When I was doing Chemical Engineering, I was very curious to learn new things. I didn’t know much about “Digital Marketing”.

So one fine day, my friend came to me and said his friend need SEO service for his website. So, as I mentioned, I was very curious to try out new things. I answered YES, but I didn’t know anything about SEO. So, I started learning it from the internet, and within a week, I learned about SEO and then started the project. Yeah! I succeeded in that.

Again, after a few days, the same person came to me and asked about making a website. I said YES again. I had friends from computer science and I thought we could work together on the project. However, the funny part is, even they didn’t know anything about making a website. So, We started making site while learning from the internet. We created a masterpiece.

The same friend provided me with another project of Google AdWords. However, this time I failed, yes, I failed. The biggest failure was that I was unable to find out the reason behind my failure. This made me obsessed with PPC, and I learned every tool and strategy on the Internet. Meanwhile, I was taking all kind of projects throughout my engineering EXCEPT PPC.

After my Chemical Engineering, I decided to go for MBA specialized in marketing and international business to understand the principles of trade. In those days, I learned so many things about business and marketing. I discovered how business works, how to make business strategies and how to understand the target audience.

Then, I realized the reason behind my PPC failure was WRONG TARGETING.

During my MBA, I was pre-placed. I was working as a business analyst, Where I excelled in my field and within a few months, I got a promotion. After 3-4 job switches, I was the marketing head of an e-commerce startup. Meanwhile, I was also doing freelancing digital marketing projects. I have made a small team and running a startup under the name of LAPAAS.

Gradually, Lapaas grew and became a brand.

As I said above, I was very curious to learn new things and share, but at the top management of a company you don’t have anyone to share ideas too. So, I started a YouTube channel “Intellectual Indies” with a motive of sharing what I learn. It was also a new year resolution.

Now both Lapaas and Intellectual indies become a brand not just in India even in top foreign countries like US and UK.

Now we also have our digital marketing training wing, because many students requested me to teach them physically, after the success of my free digital marketing course on YouTube. I started it, and now I am still on my journey to accomplish my goals and making LAPAAS one of the best in the business.

Let’s start experimenting,

you are running out of time.

As we believe in practicality, we have built the course in such a way that our students get the best exposure in our Digital marketing lab. Lapaas is on a mission to transform the skills and knowledge of digital professionals on a global scale.

We believe in these three core factors: Watch! Learn! Grow!

“Instead of becoming an addicted consumer of Digital Era, you have once in a lifetime chance to be the creator of  digitalisation”

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