feel some kind of low confidence and stress this can also be a good example of encounter stress.

How to overcome Encounter Stress?

Encounter stress is not a very serious kind of stress. You can very easily cope up with this if you work on yourself. If you work on your communication skills and work on your confidence it can actually help you fight encounter stress. One tip for increasing your confidence could be that if you are overweight then maybe losing some weight may help you gain confidence and fight this type of stress.


Every day there will be some point where you will feel stressed. You may feel different types of stress in different situations. It may be possible that you may feel two-three types of stress together but all you have to do is just bounce back. Deal with the stress and move on from it.

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